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  1. I've basically quit completely besides stopping by the forums once in awhile. Will anything bring me back? Might check out the Engine Update, but truth be told, it's only going to make APB shiny for a couple hours at best. I wish Little Orbit happened to this game years ago; I feel bad for them and the time they're spending on this sinking ship as there are simply too many holes to plug.
  2. If people were even-minded, disabling segregation could work. Unfortunately, the disdain between the threat levels makes this impossible. Threat and matchmaking hurt games more than they help imo. As I've said countless times, back in original counterstrike and starcraft days there was no matchmaking. Bad players were compelled to get better vs complaining the games were too hard.
  3. I would like official clarification on the migration to Unreal 4 and APB 2, and whether that's still happening or shelved. If APB:R is the only thing LO can develop in it's current state, that would be most disappointing. Developing APB:R just won't do much good considering how dated the game is, how long it's taken to even get to the point it is at now etc. 5+ years later and it still hasn't been released on Unreal 3.5 for PC. If the new guys are going to do APB 2 for PC (and not just for the Asian markets), that could be promising. If all they care about is mobile, well RIP.
  4. Ya'll just feeding the troll.
  5. For some, it's edgy having low quality graphics. Some people are just seriously stubborn about having halfway decent computers. The computer I had in 2012 ran the game at max just fine, minus the unavoidable stuttering here and there from garbage collection, 90ish fps max 2560x1600. The fact that some people STILL can't play the game with the graphics turned up is absurd to me, I personally believe that those that still can't run the game decently have no right to complain in 2019.
  6. Just on the tangent of games not for me and the guy I was responding to Fortnite, unfortunately is doing quite well. I think I'd really have enjoyed it if the game wasn't centered so much around building. Course all the evil things it has enabled Epic to do makes me glad I don't support that product.
  7. Amen. And then Fortnite takes it a step further with the ridiculous building. ONE bullet whirs past a players head and suddenly he erects an impenetrable fortress in 2 seconds!
  8. No one has a stable 144 FPS. It's not possible to have stable FPS in this game due to the garbage collection system it uses and how old the engine is.
  9. Commit to rebuilding it from the ground up to be a brand-new, modern game for this generation, and don't make it Epic exclusive, though they'd probably need the money.
  10. We have a decent tutorial imo, it's just no one wants to do it.
  11. One has to ask though if this is even still possible? I think we're way past the point that this game could have any meaningful growth. A sudden increase from old players to check out possible new content is the best we can hope for I think. I haven't logged in and played since their big balance patch last year iirc.
  12. The fear I have with this, regardless of when it's released, is that no matter what the EU isn't going to meet expectations. It's going to be shiny and new for a few hours, but then everyone will realize it's the same old APB. People forget that the EU ORIGINALLY was ONLY meant to offer game optimizations and allow for faster content creation and release, never an improvement on visuals. I imagine the half-assed 'improvements' were tacked on when they decided to port the game to consoles. I'm not saying that it's not cool that they spruced things up a bit, but I fear the general expectations for what people expect out of the EU will leave them incredibly disappointed. That wouldn't be G1's nor LO's fault, aside from the Q1 2014 meme.
  13. This has been in beta for the life of the game it seems. I just force it on through my vid card, no green edges.
  14. I missed whenever this was discussed. That's semi exciting, though a lot of the art assets should probably be revamped too.
  15. I wonder what the likelihood is that this game EVER makes it to UE4. Might honestly be better to just rebuild the game from the ground up brand new as 2.0 or something. But they'd probably have to hire contractors to get the work done in a reasonable amount of time.
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