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  1. mynd

    Spawning without ammo

    They missed an opportunity with the whole ammo system in this game. As it stands, it's just a chore to keep your ammo topped off. If they greatly lowered reserves, maybe increased prices marginally, it could serve as a mechanic you'd have to consider in your missions. Or it could be even more annoying than it already is.
  2. Really depends on LO and how successful/speedy they are with every thing they try to do. They HAVE to get the PC EU done correctly. They just have to, they can't screw it up. That will likely be their best chance to bring people back. I imagine moving the game to Unreal 4 is going to take quite some time and is 100% dependent on getting 3.5 right and new content right. The goal is ramp up some hype, successfully execute said hype leaving people more excited for future hype, like Unreal 4. They could probably make over the assets in this game in a relatively short time; game could suddenly look great and play great, and that would be the eventuality we'd need to reach. I am a little worried though; I feel like the way the highly request trading feature was implemented was an overall let down. Their first balance patch didn't go to well either. I'm happy they try and they communicate, but they need to be successful in their endeavors.
  3. Further back than that. CSGO is a terrible iteration of Counter-Strike. I'm a purist here.
  4. It's a shame we can't go back to a time when the notion of matchmaking didn't even exist because this was never an issue in the days of Counter-Strike and Team Fortress. Everyone played together, good or bad. Matchmaking has just lead to entitlement and hand-holding instead of just playing.
  5. If they want to protect us, get 2 factor authentication already. That way support can say "too bad" to the ones that don't use it and get bent over.
  6. The main reason trading has been requested was to trade weapons. Putting a 3 day time limit on that seems backwards. Since I've learned it only applies to weapons and cars, I care much less personally since all I want to do is consolidate my wealth onto one character and possibly delete all my extraneous characters. I still think it's a dumb decision to have any limit, again, to mitigate human stupidity.
  7. A cooldown on trading is abysmal. What a terrible decision I hate to say.
  8. mynd


    So the dreaded shotgun meta is over? Despite the silly sarcasm in this thread, could bring some back. I know I temp quit in order to avoid another shotgun heavy meta.
  9. mynd

    Account Wide inventory

    I do wish everything was account wide, or at least faction wide if account wide didn't make sense (enforcer, criminal exclusives). Legendaries should just be a token for account wide access to that gun instead of mailing. We can dream! Honestly, there is so much damn shit that could be done to improve the quality of life in APB that it could be worth while for them to spend some time here vs developing new stuff. /shrug.
  10. mynd


    Yeah I've not been interested in playing since the first day the balance update rolled out, and have not played since then. Shotgun meta is my least desired meta. Honestly, I really am surprised they didn't rollback all of the balance changes made save maybe the Yukon nerf that was well-received by most.
  11. People can post it at whatever they want, but almost no one will pay that price anymore.
  12. I've about 60m spread across all my Jericho characters (can't wait for trade system to easily consolidate that) and 1.5 Legendary collections including 2 FFA 3slots. But there are a few people that took my place on market for 2+ years now, since I quit the market, that probably have double to triple that.
  13. mynd


    Filthy kill-stealer.
  14. mynd

    BUG? busting crims

    Yeah the whole ram raid system is pretty lame. Enforcers have to put in so little work vs the Crim that spends a lot of time doing tedious boring shit. Without screenshots, I'd simply say your math is off @thefazetwo.
  15. This would actually be a plus in my book. One of the biggest issues with a lot of areas in APB is the lack of cover. Honestly, shouldn't be able to shoot under cars regardless imo; it's better from a gameplay perspective VS what's real.