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  1. Congrats LO, you just made me buy a $20 mtx for a game I haven't touched in a year. The new clothes look great! They actually fit the game aesthetic and are generic enough to offer good customization options. That right there is the difference between releasing quality content, and the trash G1 used to peddle for $60.
  2. Maybe it's my old age, but can someone explain why, if shotguns are so good at close range, you all just don't grab a shotgun yourselves?
  3. It says nothing. All it says is that everyone is trying out the weapons after a long awaited balance patch. Oh look, everyone was playing <Overwatch_hero> when he/she released. <Overwatch_hero> OP.
  4. Finally got to play. Overall a great update! Loved playing with the Oblivion, Anubis and Cobra.
  5. You guys have no vision. Just because APB doesn't have certain features right now, or because G1 couldn't be arsed to invest money into R&D and just milked JMB, doesn't mean LO will do the same. Maybe they won't do anything of the sort, who knows. But I highly doubt they bought this game without a plan on making it successful and get a return on their investment. You don't really think Matt was like, "yeah, I'll give G1 this 7 digit check, now I have 2000 players who will net me, best case scenario, $50,000 a month on a new $40 gun", do you? I think they'll do some amazing things. Or at the very least, try. Once they fix the huge glaring issues this game has, I don't doubt they will start pushing a new marketing campaign, do some re-branding, get rid of the "Reloaded" logos and what not... Just give them some time, man.
  6. APB will be the biggest eSports game of 2019, you just wait. I'm not even joking. Well, 2019 might be a bit early, but LO definitely has a plan. They will unfuck G1's mess, make it run well on consoles, add district phasing, other QOL improvements... I imagine that for 4.0 they'll give the graphics a facelift. Some new UI that doesn't lock the game up for half a second, a proper onboarding experience instead of the dumb tutorial we have now... Honestly, I think APB can really succeed. 8 years on, it still has the best customization engine in any video game, ever. Gunplay is good, driving is good, the game loop is good. APB simply offers something no other game has. It requires you to adapt to all sorts of crazy situations, and even though we've been running around the same 1x1km map, it doesn't get boring. I think, finally, after all these years, APB is in the right hands.
  7. So the meta shifted a bit. So what? I am super happy that there's finally something new to learn in APB. It's okay, the silvers will cry for a bit while the good players learn to play with the new stats, and then copy whatever they do.
  8. That remains to be seen. As far as effective fire rate, the Obeya has not been hurt, as you'd never spam it at full speed at range anyway. Their niche is untouched, and will still melt you at range. Given that they are not CQC weapons, I don't see a problem.
  9. Choose? The downside of IR is like de-equiping 2,5 Cooling Jackets so everybody will just roll CJ or nothing from this point forward and take weapons wich naturally have more range Base NTEC has a 0.7 seconds time to kill, 50 meter range. With CJ3 it's 0.65 With IR3 it's 0.82, with a 59 meter range. The base CR762 is 0.84 seconds ttk, and has a 60 meter range. So, IR3 on NTEC turns it into an Obeya, basically, while retaining full auto fire and a much bigger magazine. What a terrible nerf. /s
  10. That is the whole point though. You have to choose, do you want your guns to be more effective at long, or short range. You can't have both.
  11. G1 had a history of releasing ridiculous overpowered guns, JMB and otherwise, milk them for a few months, and then "fixing a bug" before releasing the next OP cash cow.
  12. Doesn't it TTK go way up, making it worse in close range? I thought this is what everyone was whining about. If you're happy with tap firing at 60 meters, what is the problem? That you can't both 0.7 ttk at short range AND snipe at the same time?
  13. Honestly though, you all are way too upset, way too early about the IR3 changes. Yes, NTEC can't use IR3 anymore. Great! It's already extremely effective in close and mid range. It really doesn't need to stray into Rifle territory. On the other hand, the Obeya benefits from the IR3 changes. The decreased fire rate does not hurt it one bit, since at range you'd never spam it so fast anyway, and it got a few extra meters of effective range. Win win, if I ever saw one. Let the dust settle first, before you start ranting and complaining about balance changes that no one had time to get used to, or find the most effective ways to use.
  14. Here's the thing about that... The vast majority of the playerbase is really bad at this game. I'd rather LO listened to the top 1% of players who know and understand the game.
  15. Why would I buy a preset weapon when a 3 slot is available? That's just making a bad purchase... Yes, Patroller got nerfed because of this. You could try presenting your argument and suggesting a course of action to fix it in a polite and mature way, which would actually have a chance of working. Or you could just flail your arms around and scream at LO.
  16. The meta will shift, new guns will become useful, and life will go on.
  17. Who is this "us" you're referring to? Cause I'm very happy with the changes.
  18. You need to take a chill pill. So far, the changes have been great and a much needed breath of fresh air. You're upset that your full auto cqc sniper rifle can't have rifling on it anymore? Too bad. Adapt. There are other guns that now have a chance to shine.
  19. Do you really think they'll just spawn your car inside someone elses? They're not idiots. I imagine you'll have some sort of noclip on for a few seconds as you phase in, to give you a chance to keep on driving seamlessly and get to a point where you won't glitch through anything.
  20. For the love of all that's holy, please don't listen to feedback from the whining vocal minority on the forums. Plenty of times perfectly viable weapons were nerfed to the ground because bad players can't comprehend that some weapons shouldn't be hold lmb to win. APB has a number of top tier players, who have never been banned, and know absolutely everything about how this game is played. Please ask them what they think instead.
  21. I've had this issue for a while, but here goes. When downloading patches, the download rate is incredibly slow. Last patch from G1 (before LO took over), I was downloading at less than 1kb/s. This latest patch, it seems to be capped at 140kb/s. My internet is just fine. I can download any other game from Steam at 2mb/s easy. Any ideas?
  22. Get rid of the door/ladder blocking shields, and infinite yolo spam boxes. And remote detonator.
  23. I tried, but unfortunately I only found potato quality videos with loud music overlayed.
  24. One of very last patches RTW made before closing down was an update to the gunshot sounds. Players shooting far out (even beyond 100m) would have this really cool echoing muffled effect, so it sounded like it was bouncing between the buildings. I distinctly remember getting on the test server back in the day (it was the patch where they first added recoil, 1.4.1 I think), and how great it sounded. A similar effect existed for explosions too. But... Early on, G1 somehow broke this system, and never bothered to fix it (like so many other things). Could you perhaps look into it restoring it?
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