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  1. The lag is at it again, PS4 (NA)
  2. Hello, since last night the server has been experiencing lot of network lag quite often at the point of the game being unplayable. NA server PS4. Edit: it seems the lag stopped for now.
  3. Thank You! I also noticed that the display points are empty since 2 weeks, are these experiencing glitches too? I haven't tried bidding one but is quite weird that there isn't a single display.
  4. Hello. There is a critical issue ongoing since 14 days now, the fight club seems to not want reset at all, there is no way for the players to earn more, this issue has been going on for 2 weeks straight now.
  5. Hello, there is a huge issue impacting character creation on PS4, the creation works fine but after the selection of the server (NA in this case) the game gives an error (30006) which prevents to successfully create the character. I also got news from some of my partners that they are also experiencing this problem even on purchased character slots.
  6. Ps4 NA: the population seems to be very low at top hours, which is suspicious, some people might still experience login issues.
  7. Hi, i was in social district for about 5 minutes then the server decided to disconnect, now im unable to enter a district, it just shows endless loading. PS4 NA. The district issue is resolved.
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