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  1. Omg were you here and Revo and... Quinzel? Did the Nyan cat Osmaw video? Obviously we couldn't get it in game, but it was still fun.
  2. You're both wrong, its 142.5m. 47.5m/s for 3 seconds. http://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Explosive_OSMAW_Slot1/
  3. Moneychixx should be happy they're even allowed back on their mains. The morale drop is setting in from all these overturned bans.
  4. mynd

    Medium Item "Exploit" Removal

    I would go as far to say that the "exploit" makes an otherwise unfun mechanic manageable. I would also say that car spawners break the spawn system AS MUCH AS mitigate the annoyances of the vanilla spawn system depending on teh scenario. All of these reasons are why missions really need to be reworked and why the potential for additional gameplay mechanics surrounding missions needs to be further explored. It's never a bad thing to have both sides of any mission scenario more even so that it's a little more about skill, and less about uneven mechanics.
  5. I've not seen anyone particularly suspicious in most of my time playing since BE dropped. Even "god-like" clans and players I have PTSD from aren't crushing like they were. Surprise surprise.
  6. I wouldn't mind having my 2 extraneous game accounts merged into my main, if that's an option lol. Seems silly to merge forum accounts though because of how this game behaves with the login and forum.
  7. mynd

    Medium Item "Exploit" Removal

    Medium items would be almost as annoying to move as large if this was nerfed. There is an opportunity here though to add new equipment mods related to item carrying and possibly balancing lower-end cars in interesting ways around mission objective types and so forth. As it were, until missions get some kind of significant rebalance, they should probably leave this alone. Defending is already easier as it is, and changing the way medium items behave would increase this frustration significantly.
  8. mynd

    Joker SR15 Carabine needs a nerf.

    Carbine is strong, especially if you have an edgy name and low rank.
  9. mynd

    Role Love lost level 1 unlocked?

    Good ol APB patches and their random side effects, oh how I've missed you!
  10. mynd

    RIP jericho

    Feel so bad for LO trying to bring this game back from the grave and having to deal with the same shit. GG unbanning all the cheaters and they're still ddossing things to shit.
  11. If the unban wave includes marketplace scammers/botters, the loss of APB$ will be quite insignificant to all the Legendaries they regain access to.
  12. I'd rather rank requirements be increased for all mods. Top tier mods shouldn't be accessible pre rank 100 imo at all. R195 mods should be lowered, but leave them where they are to be unlocked. Game shouldn't hand them out for free when you unlock them either.
  13. What a classy individual. I guess you'd prefer Reloaded take back over, huh?
  14. mynd

    Nerf N-HVR?

    I hate damage fall-off and ramp-up mechanics. That is a horrible way to balance guns over very short distances, which is what 100m is: a very short distance. Without nerfing HVR damage, the only changes it could survive would be against its mag size and equip times. I'd even go so far as to say the damage should be INCREASED in a scenario where the HVR only has one bullet in the chamber and needs to be reloaded for each shot (animator please). A change like this fully enhances the idea that the HVR is supposed to be a SUPPORT weapon. In a scenario where you want to keep the damage and mag size the same, hip fire accuracy needs to be 100% random, such as the classic Counter-Strike AWP where non-scoped shots could literally go 90 degrees from the barrel lol. The benefit of my first suggestion is that the HVR isn't as oppressive and properly fulfills its role as a support weapon. The second suggestion, probably more favorable but still more oppressive, addresses the reliability of quick-switching and hopefully gives players some breathing room that struggle against HVRs in CQC. Anything done to the HVR needs to be considerate of the Scout. Scout should not be changed, but you don't want to change the HVR in a way that makes it obsolete in comparison, such as a damage nerf to the HVR. A raw damage nerf to the HVR is the absolute last thing that should be considered.