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Found 4 results

  1. now i can understand the price of 'account life time weapons' in the armas marketplace. when you buy the account life time weapons from armas marketplace, you can always get that weapons for free and infinitely from other characters or new characters as long as your account not get banned. i can understand. however most of the joker store weapons are character permanent. that means if you accidentally remove the gun from the inventory then you have to pay another joker tickets to buy. if the joker ticket weapons cost like 'less then 10 dollars' for character permanent then i can understand and buy more joker tickets but most of the weapons from joker store are cost 'more then 10 dollars' also some of the weapons are expensive then account life time weapons from armas marketplace. especially 'Joker CR-5 w/3 slots'. so in armas marketplace, Joker CR-5 w/3 slots for account lifetime cost 15.99 dollars. however in joker store it cost 10000 JT for character permanent. that means it cost 20 dollars for one joker cr-5 w/3 slots for character permanent. that's really expensive for one characters. so my opinion is... -remove the '7days and 30days expires option' of joker store weapons -reduce the price of 'character permanent option' from joker store weapons same price as '7days or 30 days options' thx
  2. There's no need for a limitation. What would occur if there wouldn't be one? I would like to spend my joker tickets freely on this article. Located in the Joker Store via the contact Wilde. Thank you
  3. Best regards, First of all I want to congratulate the new management that is in charge of APB-R, for the effort, commitment and patience, above all patience before such a toxic community. Thanks for the change of the battleye, it was a real nuisance. I had to delete the folders again and again and restart up to 4 times the PC due to an error. Now I just need to disable the antivirus and fixed issue. Additionally, I write to report an error that has appeared in the personalization of the character. When using boots on clothes (inside or outside of the pants) it does not change as it should, it is necessary to change the outfit slot two or three times until it takes effect. Will be sold new outfit randomly in the Joker Store? It would be good if they enabled a preview of the articles as there is usually with the weapons and in the market, the preview magnifying glass. I think that should be the main idea, not that some have them and others do not, suggests that it was a job that is "pending". Many thanks and successes!
  4. Last time I'm bringing this up but when the SDK passes can we get the showstopper and the new joker store weapons cause people would be delighted to have better joker store weapons. Either way I gotta stop asking this. Also I had saw on OTW that the joker store was updated with new weapons and some even being from legendary boxes. It be nice if the first update after the SDK passes and we get the new joker weapons in the shop on the consoles. Sorry to keep asking.
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