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  1. LO Employee: "Its these players. They're just so... toxic. They made a bomb threat against the last CM, did you know that? In her own home! Can you believe that? I just... I'm just saying that don't know if its safe for us to be putting our names out there, is all..." Matt:
  2. Sounds like Warsaw is gonna be.... Packed with servers YEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
  3. Honestly, assuming each pack is a dollar, like the past preset bundles were, and we not only get the clothes but the decals too, I'm... Pretty happy to keep buying them. 3 dollars for cool preset clothes and 3 new sets of decals? I like it Also, is there any chance we'll get a Little Orbiter clothing pack? Or maybe some decals of her She's adorable.
  4. Honestly, Im pretty comfortable getting a bundle of premade clothes for just 99G1C If it were 600 G1C, itd be different, but a dollar for some neat looking premades?
  5. ChellyBean


    "Building a wall around San Paso" Isn't this the plot of Arkham City?
  6. ITT - Community: Nerf the NTEC LO! LO: Yeah, we can do that! Community: Not like that. LO: Oh. Well... How about- Community: Not like that. LO: What if- Community: Not like that LO: Maybe we could- Community: You know, just stop trying
  7. Because of you I've begun signing any and all official/formal emails with "Thanks, [My Name]". I even made it my auto signature in the email app on my phone. MattScott: making APB players sound more official since 2018 Thanks, Chelly
  8. Hey all, Im from the APB community, but I just wanna say that I appreciate Matt's transparency about everything We've had similar issues on our game, and LO has been equally transparent about it. Its just nice to know what's going on
  9. LO reminds me of Eugene from Hey Arnold. You know that kid who had literally every conceivable bad thing happen to him for no reason but never let it get him down and kept smiling? He was a literal jinx and kept doing his best That's Little Orbit. You go guys. *head pat*
  10. I mean Id take stable performance/framdrate, improved matchmaking, cracking down on cheaters etc over just being able to drive on two wheels for a few seconds. But if a lack of wheelies are what makes the game worse for then idk what to tell you geez
  11. All this info and people whining about wheelies
  12. Yeah you found an egg. How are we supposed to get it off?
  13. Kinda unrelated, but what did G1/RP have to do with that Airmech RTS? We have a few cars named after the game from some kind of event they had together. Does LO have anything to do with that or was RP's promotional deal with Airmech over with by the time Matt and co came along?
  14. Can we make MattScott the Chuck Norris of APB? MattScott throws a grenade and kills 5 people... Before it even blows up.
  15. It's not cheating as long as FairFight doesn't pick it up :^)
  16. I saw this floating around and thought it'd be fun if the APB community did one of its own! Here's the blank potato! Here's my Chelly potato to start off with! o: Can't wait to see what you all come up with
  17. I've been wanting to make a post similar to this, but never got to it. Now I've been beaten I'll make my own tho
  18. I can't say I've agreed with everything LO has done, both in-game and with certain parts of the community, but you guys are clearly trying. You've had some hiccups (some bigger than others), and some mistakes were made. But the point is you're still trying really really hard to make APB a better experience for everyone. I appreciate everything. I appreciate all of you. Much LOve for Little Orbit (heh)
  19. What are you talking about? War is the most profitable thing on earth. Ask Tony Stark
  20. Honestly, this seems more like Innova's fault than Little Orbit. The fact that Matt tried reaching out with no response shows that they either aren't getting his messages or don't care enough to get back to him about a very big issue. Plus if Nekrova is bleeding money, and has been since last May then it's a miracle that it's been up this long. I think this anger is misdirected, frankly
  21. When the Golds who made fun of you for being Silver can't play anymore because the only populated districts left on Jericho are Bronze #Silver4Life
  22. Gotta admit, you guys are handling this migration much better than the last time a certain company moved Innova players to Citadel
  23. LO: "You must have had some lousy devs work on this! This thing is being held together by paper clips and chewing gum!" Reloaded: "We put some sticky tape in there too." LO: Reloaded:
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