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Found 2 results

  1. This is for Newer players or players that got the hang of the game but have joker tickets and dont know what to do with them also for the max ranks that farm tickets and are not sure which joker store item to buy (As you can't preview some of them) and don't know what to buy with them. PIN THIS? Simple put this Topic is a Preview of The joker store outfits and Vehicles From Speedball and Ophelia this took me a while to put together and is all up to date. Certain Outfits purchased Can Be Traded and sent to other players. Also ALL items from "Wilde" can't be traded. P.S The Last picture (.GIF) of Each Outfit Vehicle/Kit Are what you actually get I took screenshots after buying the outfits. Credits and Change Log APB Reloaded Joker Store Guide <-- STEAM I felt like making it all over again for steam cause pain feels good. And Something to play with 3D Model Editor for cars Raw Images and Everything else used in this guide Can be found at my Imgur CopyPasta Sit down and have some. Enforcer's Outfits Ophelia Customs [Trade-able] C.S.A. Sting [Not Trade-able] F.U Fighter [Trade-able] Ninjette [Not Trade-able] Both Faction's Outfits Barnham College Uniform [Not Trade-able] Bruise Tooth [Not Trade-able] Joker Cheerleader [Not Trade-able] Joker Hipster [Not Trade-able] Criminal's Outfits Asylum [Not Trade-able] Gang Gorilla [Trade-able] Villainy [Trade-able] Anger Management [Not Trade-able] Vehicles Charge Mikro 'Newbie' Packer Ceresco 'Newbie' Pioneer N54A "Airmech Bomber" Varzuga Rally XS 'Newbie' Enforcer Sirens/Criminal Accessories Car Kits Weapon Skins Now all i gotta do now is do another photo shoot of the car kits.
  2. Hello, I am very happy with the adding of the legendary weapons in the joker store, however a big issue remains,... Every legendary in the joker store is 2500JT but when they are traded the prices are different, for example: De ursus market value is about 5 000 000 credits The Hazardous market vallue is about 450 000 this is a difference of 4 550 000 crezdits BUT in the joker store they are both 2500 JT in all reality there is no reason for people to buy anything else than the ursus in the joker store, because if u manage to get the tradable ursus and sell it , u own 5 mil, with that 5 mil u can buy 3 - 4 or even more of the less valuable legendaries, Not only is it more logical to give every legendary a different price in Joker tokens because of the difference in credit vallue, The owner of the game (being u) has a say in the market value, by changing the joker store price of a legendary u will also change the value of the weapons in credits. when u nerf or buff, or even add a weapon in the future u will be able to guess the price in credits it will be by determining the joker store price. for example i believe the ursus in joker store should be more expensive somewhere arround 3000 JT , or even more, and for example the hazardous should be 800 JT (or something) this way u will make sure that some legendaries will remain rare, and will continue to have vallue, right now, i own 5 ursus weapons, if i sell them i will have 25 million extra credits . and i can basicly do what i want. Regards Dieltdaan
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