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  1. Yea, APB is a fun game Just gotta sit through some unfair missions every now and then but that's all
  2. I feel you bro. 3-4 friends I used to play with and I all stopped playing 4 days into the no-seg bs. And we're mid-high silvers / low golds however you want to call it. I can't imagine how people whose skill level is worse than ours even play anymore - well, they probably quit as well
  3. Idk man I've purchased something around 80-120k JT worth of guns from the joker store since it's been there and I play 6-8hrs a week tops on average (I feel like I have to clarify I've never purchased JT with g1c). Literally sitting on 18kJT right now with nothing I want to buy. Also the Euryale is not g1c exclusive. AMG'Stheno' is a reskin and it costs 8k JT how does anything OTHER THAN THAT make sense? The rest of your post is too r-worded to deserve replies
  4. I think the healthiest view one can have on APB right now is the following: APB servers are kept open right now just so the people who like the game can keep playing it as it is right now, while the engine upgrade is being implemented. I guess they could have shut down the servers a year ago and reopen them only once the engine is done but they decided to leave them open with minimum (close to zero perhaps) maintenance just so the tiny playerbase left can keep playing, maybe buy some stuff and keep APB in the map while LO directs all resources into the engine upgrade. If the upgrade fails (it's not deployed in a reasonable amount of time), the game officially dies. If not, it may live longer, but in any case we all know APB has lived way past its expiration date
  5. I don't know I don't even use explosives guns but explosions in general (rockets, grenades, cars, whatever goes boom boom) are one of the main reasons I love APB They make for many fun moments
  6. where is the approved configs list? all I care about is the inverse hold for sprint so I don't have to constantly hold down the Shift key really
  7. That was an event that featured some special skills like jumping 50+m into the air.
  8. I like its Low TTK (in practice (Bronze district)) Absence of headshots so people dont one tap you the second you peek around a corner like in most games The fact that getting shot at doesn't slow you down Explosions Car stunts Customization Capacity for outplays Explosions Ragdoll physics Map Casual-oriented feel Easy, fast movements. No stupid animations to turn around or run/stop running like in more modern games Explosions
  9. I know it's weird but I actually like how the game works in that regard, it adds to the open world experience. I probably get griefed like 1 in every 20 missions, and I find it fun. I prefer it over to making griefing impossible. Maybe if it was 1 in 5 missions instead it would be super annoying but intentional griefing is super rare and most of the times it's someone who has a grudge with you, not just some random guy. I know I'm almost alone on this though
  10. Except LO has been reducing the microtransactions over and over again? To begin with, Joker Mistery Boxes DON'T EXIST anymore. Furthermore, you can now get any weapon you want with in-game currency. It's a grind I'll give you that, but with 2 months of maybe playing 10 hours a week (or 1 month of intense gaming if you can afford that) you can get enough Joker Tickets or $APB to buy any weapon you want at all. A login screen doesn't change anything. This last weekend there were 4 events that consisted of a All vs All in a district zone in case you dind't know. Like a dozen or more of these events have been carried out throughout the year. Lastly, they're waiting to get the Engine Update done to add new content. The current build can't handle any changes, the code is a mess and it's difficult to expand and maintain. So once they have their own code they'll start adding new stuff. They already have it thought out, they just need to finish the Engine Update to add those. "But they've been working on it since 2012, it will never be finished!" No, they've been working on it since 2018, and yes, that's still a long time, but if you read Matt's Tracking the Engine Update thread (it's pinned) you'll see just how close they are. Now, will that revive the game? Oh boy I certainly hope so, but we can only wait and cross our fingers.
  11. This might be a terrible idea, I haven't given it a single hour of thought, but I wanted to get it out there, see what people think. A lot of players leave the game because, according to them, it's pay to win. When, in any case, it's pay2avoidSomeGrinding. I've even seen people leave the game saying it's full of people with p2w weapons, and when I asked what those weapons were, they said things like "OPGL", "OSCAR", "JOKER CR5", "PDW". When all of these are either contact guns or reskins of contact guns. My idea is the following: Give every new account 1 permanent and untradeable weapon of choice. That way, if they insist that this weapon is OP, they can actually go and try it for themselves, and if they like it, they can stick to that account. I know, I know, LO has done a lot in regards to this matter with the Joker Store, but asking a newcomer to grind thousands of Joker Tickets is probably almost as much as asking them to purchase $20 worth of g1c. The obvious disadvantage of this, is the amount of money people would put into the game. If you give everything for free, then no one might purchase g1c anymore and you can't fund the devs / server / etc. But maybe something like this could help players stick to the game longer and eventually they may purchase g1c for cosmetics? At least that's what I would hope for. Also, once (if) they see the weapons were not the problem*, they may start complaining about matchmaking. But hey, at least they would be right in that scenario. *or, if according to them, they were, they would own one of the weapons they deem so OP. Then if they want more, it would make more sense to ask them to either farm 10,000JT, APB$4,000,000, or to just purchase $20 worth of G1C I want to know what you guys think. Peace. PS: Yeah, I know free 30min trials are a thing
  12. I haven't read the whole post nor the whole thread. But. LO said they were going to advertise the game once 2.1 is live. They had the money reserved for that and all.
  13. fragile/flak/no green mod + med spray > all
  14. I don't care about winning/rewards per se. I care about having fun, and 4 out of 5 missions in silver districts, I can't have any. I don't try playing there too often, but when I do I just feel so useless and I get stumped on, I try focusing on the mission / communicating / using meta weapons even if I don't like them and I still don't stand a chance. It's not that I need to win to have fun, but being honest with you, going 2-8 for 4 missions straight feels like shit. Some years back I actually tried to improve so I could play at silver district the whole time, but eventually gave up on it because I'm not that type of player, I'm just really casual. On top of that I play with 250ms so it's even hardr to face true golds. The thing is, the skill gap in this game is so huge, whenever I play 2 missions in bronze district, I go gold. So if I play 10 missions, I will need at least 3 missions of purposely dethreating afterwards to go silver again. My policy is that if I face people below rank ~40, I will go easier on them, let them kill me in convincing ways so they get some fun. The worse they are the easier I'll go. This way I don't "upthreat" SO quickly and I luckily don't make new players quit. I try avoiding the "lose on purpose and go 1-17" dethreating style because it makes everyone's experience awful in the mission, but if I want to play APB but I'm gold, enter silver district and get my patootie handed to me 3 missions straight and I'm still gold, then yes, I will go 1-17 next mission in an attempt to go back to bronze district. I guess a lot of people are like this. Others might play with friends who only play in bronze. And others might simply enjoy getting 20-kills-streaks out of people who just started playing and don't even know what an objective is because it boosts their egos or something
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