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  1. It's kind of amusing how appalled people are by this idea and how negative they're reacting to it. This would help balance quite a few things and make it a lot easier for newer players to deal with modded cars.
  2. Big agree with this, I think they totally missed out on fight club being a truly unique experience by not mixing factions in it. I think there are one or two LTL weapons that are a little overpowered unless you waste mod slots building purposefully against them, and that feels kind of cheap to me. I assume more skilled players tend to trend towards Enforcer simply because your primary motivation of making money is.. well, hunting people. As criminals you can farm in empty districts. Arresting as a concept is also insanely powerful, and I think it's kind of silly to me that the criminals in this game wouldn't have decided to also use tazers and cuffs or zip-ties for taking cops hostage. I think LTL & Arresting are a really boring and cheap way to make the factions different.
  3. I have this same bug. The gun is all black, the demoness skin does not apply to the weapon.
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