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  1. This is clearly what happened as you may have noticed, he smashed his keyboard in rage to create the wonderful name of "sakafiskafnjak".
  2. I think this is more than fair considering the circumstances. Good move.
  3. I think buying 0 slot weapons permanently for a huge price would be pretty neat. Like 200-500k. That's a good balance in my opinion.
  4. Lauterec


    Perfect because no one else ever eats them. That's why I bring mints to school instead of gum because no one ever asks for a mint.
  5. Jericho is fine. There's usually at least one full Financial and Waterfront. Good enough for me.
  6. I had a 2005 180gb drive that had an rpm of 15,000. No idea why they used to make drives that fast. I plugged in it for kicks, it made the sound similar to a jet engine before making a horrific crunching noise and never turned on again.
  7. Lauterec

    A classic version

    You mean like a vintage corvette? Like a stingray? That'd be super cool.
  8. Can't even imagine what kind of nightmare $100,000,000 worth of 2009 code is on a decade old engine. I'm impressed with what they've done already.
  9. I just found it annoying where I would buy the guns I used for ten days, not play for a week or so because I simply didn't have the time and have the guns basically be wasted. I also wasn't aware of renewing the leases. However the price being a sale I would say you were probably right, since sales were the only time I bought anything and I likely used one of the free premium codes as well. Considering it was overpriced, not very good, one might even say scam, I see no reason why it would be a bad thing to add it back in since it would only be more revenue for LO. [Merged] They were account lifetime perm. I agree with the no mods thing, however as a filthy casual having no mods was totally fine for me and I could always rack up quite a few kills with just the base weapons, but that was part of the catch of the pack. Having mod slots for the weapons obviously would have engorged the price by a few thousand.
  10. What ever happened to the VWP? I was looking to buy it again on my new account and couldn't find it, assumed I was crazy and it never existed. Then on a whim I looked at the purchase history on my old account and sure enough, here it was. Vital Weapons Pack (Account Lifetime) 1,039 G1C 2015-08-11 22:19G1 Credits Why was this removed? The more important question, can it come back? It provided some basic weapons including the: NTEC-5 Joker SR15 Carbine JG-840 OCA-EW 626 N-HVR 762 These basic no mod weapons are perfect for casual players like me that play once in a while and want to be able to do Joker challenges (and with the basic tutorial completed, the choosing of the Shaw has all the basics covered) without buying temporary weapons or purchasing extremely expensive premium ones. It would be a nice way to introduce new buyers into Armas as well. However unlikely since this is supposed to be business, but if these weapons were to be given for completing say the advanced tutorial, would also be neat but I don't see that happening.
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