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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone! My friends and I have been playing APB for many years and have noticed a recent spike in new players. While this is great to see, we also saw several new players confused and unsure of what was going on. After hearing a lot of questions on stream from new players we decided to start making some short, easy to watch tutorials. Broken down by topic to keep them short and to the point. This entire youtube channel will ONLY be used for these short tutorials. We hope this helps you new players to get started. Feel free to leave questions here or on the yt for us ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4hS7YX3adb54PB_zFYZslg ). If we can't answer in a comment response, we will add it to the list of videos to add to the channel. Thank you and good luck!
  2. This thread is for those of you wanting a tutorial to be made. Post a request and let other's see it, so that they can see what people want tutorial's of. Hello all! o/ Ever wanted to know how someone did something in-game or even out of game?(Photoshop, video editing, etc.) You walked past someone in-game and saw an awesome Tattoo/Symbol/Outfit etc. You feel like you want to make it or make a different variation of it BUT.. you just don't know how. That you want Tip's and Trick's and How-to's BUT there just isn't any tutorial's on how to do it..(unless there already is a tutorial on it..then ignore this. ) Post a request in this thread and wait for the awesome people of this community to help you along with a tutorial. The Detail's. Okay, here's what you have to do: Post below with: ~Required: A decent description of what it is your are trying to create. If you want to keep it private for whatever reason please just describe the effect you are trying to achieve, all detailed and clear; Note this isn't to request an item for purchase. ~Optional: Post a screenshot or whatever reference material that is appropriate to your desired creation. [Please do NOT post anything that goes against the Forum's Terms of Service] Thread guideline's: Ideally, this thread need's to be clutter free, so please keep your posting appropriate. If you feel that you can make a tutorial of a request that is in this thread, please quote the request in your post and just say that you are doing it/when to expect it. Ask for any additional info if you need it.(Just generally make it clear who you are replying to) If your request gets a tutorial made out of it, please can you edit the original post/request and simply add in something along the lines of 'Tutorial Made', maybe even link it. Point's of Note: You may post a tutorial in this thread if it is something easy and small to cover(AN image with a brief description). Big tutorial's should be posted as a thread in the respective 'Tutorial's' section of the Forum. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Example: [REQUEST] (<---- Please put this at the top of your request, it will help identify request's from other post's) Hey guys o/ I have been trying to get my colour gradient's to blend together on clothing but i just can't seem to make them blend properly. It seems that when i try to put a gradient next to another gradient, the blending of colour's in-between is darker than it should be. I am using Gradient sphere's that i have changed the colour's of. I'm trying to make the pink(29,6,10) blend into the light green(14,7,9) with a blue in-between(22,3,10). I might be doing something wrong and haven't really used colour gradient's before, especially on clothing. Is there some special way you guys do it? Something i don't know about? I would like to know what's the best way of using colour gradients on clothing that blends well together and keeps it's brightness. Here is my attempt on a hoodie: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer! Please do NOT post anything that goes against the Forum's Term's of Service/Rule's I am unable to moderate this thread BUT that does not mean that you should post anything that goes against the Forum rule's, nor does it mean you can spam with unrelated post's..cause you know..that's bad, so don't do it. This is NOT a thread to request tutorial's specifically from ME. If I have missed anything or you see a way to improve this, please message me. -Miffed117/Pepper117-
  3. [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] Here's just a few basic face creation videos I have made. Hope they help unleash your inner creative side. also don't forget to subscribe :^) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCycPS5d9c2pn0dFmdm2M7Uw?view_as=subscriber
  4. Hello! Since it's Halloween I decided to do quick how-to for all people who try to get all purple pumpkins this years, since old forum with thread about it got deleted. Each time you find purple pumpkin/log-in distrct - you will get notification of location of most close to you purple pumpkin. So here's first help for you - maps with name of sub-districts for both Financial and Waterfront: (Thanks to XtremeLaw for creating this maps and Tigrix for digging them out before they were gone) While sweeping through this area listen to sounds - purple pumpkins emit echoing laughter when you are near them. Not all pumpkins although will be possible to hear to. Some will be on surface of water (in Waterfront) or river (in Financial). At the very end you might find yourself stuck in one place because of inability to locate pumpkin. Usually then that means that pumpkin must be in hard to reach place. While I can't pinpoint every wierd places out of experince there are few from my mind - Financial, North Havalynd - Bus Depot (Pumpkin was on the ledge through river bridge going toward Hope Complex, it was visible only from Bus Depot side and you could hear it from Hope Complex side), Waterfront, Clearwater Marina (Pumpkin in open waters), Financial, The Needles Empire and Main (Pumpkin high on bus depot billboard, unreachable and barely visible). So yeah, be ready that pumpkin might be in wierd place but if game states it's there, IT'S SURELY THERE, so keep LOOKING through area, even 10 times. Eventually you will find it. Now word of advice. There won't be straightforward "where are all purple pumpkins" located at tutorial - because it's randomized for each player. You need to look sadly. How much time would it take? I was looking for all pumpkins for 3-4 hours, expect for last 5 which took additional 1 hour, due to said random locations above. Don't worry, we all were stuck at last ones. You will find them if you really want to complete it. So reserve yourself some evening and sit at it - and you will have it. Patience is required although. Good luck, hope you will find it worth it - as I did. I don't regret spending that much time for devil wings at all. Edit: Ah, also worthy of note is that there are no purple pumpkins in social. Please stop asking everyone about it.
  5. There needs to be a tutorial district for noobs how don't know the basics of a multiplayer game. I am tired in running into teammates that do nothing or kill you because they don't understand any multiplayer basics. It's gotten to the point for me that there are new players and noobs. New players understand how to do missions and cooperate with teammates. Noobs kill EVERYONE and can't complete a mission because they lack a functioning brain. They should be required to finish the tutorial basics and max out at least 2 contacts to be able to play with people who know what they are doing. Also for the tutorial district I'd like to see some things better explained since getting started in this game can be pretty confusing since nothing is really explained and it's not really that intuitive for beginners. All that's really explained pledging to a contact but never really explains why and equipping various stuff. I swear I love this game but it sometimes feels like this game was released in pre-beta. Guns are super unbalanced, servers are crap (as of people hit the servers too easily), there are hardly any guns in the game (I'm counting variants of guns together since it's basically the same model for the gun), your face in game looks nothing like what you created. I feel the only really good thing about this game that really feels fleshed out is customizing clothing and vehicles (as of decals/putting shapes or text on stuff) and maybe the contacts if they were explained slightly better when starting off. I also have to say they should really make ammo just free and you just have to restock at wherever (if thats what happens right now then tutorial is totally misleading). Before I possibly get flamed for that last paragraph I truly enjoy the game but it has it's problems some more major than others. To me this is what is stopping me from playing nonstop. I currently really only play it for a few hours each day because one can take only so much crap at once.
  6. If this has been mentioned before please lock the thread. Essentially, there is a file in the game directory in the Movies folder named APBFirstSpawnTutorial.bik, this file has been here for a while and has not been used since G1 took over (to my knowledge). Why not use this to help new players understand the game better as it has a lot of information that will speed up understanding the various systems such as specifically mentioned pledging. I have converted the video and uploaded it so have a look for yourself and share your opinion down bellow, I brought this forward due to the tutorial possibly getting redone for after Engine upgrade? (if this information is correct).
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