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  1. If you want to seriously stop cheaters, you have to be serious about it. You know the whole "reason x is why we can't have nice things?" Unfortunately, cheaters put us in a precarious position where if we want to effectively shut them down we have to actually do something that is truly effective and will deter recurrences. The consequences of the cheater culture on gaming truly cannot be measured and is likely more far-reaching than most would ever realize. I'd really love to see some smart people get together to analyze their impact and put a dollar amount on the damages they're projected to have caused to the industry. I guarantee that even a conservative projection would be mind-blowing. There are definitely some trade-offs to be made to secure online games permanently against cheaters with the threat of real life consequences either criminal or otherwise. I'm okay with that.
  2. Cheaters ruined the game first and foremost. They're ruining it now. They ruin lots of games. Cheating just isn't taken seriously enough in ways that will actually deter people from cheating. Should be a criminal offense or tied to your citizen rating or whatever it is they do in China.
  3. By my rough estimations, LO still has about 3+ years until they they take longer than G1. At least it's on consoles amirite? Being mad at LO isn't going to help; they're certainly more transparent and seem to be trying much harder than G1 ever did.
  4. Xbox truly offers a full APB experience now that it gets DDoS'd.
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