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  1. I know this is the wrong place to post this but where is the ntec7 compact. I don't see it anywhere in armas.
  2. Zsm00th

    A classic version

    yes exactly like a sting ray
  3. Zsm00th

    A classic version

    I would like to see a classic version of the io growl. Maybe make it be 250k.
  4. Zsm00th

    demolition derby

    I am currently taking a break from apb. Right now I am playing gta online,the arena wars dlc is so cool. I think the whole demolition derby concept could work in this game. There Is already an a demolition derby event that happens every friday called pay2grief.
  5. lol In real life that the the burn time airhead
  6. the burn time for both gas and incendiary is 30 to 45 seconds. The fuse is basically the same as a normal hand grenade.
  7. nvm. does any one have a brain here Look at some videos of csgo or search tear gas or incendiary.
  8. Tear gas grenades and incendiary or Molotov cocktail
  9. Zsm00th

    battle royale

    Every action game is going to the battle royale mode. This game should as well.
  10. Zsm00th

    gang wars/clan wars

    add a server channel for gang war or clan wars. Have a clan ranking system. maybe have a blimp fly around with the top ten ranking clans.
  11. I am trying to purchase one joker box. I tried four time through steam in game and once through my web browser. I was warned not to play this trashy game I thought would give it a chance and its been nothing but a headache. If you can't give me what I am purchasing give me all my money back. Lol let me hear the lame excuse you have.
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