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  1. mynd

    Global Battleye Bans

    Sure, but my point is that BattleEye bans for cheating, not other things. AFAIK it hasn't been abused like FairFight was to hand out bans for things other than cheating.
  2. mynd

    Global Battleye Bans

    Well if you're banned by BattleEye, you were cheating, as that's the point of BattleEye. MattScott has also explained that this is the process when BattleEye initiates an automatic ban on your account. What is it with old cheaters (and their friends) always trying to create misdirection?
  3. This kind of comment surprises me coming from a good player. Yukon is less effective against better players that know they're up against it. It's kind of a one-trick. I mean I generally never had much trouble myself playing against it, but I also never jumped on the hate-train which might make the difference. I'm not a collective thinker. Not saying you are either, just that I'm surprised you take that stance.
  4. You're right, I guess the issue was how sweeping and rushed those changes were and the overall downsides to those changes. Adjusting Legendaries should be a bit easier and less controversial I would think. Plus it's a good platform for them to test their understanding of game balance before jumping back on the mainstream weapons.
  5. This might have been because no one asked for, nor wanted these changes overall. People are asking for Yukon changes; I am asking for Legendaries to be viable in general. I think there is a distinct difference here, it's just a matter of whether they think it's worth their dev time right now as I am probably in a minority. Those wanting Yukon buffs are probably a very small minority.
  6. Though this has been beaten to death already, my two cents is that the gun never needed a nerf; it has an effective range of < 8 meters and the burst mode is just terrible in marksman. In practice, the gun barely kills in one clip unless your target is herpty derping in a straight line at you. Was just the NFAS of secondaries. As it were, even in it's "alleged" OP state, they were very rare to encounter save a couple of dedicated players. Anyway, nerf happened, whatever, made many angry, made others happy. The ultimate problem I have is that the weapon just sucks. Auto is just too slow, marksman burst is too slow and clunky. Speed that up a little, maybe 5-10% slower than RFP in marksman, 10% slower than it was pre-nerf full auto, and maybe give it a couple more meters of accurate hip-fire range. Something to that effect. All Legendaries should be allowed to be viable with the meta.
  7. I've not had a computer that couldn't handle apb competently ever. Even in 2012 my computer was just fine for APB. That means people are running some seriously weak systems if stuff like this is STILL affecting you 6 years later.
  8. I love that you have a poll for this. I personally did not participate and hope that I wouldn't be included if this is something you end up handing out. Whether the event is flawed or not, I imagine it was tough to complete due to the fact the player population could be really low and the event unplayable.
  9. They just need to nerf the Fang; change it to Improved Rifling 1 or a different mod entirely. RFP series itself is fine imo.
  10. mynd

    Vandalism Objectives Bug

    Mission: R.O.A.R. (probably any mission with vandalism objectives like cameras and store-front windows): - Bug occurs when the opposing team destroys the vandalism objective rendering the objective impossible to complete by the mission team. - Vandalism objectives are unique because both teams can do them while the objective only belongs to one team. - New bug, due to recent changes most likely, not a bug that's existed before to my knowledge. When my group plays, we generally shoot these objectives on defense because they're very difficult to defend against in the first place and prefer to move the mission along. It stood out today when we shot the store-front window and the objective marker didn't disappear. May provide video footage shortly.
  11. I think improving APB graphic fidelity should be a bit of a priority, especially if you want to increase chances of longevity. Making the jump into raytracing and dlss might not be necessary anytime in the near (or far) future, but doesn't mean graphics work shouldn't be focused on and addressed. It would be a big deal to me to see higher res textures through the game, to see higher quality renderings of player symbols on cars and clothes. Increasing map detail reasonably with a better optimized engine. Not silly things like adding old school powerlines to a modern city If you want to increase APB's life, I think this is an important part of the process though not high priority right now.
  12. mynd

    Let me whine

    Exclusive items are healthy for a game. Brings a player back to enjoy the items he owns, helps others set goals for future items that may end up being exclusive and rare. Just sucks when have-nots feel they're entitled to everything even when they weren't present for an items debut or didn't put the work in to earn it.
  13. Such things would stop being offensive if people would stop giving them attention.
  14. mynd

    Pet peeves of APB.

    Can be a complex scenario at times, but I generally think the guy that sees the bigger picture is more responsible in most cases.
  15. mynd

    Pet peeves of APB.

    One of my biggest pet peeves are people that assume the guy dancing in their line of fire is aware of them behind them and hold no responsibility. Been many a CQC battle where the mid-long range guy keeps tagging the teammate engaged in said CQC battle and then blames the guy when he gets TK'd.