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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! Since it's Halloween I decided to do quick how-to for all people who try to get all purple pumpkins this years, since old forum with thread about it got deleted. Each time you find purple pumpkin/log-in distrct - you will get notification of location of most close to you purple pumpkin. So here's first help for you - maps with name of sub-districts for both Financial and Waterfront: (Thanks to XtremeLaw for creating this maps and Tigrix for digging them out before they were gone) While sweeping through this area listen to sounds - purple pumpkins emit echoing laughter when you are near them. Not all pumpkins although will be possible to hear to. Some will be on surface of water (in Waterfront) or river (in Financial). At the very end you might find yourself stuck in one place because of inability to locate pumpkin. Usually then that means that pumpkin must be in hard to reach place. While I can't pinpoint every wierd places out of experince there are few from my mind - Financial, North Havalynd - Bus Depot (Pumpkin was on the ledge through river bridge going toward Hope Complex, it was visible only from Bus Depot side and you could hear it from Hope Complex side), Waterfront, Clearwater Marina (Pumpkin in open waters), Financial, The Needles Empire and Main (Pumpkin high on bus depot billboard, unreachable and barely visible). So yeah, be ready that pumpkin might be in wierd place but if game states it's there, IT'S SURELY THERE, so keep LOOKING through area, even 10 times. Eventually you will find it. Now word of advice. There won't be straightforward "where are all purple pumpkins" located at tutorial - because it's randomized for each player. You need to look sadly. How much time would it take? I was looking for all pumpkins for 3-4 hours, expect for last 5 which took additional 1 hour, due to said random locations above. Don't worry, we all were stuck at last ones. You will find them if you really want to complete it. So reserve yourself some evening and sit at it - and you will have it. Patience is required although. Good luck, hope you will find it worth it - as I did. I don't regret spending that much time for devil wings at all. Edit: Ah, also worthy of note is that there are no purple pumpkins in social. Please stop asking everyone about it.
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