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  1. Friday the 13th cOiNCidEnCe i DoNt ThiNk So
  2. i'm suicidal as fuck someone please help.

  3. today im feeling like a big bronze gaye

    Remove Grenade Explosions bannable ?

    Idk i just think it's reallly dumb move to mess with the config file right after a new anticheat is in place.

    Remove Grenade Explosions bannable ?

    ....he's modifying game files ffs. ofc battleye and even fairfight will detect it. Just use advanced launcher .
  6. Ye, no event since december 2016..
  7. I can assure you that is false
  8. APB:R Reloaded the Reloading
  9. the "tank" doesn't refer to the collision strength,it refers to the amount of nades a car can take before exploding. a 4x4 can take two nades,while a jericho only one.
  10. That's cool and all,but you missed the fact that the jericho isnt a tank,also,if the 4x4 even sneezes on the jericho,the jericho just teleports out of existence
  11. SKOCHO

    ExPoSiNg ThE dEvS

    yOu DoNt MaKe AnY sEnSe :((