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  1. its a little bit more than just apb the whole login system seems to be MIA atm
  2. the Coroner being a Marksman Weapon shouldn't get any of the damage buffs the IRS needs because the coroner doesn't have the max range.
  3. guess ill never get my tinfoil hat code since i haven't even gotten a newsletter since the February one to the email i gave
  4. ive checked spam every couple hours for the past 3 days and have not gotten anything different
  5. i am a bit sad ive still yet to recieve the code for the tinfoil hat after trusting it with my real email but it seems to be something me and a few others have on the discord with @hotmail.com email addresses
  6. I hate that I've gotten used to the daily packet loss
  7. OH GOD admins are blue now. 400% better
  8. Hooray the forums are better looking
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