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  1. As I'm sure others have said, 30 is ridiculously low. In my experience, a determined player can get to level 30 in like 30-60 minutes.
  2. Some people deserve to be at the back of the line, just saying.
  3. In a serious response to this thread, all games should have items that are "rare" as it makes it a little more interesting. Everyone having everything is bland and boring. I'm particularly sorry to original owners of the back double-gun holsters (female only). What an awesomely rare item to have until it was finally re-released. I was also an original owner of the 3D Glasses too. And I spent a year on the market saving for an FFA 3-Slot. It's great to have rare things to work for and seek out, of course, once they stop being rare, they lose their appeal. I will always support rare things and tell people to suck it up, whether I have a chance to obtain them personally or not.
  4. I'm probably the only person in this thread that knows what this word means without googling it
  5. I don't care for the design and playstyles of the Oscar and Carbine; they're my least favorite guns to play against. There's definitely a strong negative stigma that's been perpetuated over the years due to the types of players that used to use them so heavily as well.
  6. The latter is definitely true, but think of all the time and money wasted on trying to combat cheaters in this game. Think of all those players that put their feet down and said, "that's enough for me I'm out." The truth is, there's no way to accurately quantify the damage cheaters have done in all aspects of the game, but I am of the belief that it has caused significant damage both to game's bottom line and player retention. I think our populations would be much higher today without the cheater culture this game has.
  7. I wish the rest of the world took cheating as seriously as South Korea. Maybe such measures can save future games from having to suffer at the hands of these types of people. Can you imagine what APB might be like today if there had never been any cheaters?
  8. I don't know where to find it, but I think they might be referring to how bloom used to be more of a plus shape than simply the full circle it is now? I wish they'd remove their stupid encryption/compression. It's 2019, there's no reason an ancient game like APB needs to take 20 years to even open.
  9. The probably didn't have any better ideas for a title. Autumn Assault could have been the title imo?? /shrug. For winning first place I understand you'd want something shiny for it so I understand being let down here.
  10. Players that think like the OP is why we don't have nice things in APB.
  11. I still think Legendaries should be meta viable at least, if not somewhat strong.
  12. Sure, but my point is that BattleEye bans for cheating, not other things. AFAIK it hasn't been abused like FairFight was to hand out bans for things other than cheating.
  13. Well if you're banned by BattleEye, you were cheating, as that's the point of BattleEye. MattScott has also explained that this is the process when BattleEye initiates an automatic ban on your account. What is it with old cheaters (and their friends) always trying to create misdirection?
  14. This kind of comment surprises me coming from a good player. Yukon is less effective against better players that know they're up against it. It's kind of a one-trick. I mean I generally never had much trouble myself playing against it, but I also never jumped on the hate-train which might make the difference. I'm not a collective thinker. Not saying you are either, just that I'm surprised you take that stance.
  15. You're right, I guess the issue was how sweeping and rushed those changes were and the overall downsides to those changes. Adjusting Legendaries should be a bit easier and less controversial I would think. Plus it's a good platform for them to test their understanding of game balance before jumping back on the mainstream weapons.
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