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  1. post about ntec being op, yet theirs a gun called the obeya in the game.
  2. yeah i love having 50ms and warping all the time with 0 packet loss, loving LO takeover bro they know what they are doing, especially with the lag.
  3. this game would never falter. this game has never had network issues...
  4. bezzzz

    living the vegan lifestyle... by force.

    weed is the gateway to releasing melanin in the pituitary gland, you should reup asap.
  5. bezzzz

    living the vegan lifestyle... by force.

    i'm not trolling mutt. i am the true savior of APB bow before me, or get banished. you're vibrating at a high frequency, but you're not vibrating high enough.
  6. i have ate nothing but steak for 3 days. my 3rd eye is open. i see the way the monks see life. we are not the same.
  7. hows the rocket league competitive career going my boy i havent played since like season 2, at the time kronovi was the best player and i beat him 10-2 like 5 times in a row on stream... i just quit. apb is getting the same way. i feel as if opening my 3rd eye made me some sort of god tier player. IN EVERY GAME.
  8. wow this is unbelievable quit trolling these guys they clearly care about the game, im running with 50 packet loss and so is my whole discord bro. they care THEY CARE omfg.
  9. wowowow. when people in the same thread are calling me "smart, f@ggot, gay," they even made fun of me in my profile pic. this is unacceptable, ban everyone that comments please.
  10. bezzzz

    Nice Patches

    What errors are there with the net code? Besides it simulating the player after they've stopped sending user commands, for whatever reason, but that's not really lag related, and warping occurs when the user commands are processed out of order, not related to networking at all. nope you understand nothing ur not smart like me.
  11. bezzzz

    Nice Patches

    u dumb u not smart
  12. bezzzz

    Nice Patches

    someone has to tell the truth sooner or later...
  13. thanks for giving us all these awesome patch notes! im glad we are still struggling to play the game because of the server lag. Nice to know your head is as far gone as G1's. Lag will kill the game before the game kills itself. @MattScott Server lag should be fixed within 24hours, idc about the excuse, the games unplayable. Make everything on armas free or shut the servers down. I shouldnt have an option to support a company who cant even fix netcode errors. ...Pathetic.
  14. ur dumb alcholic brain suggests the dumbest shit.