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  1. A hero. Not the one we deserved, but the one we needed. A knight in shining armor.
  2. What do you know about gaming, Godzilla? You're a 300 foot tall fire breathing lizard. You can't even play on a keyboard Silly Kaiju Also, I like the idea of Little Orbit being this "Second Chance" company. There's something to be admired about a place that sees potential in something and works to try and make it reach said potential
  3. You ask what LO has done in the last 5 months, somebody tells you what they've done in that time and you say it's nothing? APB is a dusty, cobweb filled machine that's been neglected by the previous owners. LO has to go in, clean up the cobwebs, replace parts (some very major parts), get it working again, and then upgrade that machine to a newer version. In five months, LO has made a lot of effort to clean up the mess left behind by Reloaded and yeah, progress is slow, but they're still working on it. Heck, that Halloween event they just announced is effectively bringing in territory control, something a TON of people have been requesting for years. Is that still not good enough? Just because we dont see new things every single day on LO's part doesnt mean that they're sitting in their office, leaning back and twiddling their thumbs, stalling. APB is a super complex game, running on a heavily modified Unreal Engine from like 2 generations ago by a company that no longer exists. It's really not surprising that things are taking so long. Im not brownnosing LO either. I've disagreed (heavily) with a few of their decisions, but the fact is that they're trying. Plus, the website upgrades WERE essential in their own right, because having a website that looks like its still from 2010 just looks awful. Presentation is key, especially when trying to rebrand a game that's got such a.... "Unique" reputation. Sure, it could have been put off until later, but LO even openly stated that it was a 3rd party who designed it for them. Idk In the last five months, LO has done a lot. Not all of it objectively good, but still doing things. The fact that they chose to dust this game off is nothing short of a miracle. Plus, if everyone stops buying premium, the game is making no money. A business is all about making money, and the ugly truth is that if APB stops bringing in cash, LO has no incentive to keep spending money to maintain and improve it. Why would they? Idk This all sounds pretty entitled to me
  4. "Having discovered a dangerous contagion that will turn citizens into mindless zombies, an evil corporation has paid our players to spread it amongst the masses. Unbeknownst to them however, two other corporations have had the exact same plan, and are preparing to release their own pathogens." Little Orbit actually gave us a zombie themed game mode that doesnt break APB's atmosphere. (I know its not ACTUAL zombies, but the word is there. Let me believe ;-; )
  5. This idea is neat, and I also like the other idea of offering Joker Tickets as an alternative to any prizes you get. I can't tell you how clogged my mailbox is with weapons I have no use for (reskins/I already have it etc). Also, Zombie brought up a good point about the psychological effect it has on consumers. Either way, I agree. Joker boxes are very unglamorous as it is
  6. Pls stop being THAT guy, if that's true Thx
  7. Meanwhile, the community lets out a collective sigh of relief that we won't have to listen to people screaming on the microphone or blasting awful music (Seriously tho, I appreciate the transparency! It feels much better than if this all happened under the old company, who would likely just remain silent. Thank you!)
  8. I began using Med Spray not too long ago, since its basically activateable CA without the long recovery time. Figured it would be a good idea to grab another green mod to take its place. That's when I realized that the other green mods kinda... suck...
  9. I don't have a question, and Im from the APB side of things, but I'm really happy to see that you Fallen Earth guys are finally getting some long overdue love! I hope you guys enjoy the plans LO has for FE!
  10. If it's not too late, I'd like Last Of Their Kind :)
  11. The age of quickswitching filth is over! A new day dawns! *Viking laugh*
  12. I assume they plan on continuing to fix things and readjust as they move on. I would also think that they're gonna see how the initial price adjustment works and see where they can go from there This is a good start and a huge step in the right direction imo
  13. Ravioli Ravioli Give me the Formuoli Also, great work, Cazadora!
  14. You know things are serious when Matt puts "Sorry, Matt" instead of "Thanks, Matt" We still appreciate you, Matt!
  15. Its such a tiny thing you do, but I appreciate how you always end your posts with that little "Thanks". Its such a small thing, but its nice to see I appreciate it <3
  16. Oh I like the idea of a criminal who uses a graffiti symbol as his calling card o: Sounds neat!
  17. Lauren Hoyt (Fair warning: This story may be a bit disturbing - especially since I took inspiration from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the basic premise) Lauren Hoyt's story goes back to the Texan Roadway Massacre of the 1960's. In 1967 a clan (or "family" as they called themselves) of maniacs known as the Hoyts began a ghastly killing spree on the lonely roads of Texas that would last until 1971. Lauren's mother, then eleven years old, was kidnapped and forced into their mad and macabre world. For years, the Hoyts brought countless victims into their home far off the road where they would torture, murder, and then finally eat them. The FBI finally caught wind of the Hoyts in the early 1970s but by then, their kill count was in the forties. Entering the house they found Lauren's mother hiding under a table in the dining room. She couldn't remember her real name, only muttering that "Mama" called her Mary-Ann. While the rest of the Hoyts were sentenced to death for the murder of at least forty three people, Mary Ann, sixteen by that time, was spared from the electric chair. Through the years and after countless therapy sessions, the girl would go on to live a relatively normal life, though she would never stop referring to herself as Mary Ann Hoyt; she even changed her legal name. Eventually, she found love gave birth to the girl who would grow to be Lauren Hoyt. Lauren grew up to find that the world already hated her. Because her mother refused to drop the surname "Hoyt", Lauren was forced to live with a name that was a social death sentence. People heard the name "Hoyt" and immediately turned in the other direction. Parents whispered cruel things among themselves, which their children didn't hesitate to repeat to her face. After a particular encounter with a friendly sheriff's deputy when she attempted to run away, Lauren Hoyt vowed to change how people saw her. No matter what it took, she was going to change how people said her name. Years later, she became a Texas deputy herself, and rose to the rank of Sheriff eventually moving to San Paro with the goal of cleaning up the city like never before. A gifted tactician, Lauren prides herself on her ability to read people and situations. While not exceptionally approachable, due to her natural defensiveness (a result of a life of constant ridicule for her relation to crimes she didn't commit), she was among the best of the best there was when it came to Enforcement. After a massive campaign against the city's criminal underworld, she managed to bring about an hour of legitimate peace in San Paro. However, one particularly dapper underworld ruler found her to be more of a threat than he expected. Using his vast resources, city connections, and grip on San Paro's criminal community, Kempington organized one of the most vicious character assassinations in city history. By the end of the year, Lauren's name had been dragged through the mud to a point where she could no longer show her face in public. Her influence gone, her colleagues transferred and with no Enforcer clan in the city willing to bring her in, Lauren was forced to retire. In her final moments as a licensed Enforcer, Lauren desperately searched through the city's Known Criminal Database for any known criminal she could apprehend in order to regain her ruined reputation, no matter how small. Just before her computer was remotely shut down, she glimpsed the first part of a name, "Chell-", as well as several distinct features, "Lavender hair", "advanced prosthetic arm", and "scar over eye". With only that information, Lauren disappeared from the public eye, and set off to find this mysterious purple haired girl. She wasn't sure what she would do when she caught her, but whatever it was, it wasn't going to be pretty. After all, what did she have to lose? Placeholder for my other characters. I gotta sleep
  18. David Allen If Chelly is the "Strange, but sweet" type, then her brother is easily the "Shy, and quiet" type. A photographer, David spent his career documenting the poverty and crime plaguing San Paro, earning him various enemies among certain special interest groups who would rather keep it hidden from the public eye. He never let that stop him, though. "People need to see the truth, no matter how ugly it is" Put up for adoption by his parents as an infant, David Allen grew up completely unaware that his little sister even existed. A smart young man, it didn't take long for him to put the pieces together and confronted his parents. They confirmed his suspicions and told him everything they knew about his birth parents. Feeling as though he needed closure, David set out into San Paro to find his family. He spent the next year of his life tracking down his parents, only to learn that they were murdered during the Great Midtown Burning. Deeply saddened, he DID find small comfort upon learning that his younger sister managed to survive the ordeal. Unsure of how to approach her, he kept his distance. He wanted to know what she was like before dropping into the middle of her life. He followed her a bit, never revealing himself or interfering, as was a photographer's usual philosophy. However, one night he witnessed a massive explosion down at the docks where his sister was taking part in the theft of several shipments of explosives meant for the Tigers. Before he knew what he was doing David found himself diving in and pulling her from the water, calling an ambulance for her. After revealing himself as her rescuer and brother, Chelly was initially hostile, calling him a "liar" among other four letter words. She couldn't believe it. Not just that this strange, shy man was her brother, but why he waited so long to tell her the truth. Where was he when their parents were murdered? Why didn't he come find her sooner? Why did he refuse to tell her anything? Why.... everything? It took several months before she finally began warming up to him. Once she did, she would never let a day go by without seeing or calling him. A quiet and meek man, David doesn't like violence, though - like his sister - will do anything and everything to protect his loved ones from harm. All this makes up a person who is the polar opposite of the barefoot loon running around San Paro with a metal arm. Their personalities naturally clash, but David loves his sister all the sme and is always there for her in times of need. At the end of the day, they only have each other.
  19. I made a vid vod with video voodoo! Did you ever struggle with getting Remote Detonator's timing right? Been thinking about making a mini APB/Spongebob series thingymabobber, but I need some extra ideas. If you have an idea for an APB Represented by Spongebob clip, PM me on Discord or here and tell me! Maybe it'll pop up! Maybe not! I dunno. Oh well I should probably link the video at some point so here!
  20. Im just gonna paste what I put in Discord: Let them work in peace instead of hovering over their shoulder whispering "You won't make it work, why even try? It's gonna fail. You wasted your money. You guys can't make it happen. Just give up"
  21. It hasnt even been a month since they announced the sale and you guys are already hoping for them to fail and shutdown the game?
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