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  1. "The Giggler" Omg thats so cute. Thats adorable Stop it She doesnt have any business being so cute
  2. APB forum users are the kinds of people who would ruin our relationship with the new company and then complain about why the company doesnt want to talk to us anymore
  3. Michelle "Chelly" Allen Chelly is... Chelly. That's honestly all that can really be said to describe her. In fact, that's all SHE even describes herself as. Maybe somewhere in her little world, she remembers a time where people called her Michelle, but she never gives any hint that those memories are there. Anyone with enough time and dedication to try and find out where the strange girl with the metal arm came from would find scattered pieces of a tragic tale all over the city. A newspaper clipping about the burning of a Midtown neighborhood here. A company memo from the Praetorians mentioning the Midtown division was "Hemorrhaging money" and "doesn't bring us publicity" there. A couple of nondescript hospital records and some news footage of a filthy girl being loaded into the back of an ambulance after being pulled from a burning neighborhood can give a vague idea of where things began. Its no secret that the Praetorians pulled out of the Midtown neighborhoods. The official reason was that they'd "cleaned the place up" to a point where they felt it was safe to move on to the next neighborhood. "Mission Accomplished!" they said proudly. Just another step in cleaning up San Paro! Meanwhile, in reality, the Praetorian bean counters decided that it was costing more to fund an operation in a quiet district like Midtown than the publicity it yielded. No crime = no cameras. Almost immediately after the Praetorian Community Celebration ended, and the public let its guard down, the Barbarian Gang made its move. Still recovering from their higher ranking members being mowed down by some kid with a Double Barreled shotgun, the group wanted to remind the city that they were still the baddest bunch in the city. Without warning, they made their move. They started by setting fire to several homes and shooting anyone who ran out of their burning house. Both of her parents were among those mowed down that night. It was her mother who they shot first, and her father quickly followed. She would have been next had it not been for her fleeing back into the house. Fire was easier to avoid than a bullet, even if it was consuming her house more every second. She doesn't remember how long she was in there before the structure began to fail. She couldn't force herself to open the door and see her parents laying on the front yard in puddles of blood, but she couldn't stay where she was. The back door was her only escape route, as the windows in front were likely being watched by the Barbarians. With a scream, she sprinted through the flames, crashing out of her house with only seconds to spare before it collapsed. From there, she wandered from backyard to backyard until she found a spot the Barbarians had already visited. If they already burned it to the ground, they had to reason to come back. She sat down in the middle of the road in silence, not even moving when a speeding fire truck came within inches of running her over. As the San Paro Fire Department went about bringing the blaze under control, news trucks began pulling up around her, with hardly anyone paying her any mind outside of "Move kid". Finally, someone had the sense to take a second look at her, and found the various burns and cuts along her body. The photo someone took of a firefighter laying her onto a stretcher has gone down as one of the most iconic images of San Paro. Forced to grow up with no parents, and living in the care of an aunt who had no clue what she was doing, the lack of any proper guidance from others resulted in a young woman with no grasp of social norms. The loss of her arm in an explosion during a mission for the Bloodroses (and it's subsequent replacement with a stolen metal prosthetic) only furthered the gap between her and what people considered "normal social behavior". Today, it's not uncomon to find Chelly babbling to random strangers, touching people's faces and climbing on things that weren't meant to be climbed. Of course, she's harmless, most of the time. That can change very quickly if the right buttons are pushed in the right way, or if someone she cares for is in danger. Should that happen, Chelly can become a near unstoppable and savage force to be reckoned with, using the extra strength granted by her metal arm to land critical strikes, and won't stop until the threat has been dealt with. At the end of the day, Chelly is unbearably naive, optimistic, friendly, and harmless. If nothing else, a bit of a tomboy and overall pleasant person to be around, unless she's angered or in fear for the lives of her loved ones.
  4. Hiya~ Some of us really REALLY love to breathe more life into our characters by giving them a backstory that explains who they are and where they came from! It's fun, and I've seen some really creative stories come out of people's characters! With that said, I figured that there should be a thread where people can post what they've written for their APB Characters! It would also be cool for new people to have a place to read what others have come up with! It might even inspire some to write stories of their own! I'll start off in the first reply! EDIT: I got some complaints about formatting, so I'll just be upfront and say that formatting doesn't really matter here. Feel free to post anything you got! Art, stories (even if it's just basic stuff), rank, faction. Whatever you want! Be creative guys!
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