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  1. God, after the changes to Bounty I can actually see this* happening and that worries me a hell lot. I hope they dont try to make APB a competitive game so much that it ends up being Generic Shooter #412 with its only "unique/rare" perks being that -it's third person (not that rare I know) -it has customization -it's dead *And other things such as headshots/bodyshots/limbshots, scopes, getting slowed down when shot at, etc; I'm not saying those are bad features to a game but I like it that apb is not like 99% of shooters and has an RNG element to it
  2. Yeah I got an average of 5.7, although I got lucky and got 30 1 mission plus the sample size was smaller than yours When they introduced this system I calculated an average out of 100 missions and it turned out to be 0.83 tickets a mission. I know I got the numbers written down somewhere but I really can't be assed to go look for them So if double the rate and triple the amount, it should be a x6. 0.83 * 6 =~ 5 so it makes sense I'd really like it if it would stay like this. With FC and Dailies (if you're R255) you can make like 1600 JT a week. It'd be nice if 70 missions a week could get you an average of 400 JT, so someone who plays 10 missions a day could get 2000JT a week. That would be an average of 5.71 JT a mission, so kinda like it is right now during the event. Maybe a little higher
  3. The reason why I never believe hackusators is because of how often I get called a botter/macroer/cheater/whatever myself. When I know for a solid fact I'm legit (and not only legit, but bad too, I can hardly keep my gold). So then I assume most hackusators are calling legit people cheaters out of frustration. I also see people call friends of mine cheaters. I do NOT know for a SOLID FACT that my friends are legit, but as far as I'm concerned, they are. And, lastly, I see people on my team call some enemies cheaters when they clearly aren't, at least from my point of view. Most of the time these hackusators are just new to the game (read that as less than 250 hours). But hell if I've seen some 255s call me and other people cheaters too. Hackusators don't get my sympathy
  4. If you got stutters with that beast then yeah there's no hope for anyone, sadly
  5. I was wondering what can I do about these little screen freezes I get all the time. I know a lot of people get these "micro stutters" too, where your screen will freeze for maybe a quarter to a middle of a second. These often cost you a kill and are really really annoying. I've seen some people who run their game super smoothly in streams or youtube videos. So, what is there to do about it? Do I need a monster PC to fix this? It's weird that no matter what settings I'm using I still seem ot get the same amount of stutters. Doesn't matter if it's all Max settings and resolution, or if it's custom minima setting in 1024x768. I'll always get 60FPS (or 102 if I'm not capping it) + A lot of stutters What part of my pc should I upgrade to solve this? Or is it more of a game problem?
  6. I'm sorry if this has already been said on this thread. I really couldn't bother reading all of it. Anybody else noticed all the players we lost during those 2-3 months of no segregation we had? From my experience, most of my friends and clanmates quit the game. I knew 14 people and only 2 didn't quit. Out of the 12 that quit, only 1 of them came back. And you can also see this in the numbers. Before those 3 months we could easily reach 250 pop for a few hours, specially on the weekends. Citadel went from 900 to ~650 peaks but I recognize it's fair to assume that's related to the fact that they didn't have a european server, so the were playing with higher latency than normal. I agree, our pop is too low to support segregation. But no segregation would not be a good idea either in my opinion. I wish they focused on phasing now. I know they wanted to release the engine upgrade first but at this point the game will be dead by the time it comes out. Release some changes NOW with UE3, then when 3.5 is finally done you can apply those changes there. I think it's the best thing to do if the goal is to keep this game (at least NA) alive until 3.5
  7. I was spiking like hell too. Same thing happened to me yesterday evening in Bronze Financial (I dont recall whether it was East or West) Like I get increased latency, but not a lot either, just a 30% increase than normal. But I constantly teleporting back and forth and it's impossible to play. If it's not me then I'll be glad it's not a me-problem, and I hope it eventually gets fixed or goes away. You say other people noticed this too?
  8. Which makes my point stand even better. I was just having a very considerable tolerance, considering the most extreme scenario without actually measuring it
  9. Yeah ik, I'm just trying to see the bright side of it. I wish they'd cut a few tenths of a second off from its fire rate
  10. Yeah hit markers can make you feel that. Cause they stay on the screen for a long enough time to possibly overlap with your next shot, so sometimes you might think 2 or 3 consecutive shots hit, when in reality only 1 did. You did get an awful RNG though, judging by the size of the crosshair
  11. Okay after watching that clip 10 times I'll make my guess I'd say you got 10-12 shots in during the first mag. Then a few seconds while reloading and re aiming Then 3-4 more shots during the second mag. I would also say the enemy was at 65m Problem is, apbdb does not have the exact damage vs distance curve. Something I'd say is that, considering how far he was, I'm pretty sure he could heal enough HP to tank 3-4 more shots while you were reloading (if he had CA3). So those last 3-4 shots make no difference. So, should 12 (being optimistic here) star shots kill someone at 65m? Well, if they deal at least 84 damage they should. According to apbdb it's only 52 though, but then again I'd have to check in-game and right now it's undermaintenance. You could check later how much damage a star deals at 65m
  12. They brought its damage almost at what it's now live (930). I can't complain
  13. I've tried both the medusa and the regular AMG (the one you buy with JT, identical to euryale) And I gotta say I prefered the regular one a lot more. First ~10 shots with the medusa have an insane recoil, the ones that come after are super steady. Regular AMG isn't as steady as post 10 shots medusa, but it is steady enough to use it efficiently up to 50m maybe (the gun's effective range is even higher than that, like 60m I think) I found that with the medusa, during the time I was getting those 10 first shots out, I got killed. Of course this is just my personal preferrence because I couldn't find a way to play around medusa's unique mod. If possible you should try both and see what suits you best
  14. it's just tonight that its laggy it hasnt been like this for a week now since they got all the servers
  15. Is there any reason for using the Strife over JG/CSG anymore? Yes, the Strife is more accurate and can deal consistent damage to enemies in distances where other SGs can't. But they are both still 2 STKs, now their max damage output isnt even THAT different, and strife is still (almost) twice as slow as JG/CSG. I don't think that that extra effective distance is worth it at all. I don't care about one-shotting fragile users. The damage it used to deal was enough for the game to forgive you if you didn't land >75% of pellets. Now it will be like "land both shots almost perfectly or don't get the kill", and you already had the JG/CSG for that, only that they shoot 3-4 times in the same time frame the Strife shoots twice. I remember when they talked about shotgun balance in July, they said they would nerf the Strife's damage, but buff its Fire Rate. Now it's just the nerf. I'd say that if they are going to nerf its damage, they should at least take the fire rate from 1.25 to somewhere around 1.05. Either that or make the other SGs a 3 STK so the Strife is still an option to consider. I understand that would be shitting on the other SGs users but really, there's no point in using Strife now
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