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  1. Bump, can we get a response at least? Financial can't be down for so much tho, players need to finish the contacts, also; Abington towers disappeared from the districts list.
  2. As the title says, Financial district has been down for more than 2 weeks since thanksgiving pretty much, it can't be accessed, same thing for Abington Towers, the district disappeared from the menu. Is the team aware of the issue by any chance? Thanks.
  3. As the title says. The server came back on but the districts keep showing infinite loading.
  4. Oh my bad, haven't seen the post. Well i guess i'll wait, Thanks.
  5. All the districts experience infinite loading and cannot be entered. Merged. Server completely unavailable: Error code 9.
  6. As i said, various people are ddosing the districts. At the current state the game can't be played, there is always someone coming into the district and booting it till everyone gets kicked. Im not going to play an event in such poor security to be honest. Edit: it seems back to normal.
  7. Hello. Social district is being booted since yesterday and the district can't be accessed at all.
  8. Hello. Since yesterday night the NA districts for European players (me included) are being tremendously laggy, also the ddos protection is not working as intended. The players can literally join a district and boot it till it crashes. Please get rid of this mess. Thanks
  9. The server is still down. Any info on when it will be back up would be appreciated.
  10. Title. Merged. Most of the users (me included) are getting infinite loading at the login screen.
  11. It was lagging since yesterday constantly kicking out people, today is literally down.
  12. Same is happening on ps4, its been almost 4/5 hours. I can't believe how this issue is still going on.
  13. Title says it....
  14. Its been 3 hours.
  15. Update: The server is completely down since an hour, districts keep loading forever.
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