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  1. uninstalled thx 4 ruining the game
  2. looooool ir3 patch ruined every gun that ever needed ir3 good job morons hahh btw fix the servers LMAO
  3. :thinking: only if u knew
  4. replied to the wrong person but ur still a random lmao
  5. The information is literally right in front of them please stop talking to me with ur incognito character
  6. stop posting on every thread u fucking monkey
  7. loooooooooooooooool the servers lag all day everyday and u dont do anything about it @Lixil care 2 explain?
  8. when is armas gifting coming back? i wanna buy my friends stuff no reason to even take it away
  9. honestly a sad state of affairs
  10. title says all willing to pay alot of cash in game msg me discord
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