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Found 2 results

  1. So I had a thought. I know they're usually trash but, I thought that the option to remove parts on cars while customizing could be a nice addition. They have (for the most part) very detailed internals and when the hood breaks/bends it exposes the engine and whatnot. So why not be able to remove the hood? Or take out the head/tail lights. Maybe even bumpers? The new "mad max"ish customization could be endless. And it'd be pretty cool to just have exposed engines anyways. Oh, and while doing this I faintly remember someone saying something in an old thread about "it'd defeat the purpose of having armored engines" and whatnot in the game lore. BUT I do agree if someone were to remove quarter panels or doors that it wouldn't be a bare skeleton, Most likely with some sort of metal plating, probably the heavier looking based on the vehicles weight (Nulander "class" having thick 10mm plating or something) But as far as the engine goes, It'd def show the armored engine bay, there's no way it wouldn't. But as for the top side. (nades being thrown in and whatnot) If that's an issue just add a clear bullet resistant plastic hood. Or have the option of a top armor plate. Kinda like the Waragi plate but it'd be thinner and go between the heatsheilding in the hood. Just some thoughts, curious to hear what you guys think.
  2. We know who will be added after EU 3.5 goes fully public (for uninformed that would be Lucas von Rooyen (Specialist Enforcer) & Lynette Casey (Specialist Criminal) - it's old news tho. (Source: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/7/23/content-update )). We don't know who gonna be next contact and as EU 3.5 is around the corner I think it's best to start speculating. The logical first idea would be final contacts. Leader of factions, people who normally were behind scenes of all faction lore. That would be Mayor Jane Darren, politican who led in life CSA and who is victim of assasination of her father John Darren by what is current faction leader of criminals... Luke Waskawi who is also mastermind behind criminals action. He is enigmatic character with unknown goals, yet lore clearly states that he is directly responsible for what is happening right now in San Paro. The other possible idea is additional specialist contact. Problem is... it wouldn't match ranks found in files of game... Let's say that Lucas von Rooyen and Lynette Casey follow pattern of taking 20 levels to complete like other specialist contacts already present in game. We know current max ranking level is R255, new specialist contacts would increase then max ranking level to R275. We know from several sources that real max rank might be R295, R300 or R305. Probable scenario is R300 meaning only 25 levels would remain... ideal for only boss contacts. And we also don't have any data indicating other specialist contacts... What do you all think?
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