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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! My friends and I have been playing APB for many years and have noticed a recent spike in new players. While this is great to see, we also saw several new players confused and unsure of what was going on. After hearing a lot of questions on stream from new players we decided to start making some short, easy to watch tutorials. Broken down by topic to keep them short and to the point. This entire youtube channel will ONLY be used for these short tutorials. We hope this helps you new players to get started. Feel free to leave questions here or on the yt for us ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4hS7YX3adb54PB_zFYZslg ). If we can't answer in a comment response, we will add it to the list of videos to add to the channel. Thank you and good luck!
  2. Suggestion to improve the game with few resources quickly and get new players. "APB Fast and Dangerous". "Run over all" concept are very funny, fast and fragile cars on crashes and explosions. Why not increase speed of cars to more fun gameplay? More fast much more fun. I think its a good improvement to get new players. Honestly i think a good cars with fast engines are "sexy" to new players, New players love fast cars!!!, big jumps and stupid crashes are funny its perfect for all. Little orbit is working on repairs the game source-code to update the graphic engine while developing RIOT, but I'm sure that fast cars and sexy characters will attract a lot more audience. New clothes or more clothes for new players are good idea to get new players. Fast cars and good looking characters get new players sure 100% Thanks for read, Regards Español (lengua nativa) (native languaje) Una manera sencilla de ganar jugadores es hacer los coches más rápidos y que sufran daños fuerte al estrellarse para hacerlo mas divertido, añadir algo de ropa y hacer anuncios de coches con chicas/os guapos siempre funciona, seamos sinceros el clásico "Coche rápido y chica guapa" funciona podriamos granar jugadores sin tener que trabajar mucho en ello. Algunos videos en youtube y Twitch bastarán. APB tiene un personalización excelente hay que explotar eso. Me comprometo a formar parte de esto, si actualizan los coches para ir mas rápido, haré videos estilo "Fast and Furious" es algo que no falla. Los personajes femeninos de apb bien editados son especialmente llamativos suma eso a unos coches bien rápidos, bonitos, y potentes es una apuesta segura desde el punto de vista del mercado, mejorar los personajes masculinos también estaría muy bien, al público femenino no parece agradarles mucho y esto tambíen es muy importante. ((ejemplo: Overwatch tiene exito por sus "chicas" y Need For Speed simpre pone una chica guapa casualidad?)) es completamente cierto que las chicas bonitas y los coches rápidos dan ventas, apb ahora necesita agarrar lo fácil, habrá tiempo para mejorar más tarde. Hay mucho que mejorar, este es un recurso fácil y rápido porfavor piense en ello! Espero que esto llegue a Little Orbit deseo ayudar apb y tengo muchas ideas, pero necesito un mejor contacto con el juego para comprender cómo funciona internamente y ayudar. Muchas gracias por leer esto, Saludos
  3. One of the many problems I see with the game at the moment is the fact that the tutorial system might cover most things it's not easy for new players to transfer the tutorial to real gameplay. Something I would like to see is the reworked version of the refer-a-friend system where you get randomly assigned a new player that speaks the same language/languages you do. This would prevent someone from abusing the system and getting all the rewards with a friend and if we go from languages it would prevent a language barrier. You will spectate some missions (spectator mode from the winter event) and they can ask you questions about the game and its different mechanics. ( The only reason there would be rewards is so that players would be motivated to join the program as a "mentor") The players that are in the program would need to be approved somehow so we don't let some toxic players go in and flame these new players just trying to learn I know that LO has a lot of things to do at the moment so I'm not saying that this needs to be done now but if something like this gets implemented in the future it could potentially improve the number of new players that stay in the game OBS: There is still an "issue", how could we filter the appropriate people from the not so appropriate people. Got any suggestions? Also, I'm working on a more complete version to post as a game suggestion so please leave some feedback
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