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Found 3 results

  1. About: Kanadian Kommunists are a tight nit clan, forged in the mountains of British Columbia by four baked friends playing Command & Conquer. We have flourished under the rule of my almighty fist, and have grown to encompass users from all over the globe. We are a multi-platforming clan, meaning we are just about everywhere, I won't bother listing all the games... Rules: 18+ Must have mic / Discord Must be able to understand English and call out Skills are an asset, most of us are web designers or programmers and artists, so if you aren't good at apb don't worry we can find a use for you. Try to stream APB Clan Events: We do clan raffles / give aways, no purchase necessary, every month 3 random clan members get video games or armas. Events are on hold for now (not buying armas when I'm banned lol) Konscription: We strive to help new players, upon acceptance into the clan you will receive a 1 slot car of your choice a long with some clan symbols and stuff. Website: N/A Comms: https://discord.gg/ua6yMkX https://steamcommunity.com/groups/KanadianKommunists -Supreme Kommander [KK]Puff|)r@g0nZ
  2. What ever happened to the VWP? I was looking to buy it again on my new account and couldn't find it, assumed I was crazy and it never existed. Then on a whim I looked at the purchase history on my old account and sure enough, here it was. Vital Weapons Pack (Account Lifetime) 1,039 G1C 2015-08-11 22:19G1 Credits Why was this removed? The more important question, can it come back? It provided some basic weapons including the: NTEC-5 Joker SR15 Carbine JG-840 OCA-EW 626 N-HVR 762 These basic no mod weapons are perfect for casual players like me that play once in a while and want to be able to do Joker challenges (and with the basic tutorial completed, the choosing of the Shaw has all the basics covered) without buying temporary weapons or purchasing extremely expensive premium ones. It would be a nice way to introduce new buyers into Armas as well. However unlikely since this is supposed to be business, but if these weapons were to be given for completing say the advanced tutorial, would also be neat but I don't see that happening.
  3. There needs to be a tutorial district for noobs how don't know the basics of a multiplayer game. I am tired in running into teammates that do nothing or kill you because they don't understand any multiplayer basics. It's gotten to the point for me that there are new players and noobs. New players understand how to do missions and cooperate with teammates. Noobs kill EVERYONE and can't complete a mission because they lack a functioning brain. They should be required to finish the tutorial basics and max out at least 2 contacts to be able to play with people who know what they are doing. Also for the tutorial district I'd like to see some things better explained since getting started in this game can be pretty confusing since nothing is really explained and it's not really that intuitive for beginners. All that's really explained pledging to a contact but never really explains why and equipping various stuff. I swear I love this game but it sometimes feels like this game was released in pre-beta. Guns are super unbalanced, servers are crap (as of people hit the servers too easily), there are hardly any guns in the game (I'm counting variants of guns together since it's basically the same model for the gun), your face in game looks nothing like what you created. I feel the only really good thing about this game that really feels fleshed out is customizing clothing and vehicles (as of decals/putting shapes or text on stuff) and maybe the contacts if they were explained slightly better when starting off. I also have to say they should really make ammo just free and you just have to restock at wherever (if thats what happens right now then tutorial is totally misleading). Before I possibly get flamed for that last paragraph I truly enjoy the game but it has it's problems some more major than others. To me this is what is stopping me from playing nonstop. I currently really only play it for a few hours each day because one can take only so much crap at once.
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