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  1. imagine being in Australia and having to play in NA servers ( :
  2. >Playing multiplayer >I dont want to get good Then play some SP boy? @KawaiiAlice
  3. Well as a gold i can finally play with my bronze/silver friends and have a lot more fun in the game,something i couldnt do before.My suggestion is to put a district for newbies up to 100lvl(optional ofc) and after that throw em in the chaos with the rest of us.Imagine all the goldies who had to dethreat in order to even PLAY the game before.
  4. Any info about the state of servers? Are we gonna play soon with 50ms or we stuck at 120+ ?
  5. @Amayii @MattScott Way down we go again
  6. I mean how long does it take from a dev to actualy answer the post and give us information and possibly an eta?Is LO a small indie company where the devs sleep and forum mods try to contact them via phone or what the actual fuck is going on?
  7. Please tell us that you transfering servers back to EU
  8. Whats up with armas already guys?
  9. EU servers are currently hosted in New York.Hope it answeres all your questions. ( :
  10. @Lixil Can we(EU players) expect anything today based on our timezone or another day goes by?
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