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  1. Exaclty, these changes doesn't benefit the new players at all. Just like largeAPBgamer said, the car spawns get moslty abused by good players
  2. Yes and most players, and players that are new think the server is lagging. Its a pretty negative effect overal.
  3. Hmm aren't players limited to 150m? I really never be able to spawn closer than 150m. Unless its a car spawn of course I can spawn 5m from the mission which is insanely OP.
  4. Guys this is a massive slap in our faces... I understand next to a resupply it is frustrating when people spam you with grenades. But at the same time... before we can even contest in a mission we need to destroy many spawn cars, wasting all our grenades before heading to the mission so to resupply I gotta wait longer before I can enter in a mission with full power. This is 6-9 seconds of the mission wasted. Spawn cars are still a huge problem in this game... a skilled player dies only a few times so the timer on car spawns doesn't matter that much. The less fortunate/skilled players suffer the most against players with car spawns all over the mission area. Now with this nerf on resupply its even harder to contest teams with 4 car spawns or more in the mission area. If you guys nerf the resupply on grenades you also need to nerf the re spawn of a car with car spawn mod in it (reset the timer to 0 when a mission is over to make it fair). Any time when I destroy their spawn car they just spawn a new one... it is so annoying, its like fighting against spawns instead of players... I've been complaining a lot about spawn cars (not on this forum) and I'm somewhat happy with the previous nerf on spawning inside a car but its still my number 1 frustration and not enough. It makes doing the mission feel very unbalanced and I would even prefer to remove the mod entirely.
  5. Every weapon has this bug, last time I got 8 hitmarks with Obeya 762 on 50m the player still lived. Looks like the hitmarks does n't sync with the server, only local... But the UL3 is nerfed to death, the weapon is utter garbage, seen a bloody mary go for 900k... while I had to buy it for 3.5m the time is was decent... Weapons effective range is also terrible atm... a colby RSA has 70m effective range, but it nearly never hits on that range (the croshair is red and hits 1 bullet after 5 shots most of the time not even once)... But the colby rsa also got a nerfed to almost death nerf Anyone say that this is n't the case... think about a newcommer that does n't understand the weapons and quit because they lose a clip and hit maybe once or twice on a opponment... how is that fun for them?
  6. I want to see more casual clothing, no armour no fantasy just casual Minidress with revealing top, not the ones we have now covered to the neck (female) A blouse like the ones there alreadt is but with short sleeves (female) A lose tie around the neck (female) Maybe a short blouse with belly (female) A blouse half open front more revealing, only bottom buttons (male) I don't know much more male clothing without it being... gay? Maybe a bit more popstar clothing will do, we have enough leather already
  7. As the title says most weapons are unbalanced. Anytime a weapon is OP is gets nerfed to death in the end. At this current state weapons often gets nerfed and rarely buffed. Over the last 5 years weapons became so much nerfed that everything shoots worse than it ever had... Now pistols like .45 and FBW and others are often stronger than primary weapons... this is wrong and should n't. I would like to see the weapons being usable again by newcommers, this game needs new players. But now the starter weapons are very hard to get used to along with some poor matchmaking... Yesterday I played a game against only golds with 2 new bronze players, it was n't fun for them to die 25 times both of them. They often get kicked by golds if they make a teamkill, often cause on purpose the gold shooting the bronze, the bronze firing back and get kicked out for the teamkill... very lame if you ask me. One of the bronzes yesterday killed me, and I refused to kick them (even when my team plead for it), in the end we won because this guys were dedicated to do the missions. Not always a noob continue to play the game, they often just leave and never return... Its not like they're bad at shooters, its often the random firing of guns in APB that somehow shoot like rng inside the crosshair box. What I want to see is all guns to be more reliable in terms of accuracy, less shots to kill (no one should survive 5 shots from a assault riffle it is ridiculous). When all guns are OP I believe noobs will have a better chance to atleast make a few kills, understand the game and stay in the end. Im a silver, sadly I don't hit every single shot like most golds in this game who have 6000+ hours I hardly be able kill those players and often end up 0-0-10 when I try... after I lose I get a match against them again and end up with the same score, now tell me how is this fun...? I think this is mainly the problem because of the weapons shooting terrible for less "experienced" players.
  8. Hi guys, When owning a lot of weapons it can be annoying to find weapons quickly during missions. It would be great if there was an option to make a custom list of favorite weapons that show first in the total weapon list, so that you don't have to scroll and search any time you search for your weapon *. * This often takes too much time, when you are to late the next mission might be started and you need again selecting another weapon. In the 8 years I play APB Reloaded I saved up a lot of weapons. But even for players with less weapons this is a great and simple idea. Suggestion: Tag favorite weapons by user (maybe a star?) Show the favorite weapons first in the list of weapons. Add the "Favorites" option above the assault riffles in the selection field. Let me know what you guys think of this idea in the comments. Kind regards, Setian
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