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  1. If it's not available in your region, make a US or UK alt account to download it
  2. Nobody on PS4 has received the free mailbox guns this year and you only unlock the contact versions by completing the roles. A lot of people are buying VDay guns from armas just because gift boxes come so slowly.
  3. I just read in the event details that everyone is still supposed to get a free Love Gun and Cherub in the mail just for logging in during the event, but nobody is receiving them this year. Right now the only way to level the Valentine's Week Massacre role is getting a new gun from a gift box after every death. Edit: They finally got sent out on February 10/11
  4. I'd love console crossplay but PC is fine on its own. It gets 3 times as many players as PS4 at peak hours and we already have enough people using mouse and keyboard adapters for an advantage over controllers.
  5. Vyxra

    Error code -1 PS4

    Try logging out of your PSN then back in. It probably won't work but that's the only "fix" they've given in the month and a half this has been an issue...
  6. Nobody asked for an AU server here. I know it would be dead from the start and I'm fine playing in EU and NA. This topic is about giving AU players (mostly on console) the option to buy G1C, which we can't do right now, and open the game to people who either didn't know about it because it was never added to AU stores, or don't want to make a foreign account just to download it. And no, saying "just play on PC" isn't helpful at all. Not everyone owns a PC and a lot of people choose to play games on consoles instead because personal preference is a thing.
  7. I think they had to take down Abington to host The Beacon. So that's 2 weeks until Abington comes back, then we'll just have to wait 2+ years before financial is back up and new players can actually enter the game again...
  8. Literally not even what this is about. A lot of online games don't have their own AU servers (for PS4 at least) but we can still download them from our own accounts and buy premium currency.
  9. It doesn't accept credit/debit cards at least?
  10. Buying G1C is blocked on all platforms in AU. I think people can bypass it by using a VPN on PC or switching store regions on XB1 but idk if that really works. I know some LO staff read the forums and reply to some topics so it would be nice to get a straight answer from them. I tried sending a support ticket about it in 2017 and asking Matt Scott on discord in 2018 but G1 support just said it isn't available here and Matt said Australia doesn't exist.
  11. So it's been almost 10 years since EA confirmed they weren't releasing APB in Australia. Since then the game has gone through several publishers, AU video game classification laws have become less strict (APB Reloaded was finally given an MA15+ rating in 2015), and getting games released in different regions seems easier than ever from what I've seen from other publishers. The game is even available to AU accounts on Steam, but AU PS4 players still can't download the game without using foreign alts and even then we can't get G1C without buying foreign currency, which we still can't use for characters on our primary accounts... Are there any plans to officially release APB on AU stores or reasons why not? Is it something Little Orbit has considered since they took over or brought up with their console publisher at all?
  12. They meant log out and back into your PSN account to accept Sony's privacy policy changes but apparently that's not even the issue. The first time you play APB on a PSN account it's supposed to automatically make an APB account for you and link it to your PSN. If that's what's broken, new people won't be able to play the game until the devs fix it
  13. Have you tried downloading it from a different account or deactivating and reactivating your account as primary?
  14. The game is still up, just some people can't log in and a few districts have been down for weeks.
  15. Vyxra


    Yes please. I play on an AU PS4 account and being able to gift myself stuff from armas on a UK/US alt would be nice since G1C isn't on the AU store.
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