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  1. My hardware, if it's relevant: AMD 3900X 3.8 GHz 32 GB RAM 2080 TI M.2 SSD 1. Weird graffiti duplication When spray painting this location: https://imgur.com/9jcud26 The image is somehow projected and stretched on the other side of the wall, here: https://imgur.com/s0zW1NY 2. Car engine audio While driving, the car engine audio is messed up. First of all, it's crackling, like there's some bitrate issue. Second, it jumps between the right and left speaker/headphone when turning the camera. 3. Whistle emote The /whistle emote isn't whistling. It just plays the animation without the sound. 4. Lag spikes Sometimes it seems that the server stops sending data and everything just keeps on moving in whatever direction it was going. This lasts for like a second, then the game syncs up with the server again. 5. Song playback UI widget is stuck on screen When you start playing a song (I've been using the hotkeys for cycling songs and pausing/resuming playback), the little UI widget on the right side gets stuck on screen and never fades away. 6. The objective/resupply progress circle in the center of the screen is stretched Not much to say about it. It's an oval now for some reason. Looks weird. 7. Mailbox is broken a) I have Unread Mail notifications even though all my mail is read b) It's impossible to delete mails, the button is greyed out and does nothing c) When selecting a mail, it gets automatically deselected
  2. Been downloading since yesterday. Launcher appears to be working as expected. See you guys in beta 4!
  3. I mean, the launcher is downloading it at 20kb/s for me. I'll probably be done updating the client by November.
  4. Holy crap, you're dumb. I can't help you. Enjoy being the victim, I guess.
  5. And every game has players who call others "tryhards" and try to shame them into playing the game under some made up ruleset that they deemed "fair" and "honorable". Correlation?
  6. Here you go again, making up rules. It's like you read what I wrote, but understood absolutely none of it. On today's chapter of "How APB should be according to DeadPixels", using the base weapons that are available for everyone is lame. The game should only be played with the select few weapons DeadPixels has decreed as "fair". Anyone who chooses to use the most effective weapons not in accordance with these made up rules shall be branded a "tryhard" and flamed in chat. Also, let it be known henceforth that cars in a game where you are driving half of the time are lame. DeadPixels has spoken!
  7. Car chases were always a thing. Back in the early days of APB the last stage on some missions was literally a car chase where you had to not hit anything or the "escape countdown" would pause for a bit. There was no slowdown mechanic either, and we could catch up with the enemy just fine by knowing the city layout, predicting where they are likely to go and intercepting. (This is before the days of car surfer which suddenly allowed heavy weapons and rocket launchers to be used from vehicles, which is the real source of the current car chase problems if you ask me, but that's a whole other topic) So if you want to talk about what was "intended", then yes. Driving around and preventing the enemy team from getting the item was most definitely 100% intended. Unfortunately, just like most people can't aim, they also can't drive. So they sit here and cry "nerf the NTEC" "nerf the driving" "stop tryharding".
  8. No, you are called scrubs because you are arguing with reality. I don't care what you think the original game designers "intent" was on how the game "was meant to be played". The only thing that matters is how the game is played. You can accept reality for what it is, or you can continue living in disappointment for the rest of your life. Learn to play the game how it is actually played instead of getting angry at the opposition for not abiding by some rules you made up on what is allowed.
  9. As long as it's not an exploit, like getting the item stuck inside a wall or something. Otherwise, if the game mechanics allow you to do it - it's fair game.
  10. "Tryhard" is what scrubs call people who play the game how it actually is, instead of how the scrubs wish it was played. The amount of whining in this thread is mind boggling. "Boo hoo! The tryhards will do anything to win!" "They only use the good guns!" "They'll try to kill you no matter what!" This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Do you play the game to lose? What do you expect them to do? Let you kill them every once in a while on purpose? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical.
  11. Congrats LO, you just made me buy a $20 mtx for a game I haven't touched in a year. The new clothes look great! They actually fit the game aesthetic and are generic enough to offer good customization options. That right there is the difference between releasing quality content, and the trash G1 used to peddle for $60.
  12. Maybe it's my old age, but can someone explain why, if shotguns are so good at close range, you all just don't grab a shotgun yourselves?
  13. It says nothing. All it says is that everyone is trying out the weapons after a long awaited balance patch. Oh look, everyone was playing <Overwatch_hero> when he/she released. <Overwatch_hero> OP.
  14. Finally got to play. Overall a great update! Loved playing with the Oblivion, Anubis and Cobra.
  15. You guys have no vision. Just because APB doesn't have certain features right now, or because G1 couldn't be arsed to invest money into R&D and just milked JMB, doesn't mean LO will do the same. Maybe they won't do anything of the sort, who knows. But I highly doubt they bought this game without a plan on making it successful and get a return on their investment. You don't really think Matt was like, "yeah, I'll give G1 this 7 digit check, now I have 2000 players who will net me, best case scenario, $50,000 a month on a new $40 gun", do you? I think they'll do some amazing things. Or at the very least, try. Once they fix the huge glaring issues this game has, I don't doubt they will start pushing a new marketing campaign, do some re-branding, get rid of the "Reloaded" logos and what not... Just give them some time, man.
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