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  1. Id say its 30% "sry me apoligy lots of alot again, next week i swear on me mum, sry 2 dizapoint this community yu deserve bettah lol no" and 70% just not mentioning it at all hoping ppl will forget.
  2. one cykablyat detects another cykablyat and they forget that any other language beside their own exists. they aint much smarter than animals.
  3. damn, who could have thought that this would happen? btw: you dont want to release riot without anticheat like battleeye to keep us safe from cheater? mate have you been playing this game lately? lmao
  4. well july 2019 is coming, are you trying to beat gamersfirst or are you still smelling the big money by making this game battle royale?
  5. isnt gonna happen, is it? Tbh even though ive expected it, its still a little bit naughty
  6. I'd rather have fairfight anticheat than no anti cheat at all. It banned regulary and, after LO came, they removed it and unbanned EVERY SINGLE ONE fairfight has banned. So many closets obviously came back (i guess it was a marketing move). Server havent changed? Have you played (better yet: tried playing) the last week? I didnt say showstopper is OP, but its really strong, and by far the best pistol if you use it like a shotgun on a corner. I cant say anything about the engine upgrade because i havent seen anything so far. Just empty words. Same as gamersfirst. Gotta give them props: The trade system is the only good thing theyve added so far.
  7. They removed anticheat-system, made the servers much worse and added one really strong weapon to the game, obviously only accesable by $$$ or JMB. Good work for only one year.
  8. But Mr. Scott is really sorry, he doenst want to sugarcoat it and its his fault. And hes trying his best so it wont happen again. So everything is alright now.
  9. How about telling us what happend and actually fixing it instead of letting it happen, saying "ohh were so sorry, there is no excuse, i dont want to sugarcoat it" and the story begins again. Doing it better than G1 my patootie lol. At least you could connect to their servers. Riot Update got postponed once again and i assume you aleady gave up on the engine upgrade too?
  10. There are no bugs and no cheaters in this game, if you cant play it. Additionally, you dont have to release the engine upgrade too. Damn good marketing
  11. yeah ask for a translation instead of telling them fucking russians not to speak fucking russian
  12. Trying to save a f2p game by adding a battle royale mode? Damn, how did nobody before get this brillant idea?
  13. Hey once again it got postponed and we gotta wait for it again... im pretty sure ive heard this one before.
  14. Id like a compensation too because apparently the default language if citadel is сука блять now
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