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  1. most of new players when they see the high rank players do a car-surfing with car-surfer mod so they try to car surf without the mod after that, they try to car surf on the back of the pickup truck. because most of their primal instinct tell them to jump on the trunk and do a car-surf so please make the pickup truck can car-surf without car-surfer mod. because i wanna see or feel this situation, just like this image no matter which side am i in to.
  2. star is better then n-tec 5 only reason why people don't use it because it's not 3 open slots version and looks kinda ugly. that's all.
  3. can we just make all primary weapons have 3 open slots without grinding? because if the new players get the weapon mods from marketplace, they still have to grind the kills to unlock the open slot guns and equip those weapon mods to slots. and some other might say "if you don't like grinding, you can just buy 3 slots primary weapons from joker store and armas market." well most of people buy the 3 open slots or pre-modified weapons from joker store and armas market for use it permanently and bypass the weapons grinding but again, pay the money to bypass the grinding and get an advantage count as p2w. so my suggestion is 'remove weapon slots grinding and open all the 3 slots'. or if they really want them to buy the guns from armas or joker store, reduce the price. especially character permanents. i understand the account permanent price. because you can still get those weapons when you make another characters. but seriously, paying more than 10$ for one character is just outrageous. even joker store most of primary weapons with 3 open slots cost 20$ for one character. when i play this game first time and try to buy some weapons from armas market. i thought most of guns are less then 10$ and more cheaper when is pre-modified or secondary because it show on weapon category. but it was a day-rant price and permanents price is more than 10$. so i think multiple time to buy something in armas market and joker store and most of new players probably have same experiences and thoughts. and they sick of these prices. LO already did the second one. but the people didn't like it so they revert it. kinda like the suggestion but the damage have to reduce more about 60~65% and increase hard damage about 270
  4. do you like current bounty system?
  5. the bounty system was changed for 1 main reason. 'to remove bounty by killing same faction players' for example, you're in overtime situation for doing immovable objects after eliminate opponents. but while you doing it just killed by 'some random bounty players who isn't part of the mission' to remove his bounty and just lost your last chance. and another example, you're in final mission to assassinate vip or stop the enemies to take the objects and deliever to your point. however you just got killed by 'some random bounty players who isn't part of the mission' and just lost the last chance. and similar situation almost same as these but it was 2014 easter egg 'hot cross gun' event. the event that one player equip with 12 rounds rapid fire grenade launcher and lost last chances by him and that time, that event wasn't seperated to event district and that one player can kill anyone even who wasn't in the event or doing other missions. so later on they seperated the event to event district. if you're not in mission, and those bounties are opponents, you may ignore or chase the bounty and get revenge if opponent still have bounty. but if you're in mission it just get frustrated, because you just lost your last chance by 'some random bounty players who isn't part of the mission' and after the mission you can't revenge those players because he's no longer bounty anymore. and also imagine about it, some new players who just start this game and jump on to missions. but they get grief and also get killed by 'some random bounty players who isn't part of the mission' at important moments after the match the new players just quit. because they think this game is full of griefers and very unfair cause they can't kill the bounties and they will admit it why this game is dead. if someone who want original bounty system, just play fight club. even match is over, you still can kill other players if you're the bounty or kill other bounties who still have a bounty.
  6. if i choose sabbot's building as enforcer and Byron and brittany's building as criminal for spawn in waterfront district, it freeze the game. and this thing happen in 'waterfront 2 us east'
  7. there is many ways to earn apb money. for example, do a mission, join the fight club, mugging pedestrian or rob the store for crims, make a theme song or cars, clothes something like that and it would be great to have an another option to just pay the joker tickets for apb money. maybe '1 joker ticket = 100 apb money' would be good.
  8. when female character holding a gun with left hand, the gun place in slightly forward from hand.
  9. I found the weird modelling issue that tip is floating.
  10. idk but i think here's why they didn't upload the update news or any update. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/little-orbit-descendent-studios-reach-130000700.html
  11. pesto

    Symbol editor

    but what a nice art style!
  12. nice work! did you do with normal hvr or scout? if you did with normal hvr, did they remove the 'different damage per accuracy'? anyway nice clickbait tho. i thought LO finally did something. XD
  13. yes there is no headshot in this game. and who use sniper rifle with macro? most of the players who use macro, uses the semi-automatic weapons or burst-fire weapons for example, fbw, .45, frog pistol, joker carbine, obeya rifle, oscar rifle, rfp something like that. and most of cheaters use aimbot or triggerbot or both of them with sniper rifle maybe you're right. however my opinion is still be a cheaters and macro problem. because if they nerf the colby .45, the cheater still exist anyway and they will dominate you with different guns like a 'fr0g pistol' series or many other weapons. if you really want to nerf the colby .45 or ursus, i recommend to make another discussion with same topic but add voting system and watch the other's opinions. maybe they will agree with you and LO will rebalance the colby .45. anyway that's all my opinion about 'nerf colby .45'.
  14. like i said, it's the cheater's problem not weapon it self. lets say, in team fortress 2, there is sniper cheaters that always headshot the people really fast. most of the people blame on cheaters and the game company try to block the cheaters by improve the anti-cheat system or use the ip-ban or system-ban tactics like a fortnite however your opinion is like nerf the sniper rifle by disable the headshot or can headshot it only fully charged, instead improve the anti-cheat system. because they'll keep coming back anyway. maybe they can't headshot people anymore. but the cheaters still exist and they will find other weapons and another strategies to ruin other players gaming experiences. same as this game. if they nerf the colby .45 for real, they'll find another weapons to grief the innocent players and they will complain again for nerf the other weapons. and they'll nerf the other weapons and keep repeat these steps. and later on. all the weapons are completely useless but they still gonna dominate you and ruin the players fun, and the end of the day, no one play this game anymore conclusion is nerfing the weapons won't help for stop the cheaters. and they still gonna dominate you every single time.
  15. colby .45 have to shoot 5 rounds to kill the enemy not 4 rounds. also that gun only have 7 rounds. so compare to fbw, those guns have their own pros and cons fbw: high capacity and low recoil but less damage rather than colby .45 and slow bloom recovery .45: batter damage and fast bloom recovery but poor capacity and high recoil they should ban the cheaters. not nerf the weapons
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