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  1. This is what happens every moment now. Before it was not so often, is it my pc?
  2. Merry Christmas! successes for all and I wish you a year full of entrepreneurship and fewer mistakes in your lives and in apb. More game, more growth for the apb team and less bugs. Please tell me that we should not make the achievements again.
  3. Oh! thanks, I thought it was my pc only. At every moment the game stops working during the Christmas season. Starting or after a few minutes of playing. I have had these interruptions before, but very little.
  4. OMG!!!! Thank you very much for the Christmas present, Because of the irrational political actions of our day, I thought it would never be within my reach but I was finally able to buy the Leather Ankle Boots!!! Thank you! thank you! thank you! I really appreciate it, I'm speechless. I already spent it Merry Christmas and I wish you the best of success! HOLD ON APB!
  5. I tell you what I have said to all the critics and whiners. Go play something else if you don't like APB. Ah! Your answer is surely: I have invested a lot of money in this game. No, you have not invested anything! those who invest and live of this are the creators, not you. You just waste your money like everyone else, just for "fun". Stop ridiculously thinking that you are "investing". If your concern is the money, JUST STOP spending it NOW! because if someday, unfortunately APB did not continue, EVEN YOUR MONEY WILL NOT BE RETURNED!, so go to play Mario 64 or anything else where you always win and artificial intelligence is not smarter than you. There are such good players without the need a cheat. So good that they definitely don't have to have social life and live just to play. And it is certainly frustrating, but not for that, you have to come to cry in front of everyone. If you're not so good, and even the pedestrians kill you, just change the game, the problem is you, not the others. Additional, which is another complaint mostly, there are people who complain about the assault during the ram raid, when criminals rob other criminals. Watch the trailer again and again, it's the essence of the game, IT'S PART OF THE GAME, if you don't like it, just leave!.
  6. Maybe a bad loser did it lol. Congratulations to the winners! haha at least I appeared on the congratulations list thanks! well until next year, because in my country I can't use g1, this is the only way to get even one of 100.
  7. Pf!!! haha that's good! so I withdraw what was said, excuse me and Good Luck xkinder! And thanks to you LO, for extending 7 days of premium.
  8. How bad a liar you are ... maintenance was after November 25, not before. Last to deliver his design was on November 24 XD
  9. Every 3 or 4 hours I come to the forum to see if I read: "Thank you for the patience, APB on PC is online, go burn San Paro! and we give everyone 2000gc1 for the inconvenience"
  10. Why not implement the most logical that has existed since digital is digital? a verification email !!! If an intruder enters my account, they could delete the character. More important is that, than being able to buy or not. It is annoying, for not being able to take advantage of sales at the moment. Please think things through before taking action. Sometimes what they believe is a help, it is totally a nuisance.
  11. #UglySweater Server: Jericho (NA) Nickname: Vivenka
  12. Discovering the warm water, there is no game in the world that is not full of people with mental and emotional problems of some kind. There is enough information about that and unfortunately the world is full of people who will lean more towards the negative for whatever reason and attract you, are other factors that will depend on what they have in their rotten heads. Besides, most of them are nothing but spoiled children and if we see the amount of useless youtubers where they support the troll attitude in games ... it is understandable because more and more people are following these reproachable attitudes. One thing urges the other and everyone gets the worst version of themselves, because in today's society, being silly and troll is the norm of the day, is to be the best. APB is clear in its game mode, criminals and enforcers, it explains itself. They have robbed me several times. And when it's not a player, it's the bad connection of the servers. Should I ask for reimbursement or sue those responsible for the game for losing $ 50,000 and more of the game? Surely not, but it certainly gives a lot of regret that due to server problems, more than 6 hours raising that money, it provokes a lot of anger. 6 hours gathering, as long as there are no police or other criminals in the district. More than 8 hours, if they enter and decide to stay, one hides so as not to be robbed and praying that the server does not fall or the Disconnection system due to lack of activity because you can't even go to the quiet bathroom because of that s*** system, it's frustrating, all the holy day of my life just for that. More than 8 hours hidden gentlemen, or playing or anything, hidden, immobile, watching movies until they leave the district, because obviously if you go to the money laundering, they may capture you. A real waste of life time in the monotonous round trip from a store to a contact. And to the contact that best allows downloading, because if you have to leave it they go to 40mt, carrying a cpu translates into slower progress. A totally frustrating dynamic. What I am against is that of those players who, because of playing with people who are not so skilled at aim, want to prevent a person from playing, either by killing him on his own team or chasing him and not letting him advance with the cars so he can annoy The bad losers, who never like to lose. No one has the right to decide who plays, how to play or whether or not to have the game installed. People who like rank, have high ego and believe they own the game to decide who should play and who should not. It is also frustrating and is considered foul play when someone has to face a rocket launcher with a gun, a total disadvantage in every way. But this is the game, everyone plays as they want, and if a gold level kills me more than 700mt with a super legendary weapon and a hacker aim, should I do something to have some advantage, right? This is why there are players who only cry. They have an advantage and do not want to be overcome. Unfortunately, no one has cared or cares about the psychological factor and how that contributes to a person being able to take off that rage in real life. Yes, each person decides what to do, but that does not excuse that external stimuli contribute equally to subconsciously feed that type of destructive personalities. One thing connects to the other. Precisely anonymity plays an important role in which the person can show their bad version and worse when they take a simple game as if it were a religion or something like that. If someone really decides to hurt other people in real life, for a game, it is already a very serious mental problem. This type of game, unfortunately, if, due to its dynamics, it contributes to nurturing that kind of personalities in some way, especially since a toxic interaction between healthy people and people with some type of personality disorder or other emotional factor and psychological. And we have not even taken into account the age difference between players, which is another key factor. If in apb or another game and companies, I really want to control that, something has already been done about it and has never been like that, not even by the system of reporting to a user. Nor will it serve to block the districts according to the level of the player because then, in LATAN they would close the servers or emigrate to those in the EE.UU because almost nobody plays there anymore. If I want to play in a balanced way, I must stay bronze, to play with people who have a similar skill level to mine. But if I'm going to play with a person who seems to be a hacker, very good at aim, with a legendary weapon that I can't even last 3 seconds, he hardly sees me. This prevents me from progressing and will obviously be seen as a total imbalance of the game that insists on the toxic interaction of the community and worse, more and more attitudes like that. We all want to progress, to advance in a game, it is annoying when we cannot do it because of the slow system of the game and its dynamics or worse, due to the toxic interaction between users.
  13. Great, I hope the Leather Ankle Boots and the Desert Scarf are part of the store.
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