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  1. yes. Its already a known fact that pretty much everyone missed the old graphics/visuals/bloom/tracer colors/textures/old shaders, and alot of us enjoyed the old threat system and old gun sounds. There's no doubt in my mind that more people will play the RTW version. And at this rate, they better do something.
  2. MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAH LMFAOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, but seriously (that made me chuckle hard), um RTW is the better version, the majority of us know this and I am 100% positive if they bought it back, barely nobody would be playing the current version now. Trust me.
  3. I use to be like you OP. I use to hang around at the gas station and just sit in my car listening to music watching the "hackers" drive by or come into the gas station. Then i say to myself, this game never changes. I also say , man i missed Colby west and GM Blackbeard, then i say i missed the old graphics, gun sounds, blue tracers, old threat system, HQ bloom. I try to play a few missions, its fun for about 2-3 missions, then i end up uninstalling the game. I use to repeat this pattern , until i found other games that are similar but are way better. Hellgate London, Saints row 3 and 4, Defiance ( i stop playing defiance though ), etc. Just play other games, eventually you will flee from APB and realized that the game that we use to love in the past is never coming back. The new company team IMO is worse than Gamerfirst. No offense, but i don't think they are listening to any of our feedback. APB use to be at its best when Blackbeard, was around, G1Aleeia, Neume, G1Zieu, Dave Jones, i wish they just bought the RTW version, its way better than this crap they now. I'm sure if they did bring back the RTW version, they will have at least 3000 players in the game instead of what barely 600 online.
  4. Sounds like nothing good is ever going to change with this game. Just my opinion.
  5. I was just reading the blog about the engine upgrade, there were pictures of the PC engine upgrade release already, many of them along with some video. So i am a little confused about this: "As it has been mentioned before, I don't think this is going to be a massive upgrade visually. Some players may not even notice" ????????????????? The PC engine upgrade photos clearly shows that they look a million times better than the crap version we have now. So I'm starting to wondering did the new company start over and didn't want to use what Gamer's first was using, thus why they pushed it back to Spring of 2019. Reading the blog, it sounds like they have no idea what they are doing now or don't know which direction to go anymore. Photos https://www.mmobomb.com/news/apb-reloaded-shows-engine-upgrades-pretty-new-pics/ xbox one photos but looks like what the PC version is also I see nothing wrong with the new images and visuals, the bloom looks like the RTW and early versions of APB. Just confused on why its taking so long and now pushed back to spring of 2019, which i am not shocked because i could of sworn i said that in the game many times , at this rate it might be spring of 2019 lol. I would rather they just give us back what was removed from , what's that guy name "Monte"? who removed the old textures and shaders i think, and also give us back the Bloom quality settings, do that for now until you have the engine upgrade release. I haven't played apb in almost a year now, but the game looks like crap and washed out, and then there's no old threat system available, not sure how anyone is enjoying this game. I just don't see a future with this game anymore, same 2 maps from 2010, now its 2018 and things isn't getting any better as for new content , new maps, and new visuals are concern. If people don't know, it takes about 12-18 months just to create a new map district. Where is this game headed too?
  6. Two CM's were looking at this thread the other day and didn't say anything. hmmmmm
  7. No i don't think they are putting any thoughts into this. lol because if they did, they would have done already.
  8. yea the servers were a messed, but the lag doesn't bother me, i think its funny and i always laugh when it happens. But i believe that once they upgrade the engine or whatever maybe the game won't lag/have server issues. This sort of stuff has been happening since 2011, it never ends. So that's why it doesn't bother me anymore.
  9. Playing the game today, i think the majority of the players want the engine upgrade and the old threat system back. You probably have about 4000 players in the game right about now if you release both features and promote it/advertised it on steam and elsewhere. The new event though is interesting, but didn't hold my interest because the game feels the same. The engine upgrade and a new district with this event will make it more fun. hope to see and play the event in a new map one day.
  10. Yea nice joke, I'm going to apply for a job that is hosting a game that has barely 600 players playing. I'm fully aware of what LO has added, even though i haven't played in about 2 years, i lurked the forums a bit and read around. BattleEye Pointless, and judging by the all the posts here, there's still massive cheaters roaming. Trading System: Nothing special or exciting. Updated Joker Store: lol Armas Prices cheaper um ok Added an auto renewal system for Premium um ok Balanced Weapons The weapons were fine before LO got on board, but um. Fixed a few bugs without explaining what those bugs are, great job reporting Added a weapon renewal system in your inventory um ok Added 2 new weapons Pointless Increased Communications Yes i agree the Communication is better, but actually listening to what the players actually want, nope, still the same. And that's one of the reasons why the player-base is at all time low now. But you guys can keep being in denial and think everything is fine. Increased weekly update quality um ok Increased FPS limit um ok None of that is going to help the game survived, if anything none of that stuff is that important, unless you count the cheaper prices in arams, and trading system if people want to trade. I have been playing APB since RTW, i am up to date to what is happening with this game. I have seen it at its best times and worse times and i know for a fact when the game started to go down hill. Firing Certain GM's , removing the old threat system which basically put a huge dent in the game player-base and i was a witness to it when it happen. You can sit up here and play stupid all you want, removing the threat system would be the worse idea and probably will killed the game for real. I don't speak for every player who has been playing since RTW, but i know what i am talking about. Bringing back the old threat system and promoting it everywhere, including on steam will bring back over 2000 players to the game. Now if you don't care about the threat system, that's one thing, but facts are facts, all the stuff which Gamerfirst was doing by removing the threat system, firing certain GM's who helped build the game and the community, removing the old graphics which were better, removing the old gun sounds, etc killed the game over time. Yea blah blah i know things take time, I'm merely only stating that the engine upgrade is their saving grace, so i hope its done right. I have notice alot of devs/ companies tend to do "what they want to do, or what they think is the best idea * that didn't work out too well with those shotgun changes, eh"? * , better stop doing that and listen to the community. Open up your eyes and look at the steam charts, lmfao. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400
  11. The graphics still look terrible, where's the bloom at night? No engine upgrade yet No offense to the new company, but at this point, i think everyone wants the engine upgrade and new visuals and you should bring back the old threat system if you want to see around 3k back into your game.
  12. I don't use youtube, so can someone tell me where the original video is that from ? lmfao he me rolling. Also the only time i got kinda pissed like that, is when they removed the old threat system and when i saw that they had no intention on putting it back. yea i was kinda pissed, so upset i had to stop playing the game for about 3 months, because i was also addicted to the game.
  13. I clearly said: "And just add an even higher payout for premium players." I never said to removed premium. If they make premium as the normal for non premium players, all they have to is increase the premium payout even higher. it works both ways.
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