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  1. Fl2Oh

    Error code -1 PS4

    Doesn’t work for me, guess your the lucky one.
  2. There is no solution. This game doesn’t work for ps4 anymore and the support team and GM don’t care. It’s been like this for 2 months.
  3. Fl2Oh

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    They definitely don’t care about the ps4 players, we’re going on like two months now of being unable to play and about a month of being left on read with multiple posts from people having the same issue... a simple reply from them saying they are working on it would be nice but instead we’re sitting here wondering if this game will even get fixed for ps4... in my opinion that’s really horrible support to not even respond to these issues... or maybe make a pinned post about the ps4 issues so we all can see they are actually trying.. a lot of people gave up on this game for the simple fact we are left weeks without an answer..
  4. This game is no longer available for ps4. thanks for wasting your time every body.
  5. Fl2Oh

    PS4 NA Financial Down

    I don’t even know why I keep checking this forum expecting a solution for ps4... There’s no hope for us ps4 players with this game, like you said it’s clear they only care about PC & Xbox players, they respond to their posts and issues yet leave the ps4 players on read and don’t even care. They just need to go ahead and remove this game from psnow because I have a feeling “IF” they ever decide to fix it on ps4 that the player base will be moved on, who wants to play a game that is up for one day then down for 2 months with no solution.... Nothing but a waste of time and straight up support.
  6. Fl2Oh

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    It’ll probably be another month before we get another bogus answer
  7. I don’t even get to push a button as soon as I try to load the game it says it’s unavailable. I don’t get it
  8. I just wish I could give this game a try, never played it a single time before but I’ve been trying for over a month straight every day... all I get is error -1 and this game is currently unavailable... what a shame it looks like a decent game too and like I said before I was willing to spend a good amount of money on this game...
  9. Fl2Oh

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    It is strange how there’s a lot of posts about people having this issue but nothing gets resolved or answered. They need to take this game out of the psnow store cause obviously you won’t be able to play it anymore (or at least new players like us won’t be able to play) dead game for sure
  10. Fl2Oh

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    I give up trying to play this game.... sucks I was willing to spend money on it too.
  11. Seen there was a solution finally for error code -1 so went to try out the game and now it’s saying Error : this game is not available at the moment. Try again later. It won’t even let me download the game or stream it. What’s the deal... fix one issue and another pops up?
  12. Fl2Oh

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    What do I do when I start the game and it says the game is currently unavailable.......?
  13. When I start up the game on ps4 it says the game is currently unavailable... been like that for weeks now
  14. Here we are like a month later and it’s still not fixed, seems like this game is no longer available for ps4. Rip
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