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  1. if you aren't uninstalled by now, you admit to being fully plugged in. do your family, friends, and enemies a favor, uninstall and go outside.
  2. clearly they have played the game. the uninstall button is universal and recommended.
  3. This is unbelievable, fire the whole networking team.
  4. nah bro, the last day they said they would count the fakes as rewards too. they tricked everyone in the district Orbital some snakes bro... im hella disappointed. i feel as if im getting sniped by g1.
  5. ey hold up now, im not on that list whats up with that cuh? i been killed a nikka named mattscott bruh. im bout to furious dog, and not the movie cuh.
  6. you should be able to activate when you jam and it shouldnt have a timer so if you leave it on forever than you just do, but i should be able to toggle it.. sometimes it lets people know ur there.
  7. we ever gonna get the rewards for the GM killing event? cuz you guys said you'd post the winners on here 2 weeks ago, and i still havent received my items... have i been scammed??
  8. yeah sounds great. all these silvers are saying no because their brain is to small to understand the concept of life. free stuff is always a win.
  9. post about ntec being op, yet theirs a gun called the obeya in the game.
  10. yeah i love having 50ms and warping all the time with 0 packet loss, loving LO takeover bro they know what they are doing, especially with the lag.
  11. this game would never falter. this game has never had network issues...
  12. weed is the gateway to releasing melanin in the pituitary gland, you should reup asap.
  13. i'm not trolling mutt. i am the true savior of APB bow before me, or get banished. you're vibrating at a high frequency, but you're not vibrating high enough.
  14. i have ate nothing but steak for 3 days. my 3rd eye is open. i see the way the monks see life. we are not the same.
  15. What errors are there with the net code? Besides it simulating the player after they've stopped sending user commands, for whatever reason, but that's not really lag related, and warping occurs when the user commands are processed out of order, not related to networking at all. nope you understand nothing ur not smart like me.
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