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  1. I went to login to my APB account after not playing for who knows how long and when i went to login it said my password had expired. I thought this was normal after not playing for a long amount of time and so i went to login to my account on gamers first with my steam login and password. I could login however so i went to change my password and put in my email in which it said it had sent a password reset to my email. I waited about 151 mins and did not get an email from gamersfirst. So i thought to myself ill try and make a new account with the same email and even see if i have an account still. when i put in my email that i use with steam it made a whole new account with nothing on it.. I also went onto an old gmail account and searched the inbox for "gamersfirst" and found i have gotten emails from the company on that email meaning i have an account with this gmail account. I went and reset the password on that gmail and logged in to still find i have nothing and all my time and money on my characters are gone. I send a ticket but havent heard anything back and it looks like others have the same issue but arent finding a solution anywhere and the company isnt helping much. I just want to play the game with my character again. PLEASE HELP. Thanks. i have also found purchases through my steam account on APB so my account must be under my email but it is still not working and even when i try to login with my steam username and password it does not work.
  2. having the same issue aswell... has anyone found a solution to the problem? I want my characters back that ive spent money and time on.. I send a support ticket but havent heard back yet.
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