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  1. [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] Here's just a few basic face creation videos I have made. Hope they help unleash your inner creative side. also don't forget to subscribe :^) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCycPS5d9c2pn0dFmdm2M7Uw?view_as=subscriber
  2. Progress, can't wait until they start adding new stuff and event's. PERIODT
  3. Silicone

    Valentine's Day

    Does anyone know when the Valentine's day event is going to be dropping on ps4?
  4. Social gamechat has been off for 3 days. Is it going to be fixed????? Im being told its off for update or that its being booted but it hasnt been on at all these 3 days.
  5. My bad i thought i posted this on apbs forums.
  6. I play on ps4 and make my own clothes. But i just wish there were more options.
  7. Oh im on all the time and i never see anyone really one. Who knows maybe im not paying atttention. I dont but others do because the thing is people will try and be your friend just to get your ip. I swear this game is more about booting then shooting.
  8. I do wish it could be changed. Because alot of my friends have to use there hotspots because of it and i have reported insanerex for what he was doing and he did get suspended for a few months but he came back and has been doing it even more. Like we just want to be able to play and the booting isnt helping new players come in which is why the ps4 community for apb only has about 200+ players.
  9. Yes, its basically ddos attacks but we call it booting on ps4. When they do it the servers lag rly bad were you cannot move and if you try you get kicked off the game. And with the players getting booted the player doing it will invite someone to a party and grab there ip in there and smack there router which will hit not only there game but there whole internet along with droping ip links and if you click them there able to grab your ips. Sorry for the not explaining it good enough.
  10. I know but if there was more it would be nice especially hairstyles. The only one i like are the pigtails just wish i could make them longer and the only clothes i really make are through tattoo because i dont really like the clothing options they have and that takes up all my space on my character, if only we could place more symbols.
  11. Insanerex is one of the main booters but then there is also rematch those are all that i can think of at the moment but theres more.
  12. Nah lmao im against booting. And its bad on ps4, i just would like it to change.
  13. I wish we could do more with character creation. I know we have alot of features but i would like longer hairstyles and able to add more then one color to the hairs. Along with more clothing options like being able to change the length of the shirts, pants, shorts, socks, etc. What about anyone else?
  14. Im not looking to boot. Im trying to see if apb is going to do anything about it.
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