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Found 6 results

  1. This is for Newer players or players that got the hang of the game but have joker tickets and dont know what to do with them also for the max ranks that farm tickets and are not sure which joker store item to buy (As you can't preview some of them) and don't know what to buy with them. PIN THIS? Simple put this Topic is a Preview of The joker store outfits and Vehicles From Speedball and Ophelia this took me a while to put together and is all up to date. Certain Outfits purchased Can Be Traded and sent to other players. Also ALL items from "Wilde" can't be traded. P.S The Last picture (.GIF) of Each Outfit Vehicle/Kit Are what you actually get I took screenshots after buying the outfits. Credits and Change Log APB Reloaded Joker Store Guide <-- STEAM I felt like making it all over again for steam cause pain feels good. And Something to play with 3D Model Editor for cars Raw Images and Everything else used in this guide Can be found at my Imgur CopyPasta Sit down and have some. Enforcer's Outfits Ophelia Customs [Trade-able] C.S.A. Sting [Not Trade-able] F.U Fighter [Trade-able] Ninjette [Not Trade-able] Both Faction's Outfits Barnham College Uniform [Not Trade-able] Bruise Tooth [Not Trade-able] Joker Cheerleader [Not Trade-able] Joker Hipster [Not Trade-able] Criminal's Outfits Asylum [Not Trade-able] Gang Gorilla [Trade-able] Villainy [Trade-able] Anger Management [Not Trade-able] Vehicles Charge Mikro 'Newbie' Packer Ceresco 'Newbie' Pioneer N54A "Airmech Bomber" Varzuga Rally XS 'Newbie' Enforcer Sirens/Criminal Accessories Car Kits Weapon Skins Now all i gotta do now is do another photo shoot of the car kits.
  2. Information About Nano's/Stac 10 From Contacts Rare daily activities With images of each activity and weapon. -Updated June 9th 2018- SteamVersion ==Disclaimer== Nothing you can do will make the activities spawn all you need to do is max a Level 15 or 20 contact fully. Then they have a chance to give you a rare activity rewarding a ... Nano Glow/Connoisseur/Chrome/Assassin or STAC 10 Tactical My Collection Nano 'Glow' x5 5 of them. The only thing glowing is my Growing resentment. Nano 'Connoisseur' x2 I'm a Connoisseur of not getting the Assassin nano. STAC 10 Tactical x3 If you still haven't gotten a rare daily im sorry but the odds are STACed against you. (also sorry for the joke) Nano 'Chrome' x1 I have one that's it. Weapon Previews Weapon Stats Rare Activity Images (ENFORCERS) (CRIMINALS) Rare Activities Information (ENFORCERS) (CRIMINALS) -Just for fun- Russian apb sells you the unsilenced nano's in joker boxes OCA Nano 'Mobile' Was only for testing purposes and is not obtainable. OCA Nano 'Gold' Doesn't exist. That explains where the "Oca Nano 'Gold' Myth" comes from. Russia. Just found that an interesting thing to put here. Russianapbstore
  3. Summary: The Activity Title Is Missing It's Full Name Description: The "rare nano daily activity" that devil dog has is missing it's final word "Up Close and Personal" is the full name, It says "Up Close and" Steps to Reproduce: Well... They are rare activities you can't really "reproduce it" but If you did happen to get it (as i did) here's what you see 1. Get lucky enough to get a Rare daily activity from Devil Dog 2. Observe the Title Of the activity in the "contacts screen" compared to the activity/bio window 3. See how it doesn't feature the full name. How many times have you recreated this bug: 1/1 (saw someone else with the same issue but only had this activity/bug once) 100% Results: The activity is spelled "Up Close And" Expected Results: The Activity should be spelled "Up Close And Personal" as seen in the screenshot below (both taken on the same day)
  4. FAQ: What is this and why should I care? This was an idea I had 3+ years ago when someone I consider to be a favorite of mine posted a guide "Tember's legendary guide of legendary guns" which points out a weakness of the cap 40 (and obviously the Colby Commander due to it also sharing the Piercing property) "...It is sometimes unclear which objects can be pierced". So I had an idea what if I Zolerox (the craziest person here excluding zbiscuit of course) took a screenshot of every single object in the entire game and tested if the CAP 40 can pierce it (and the Colby Commander if I couldn't get accurate results with the cap 40). So I present to you my "what can the cap 40 shoot through" guide, object by object I'm working on 1 map at a time (and waiting for them to bring back beacon) massive work in progress Financial is done for now *including Devil Dog's new location* Waterfront's Also completed. (I'd like to point out I did 100+ of the screenshots taken in 1 sitting around 3-4 hours) What if I don't wanna look at 100+ screenshots? I'll have a .GIF (I don't make .GIF's of the things that CAN'T be pierced) at the top of each spoiler in case you just want a quick peek with each frame being inside the spoiler if you want to stop and get a better look. I even took screenshots of objects I believe would be pierce-able but are not (And maybe in the future I'll make a list of suggestions of what should be pierce able in the future, Gas Station Pumps for starters.) Won't this take forever to complete? Yes and no, because even at my maximum human (and inhuman) working capacity I can not make Beacon exist, so even if I finished the entire guide right this second I still need to wait for the current management to switch one of the fightclub's to Beacon so I can do my testing there (which is why I'm leaving beacon for last and continuing my work) check back once a week if your interested I'll update this whenever I do my 2nd round of testing (and 3rd 4th and so on.) Does this also count for the Secondary Revolver "Colby Commander" Legendary as well?, Do you need help? and Do you have other projects in the queue?. Yes everything shown can also be pierced with the 'Colby Commander' infact if you look at the "display banner" screenshot I use the commander due to the small hitbox I needed an accurate weapon to test it. Of course but as of right now the main part (screenshots of what can be pierced) will have to be done alone until I can list exactly what I need help with I'll let you all know when the time comes. Thanks for asking (me) I have several other projects albeit a lot smaller here's a short "sneak peak" of a list of what else I'd like to work on -concept art redo of my previous "suggestions" -concept art of a few things make the 4th mod slot (consumables one) a little clearer that it's meant only for consumables,a tiny edit on my previous one this time showing a "retrieve multiple email attachments at once". -Maybe less of a guide and more of a "image of every legendary in existence how it looks what skin it can use" nothing like tembers guide mine would be more focused on what the weapons are" but not planned anytime soon. -Not so much new but 1.redo jokerstore guide (both steam/forums version) to include new screenshots of the car kits, and 2. redo nano screenshots (now that I Own every nano in existence) for my nano guide (f/s version) (Images In a spoiler as of course each one will be image heavy) Financial Pierce = Yes Pierce = NO Waterfront (I'll make A .GIF when I recover from my coma) Pierce = Yes Pierce = No
  5. Summary: Unintended vantage point exploitable for Capture objectives. Description: There is a spot in asylum fightclub you *can get to but it is unintended and only reachable via an exploit method. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Go to this location 2. This Pallet when destroyed will respawn Granting you an opportunity to get ontop of a roof you shouldn't be able to. 3. Destroy the pallet(grenades shotguns etc.) 4. Stand in place of where the pallet was And begin jumping in place 5. After aprox. 1 min the Wooden Pallet Stack respawns and you are ontop of You can then Jump onto the Low end of the roof next to you. 6. You are on the roof You can get an item up here and there is NO other way up here (it's also quite buggy notice the Boots clipping) How many times have you recreated this bug: 100% A few people were also exploiting this spot heavily, I had to repeat this process to get the item back down for fairer gameplay (And to get more information for this bug report including screenshots), Without naming names That person also switched characters So they could get to this spot as an enforcer To exploit the item further without getting killed by the nearby enemies, Then Threatened me "I recorded you I'm sending a video to support" Trying to cover their tracks, There also a few eye witnesses to back up my claims. I'd Like an "official" response from a staff member a quick "yes or no" is this Spot unintentional/ A bug/exploit that shouldn't be preformed by players. @MattScott Results: Players are getting ontop of a roof they shouldn't be able too and placing the objective there so others can't reach it without repeating the exploit themselves (if they even know it to begin with) Expected Results: There should be an "out of bounds barrier" on this roof Or just delete the pallet to begin with (the only way up there)
  6. I'm posting stuff I've learned from making symbols here I'll update this every now and then for now here's this. 1 - To make your symbols a bit "sharper/cleaner" you can put "background sqaures" on the edge of your symbol to make the edges sharper instead of having "rounded corners" and weird stretchyness here's how and what it looks like, Notice how the bottom and top of the "pale pink square" has rounded corners and a soft edge instead of a sharp square Now we add these "orange squares" to the top and bottom covering over the soft edges and rounded corners to make the rectangle alot sharper Now we changed the orange squares to match the background color you'll notice the pale pink rectangle is Now Sharper This is how you can make all your symbols (doesn't have to be a rectangle of course you can use the "mask" filter to outline symbols soft edges to make them sharper) alot sharper if your making something like a badge or a company/brand logo.
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