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  1. Wankatizer

    Account Moving

    If that idea becomes true then I guess PC would have to be cross compatible with PS4, which is a terrible idea..
  2. "PC Only" "PC Only" "PC Only" "PC Only" "PC Only" "Console Only"
  3. Tbh, if you read my question it was to see if there was any future news or the LO/Devs priorities at the moment, and last time are you in anyway connected to LO? If not then please..
  4. Well basically I see all these little changes to PC and no road-map or any future update news for Console, so I would love to know what's in store for console (update wise) in the future and also if the dev team right now is even considering console and they are just set on PC? Thanks for your time, Wankatizer.
  5. Lmfao yeah infest open up your ps4 lad and just upgrade it tbh mate like fuck what sony has to say about changing anything in the ps4 just experiment with it mate, and also just slap abit of gfuel over the motherboard because like if you can get a buzz from it surely it will give your ps4 a buzz aswell, you know what I mean..
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