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  1. idk but i think here's why they didn't upload the update news or any update. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/little-orbit-descendent-studios-reach-130000700.html
  2. pesto

    Symbol editor

    but what a nice art style!
  3. nice work! did you do with normal hvr or scout? if you did with normal hvr, did they remove the 'different damage per accuracy'? anyway nice clickbait tho. i thought LO finally did something. XD
  4. yes there is no headshot in this game. and who use sniper rifle with macro? most of the players who use macro, uses the semi-automatic weapons or burst-fire weapons for example, fbw, .45, frog pistol, joker carbine, obeya rifle, oscar rifle, rfp something like that. and most of cheaters use aimbot or triggerbot or both of them with sniper rifle maybe you're right. however my opinion is still be a cheaters and macro problem. because if they nerf the colby .45, the cheater still exist anyway and they will dominate you with different guns like a 'fr0g pistol' series or many other weapons. if you really want to nerf the colby .45 or ursus, i recommend to make another discussion with same topic but add voting system and watch the other's opinions. maybe they will agree with you and LO will rebalance the colby .45. anyway that's all my opinion about 'nerf colby .45'.
  5. like i said, it's the cheater's problem not weapon it self. lets say, in team fortress 2, there is sniper cheaters that always headshot the people really fast. most of the people blame on cheaters and the game company try to block the cheaters by improve the anti-cheat system or use the ip-ban or system-ban tactics like a fortnite however your opinion is like nerf the sniper rifle by disable the headshot or can headshot it only fully charged, instead improve the anti-cheat system. because they'll keep coming back anyway. maybe they can't headshot people anymore. but the cheaters still exist and they will find other weapons and another strategies to ruin other players gaming experiences. same as this game. if they nerf the colby .45 for real, they'll find another weapons to grief the innocent players and they will complain again for nerf the other weapons. and they'll nerf the other weapons and keep repeat these steps. and later on. all the weapons are completely useless but they still gonna dominate you and ruin the players fun, and the end of the day, no one play this game anymore conclusion is nerfing the weapons won't help for stop the cheaters. and they still gonna dominate you every single time.
  6. colby .45 have to shoot 5 rounds to kill the enemy not 4 rounds. also that gun only have 7 rounds. so compare to fbw, those guns have their own pros and cons fbw: high capacity and low recoil but less damage rather than colby .45 and slow bloom recovery .45: batter damage and fast bloom recovery but poor capacity and high recoil they should ban the cheaters. not nerf the weapons
  7. pesto

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    because some criminals want to kill their opponents with slowly and painful way. just like a torture. it's a optional choice. if you shoot the stunned enforcers, you get the same points and money. just like you 'kill the enemy with firearms'. but if you beat him with brass knuckle instead shoot him. you'll get more points and money. rather then 'shoot to kill' or 'enforcers arrest criminal'. if you can see this. my idea is similar to this picture. but 'the pedestrian wearing bunny suit' is replaced to 'stunned enforcer'. alright then. for your condition, after this reply, i'll not reply to this topics for now.
  8. pesto

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    oh really? i didn't know that. good to know. it's not arrest them. more like beat those enforcers with 'brass knuckle'. just like you mugging a pedestrians. if you don't understand what i'm saying, then here's the explanations by steps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. some how, the enforcers get stunned. 2. the criminal approach to that enforcer. 3. press 'f' and beat that enforcer's face with 'brass knuckles', just like you mugging a pedestrians. 4. after beat the crap out of that enforcer. the enforcer will die. (and criminal will get more money and points. more then enforcers arrest the criminals.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and yes. if my idea was 'criminals can arrest the enforcers too' then i would disagree too. but my idea was 'humiliating the enemy with different way' for example. Enforcers: arrest the enemy. (the enemy have to take more time to get re-spawn) Criminals: beat the enemy's face with brass knuckle. (respawning time is same as killing enforcers, but you will get more money and points rather then kill) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and this is the idea i was talking and explain about to you.
  9. pesto

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    some of the enforcers stun them self with 'stinger' aka stun grenade. for examples, stun grenade can bounce off the walls or by pedestrians. so if that grenade already cooked, that enforcer get stun them self. and also, some enforcers with happy landing 3 falling off from really high ground and what happen next, their 'stamina health' get really low and all you have to do is shoot 1 dmr round. then you can stun them. and it's kinda ridiculous and off topic about 'clumsy enforcers' but you can also stun enforcers with shoot dmr at maximum range. i start play apb about 2013 and join the forum at 2014. but i don't post any topics or leave comments before June 19, 2021. so i think that's why i'm still a starter member.
  10. pesto

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    1~4. that's pretty good idea! 5-1~5-3. i think it would be better that you make a 'hero pedestrian ai' that against the criminal by someone getting mugged or hijack. rather then normal pedestrian fight back when you mugging or hijack those normal pedestrian. 5-4. if you're criminal and threat stars is less then 2 stars? then i can accept that. 5-5. yeah it's really good idea when they crouch rather then run away and eat bullet at middle of pvp gun fight 5-6. well it will be very annoying at middle of pvp gun fight. so my opinion is nah. 6. sure why not? and it would be great some big dogs that have a owner can attack you if you kill the owner. 7. not bad for cosmetic. 8. if this consumables mod is for yourself? sure why not. 9. maybe the percussion grenade is suitable for this features and also add the 'breaching rounds' for shotgun mod for breaching the door rather then shoot the door with regular rounds. 10. not bad feature. 11. im not sure about this. if it hurt someone about 45% to 5% depends on back distance and no side distance ? then i can accept the changes. 12. i think most of the gun should have 'one in the chamber' feature. except the 'revolver, double barrel shotgun.' 13. good features but it will be useless because if the opponents is on the top you'll be shredded by enemies attack. 14. kinda similar to saints row 3 features. but it would be great make it as character mod rather then replace the movements. and also it would be great you replace the 'jumping while you're aiming' to barrel roll while aiming from gta 5 15. very nice! i don't get it why all the previous developers didn't even add this weather system? and this is my ideas. 1. grab the ladder at middle of air while falling or jumping 2. add weapons loadouts. 3. if you're criminal, the enforcers get stunned them self by their clumsiness. you can teach some lesson with brass knuckle and get more point then enforcers arrest the criminals. and the animation is same as mugging pedestrians.
  11. pesto


    by the way... how did you do that? did you make those 3D model and put it in the real game? or you just make a 3d model only and just edit with photoshop? but it really impressive... good work man
  12. pesto


    understandable. anyway.... WASSSSSAP!?!?
  13. so it's been 2021, there was some of the open-world genres or aka 'gta-style games' released. for example 'cyberpunk 2077', 'grand theft auto edition trilogy' things like that. however those games are disappointed and BAD.... cyberpunk 2077 is over hyped and screwed up badly and 'grand theft auto definitive edition trilogy'.... it just a garbage and also rockstar will release another grand theft auto 5 'expanded and enhanced edition' and only difference is 'yellow license plate', and 'EnHaNcEd GaMePlAy' and 'ExPlOsIvE aCtIOn' and there is a new 'saints row' game will release in next year but also it looks disappointed. by the way, those games except gta 5 RE-REMASTERED don't have any multiplayer mode. so will 'apb reloaded' will get a chance and rise up again with brand new game engine? or it will fail just like those games and left there is nothing but the dust?
  14. pesto


    amazing works you got there! but i think the 'dual smg mod' should have this disadvantage too. (increase recoil and crosshair bloom) and also i think the 'dual pistol' aka. 'dual secondary' should be in the primary weapons slot.
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