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  1. The comment on the code was just that APB's code is unique to APB - which is our blessing and our bane, much like basically everything about APB. But you're right the community is a factor too, it all needs massive work imo but just with solutions that are unique to APB and not borrowed from games that simply aren't APB in any shape or form.
  2. Yeah, so much like APB's spaghetti code and the reason why we keep coming back to this game - it's all unique to APB. So we need solutions that work to APB's strengths instead of trying to replicate what other games do without having the resources that other games have which is why they work in those environments. oh wow I remember drug mule, good times - although my only caveat would be to maybe put up a prompt to players to Y/N before getting thrown into mission because much like ram-raiding while K'd up, it sucks to lose all that progress when a wild mission appears. Even better would be if it just paused your progress so you can pick up where you left off afterwards.
  3. Your enthusiasm to receive more talkings from my butt gives me warm feelings - I mean, thanks. Those other guns I don't really have a great deal of experience with on or off the MH so will require more work that just speaking from the butt so happy to cede that task to people with real experience. Although I'm pretty sure the 'Reaper' is just a purple 'Sitting Duck' so their values should be the sam- wtf 2.5mil for a Scout that tags? y'all are weird. also anubis is bae - $5mil or gtfo.
  4. #bringbackgoldrush I don't think there will ever be an easy solution to threat and matchmaking but it won't stop me trying. I think most other games simply brute-force it with sheer population numbers so they don't have to resort to the "widen threat level gap" in order to get players into actual missions. I remember the days before the extreme widening happened - it really was during off-peak periods up to a 30 minute wait for matches. AND I'm all for that returning IF WE HAD SOMETHING TO DO DURING THAT WAIT. But that aside I think the other option - if they can't stop the widening, is to increase the rewards for fighting in "unfair" missions. Maybe a lesser version of the "gold rush" event - but this time permanent and not G1C (or maybe a little G1C pls?) - I know this could no doubt be exploited to all hecking full but let's pretend we're not all exploiting assholes and increase the rewards or adding in a little something special if the Threat Gap is beyond a certain level for a mission? Make all the pain and suffering of going 0-22 in a mission slightly worth it by giving an extra big pat on the back to the little guys. Using some coding wizardry to define exact % values for % extra rewards on threat gap would be nice. IDK how you'd fix people dethreating to themselves in order to gain higher rewards but why are we talking like dethreating isn't already an issue that happens anyway? My only guess on how to deal with that is to just give the extra rewards in the form of existing rewards i.e. Contact Progression and $APB (and JTs?) but idk if that's enough to make it worth.
  5. I know you said not to fight, but you should consider removing this, a range of 1 mil is way too much for what's meant to be a guide. Especially considering this is meant to include both the Hazardous and the EOL series - all of which I wouldn't advise anyone to ever pay more than 400k for any of those. The UL-3 series probably maxes out at 1mil too. But hey - might as well put my opinion out there since I'm the one doing the complaining: (lowest value is my opinion, highest is what the weridos on the MH are trying to charge you chumps). Colby M-1922 'Hazardous' - $400 - 650k. (currently $640k) Seriously I wouldn't pay more than 200k if you're wanting to legit use this as a weapon, but AFAIK this isn't a gun it's just a "My First Legendary Investment Tool" used for people with not a great deal of $APB to break into the MH economy, so buy low, sell high and begin your journey to the sweet $15mil FFA. EOL 'The Hammer' - $400 - 700k. (currently $900k) Probably worth the 400k if you're using it, but as it appears on the MH so often you can tell that so many people who paid that 400k to use the gun legit are posting it back on the MH to resell it probably at a loss, this is not a gun to put the smile on your face and I think that the one currently on the MH is the same EOL just being bought, used once, and placed back on the MH for the next poor soul to rinse-repeat. EOL 'Deep Impact' - $500k - 1.5mil. (Currently $1.5mil (wtf)) 1,5mil? I told you the MH was full of weirdos. This gun is definitely an investment tool because the stats are so alluring - I mean look at all those full bars! But like the previous EOL, if bought for legit use it just ends up back on the MH soaked it a little more tears. This is meant to trick legit players for easy $APB. Do not pay more than $500k for this. EOL 'Kickback' - $700k - 1.5mil. (Currently $800k (bargain?)) I know I broke the rules because OP has a huge range on weapon prices but imo this is the sleeper of the EOL series because it's actually decent to be used as a legit weapon and can be used to trick even experienced players into buying at the high range. But be warned even though it's nicer just a nicer EOL - which is still bad cause bad. UL-3 'Hitchhiker' - $400k - 1mil. (Currently $999k (wtf)) Like 'The Hammer' this is the gateway gun to the UL-3 series - it mostly spends its days in tab#1 of the MH and I have nfi if anyone actually uses this in combat so no doubt every one up there is in "as-new" condition. Same advice as the 'Hazardous' and 'The Hammer' imo. UL-3: 'Jersey Devil' - $600k - 1.2mil. (Currently $1mil) I actually have no idea about this one but kinda got myself stuck in a corner here having to write little comments under each weapon, tbh this thing is sometimes worth more than the 'Bloody Mary' and sometimes less than the 'Hitchhiker' - imo I think this whole series is just beat by standard white unlockable Secondaries, legit players just get a Nano and those using it for their MH investment portfolio probably got to use some BitCoin level juking to get this investment to work - so good luck! UL-3: 'Bloody Mary' - $800k - 1.9mil. (Currently $1.6mil) Look at me basically copying and pasting my opinion from the EOL series (should let you know exactly how much I *actually* know about all this). Like the 'Kickback' I think the 'Bloody Mary' is the only """usable""" weapon in the UL-3 series - hence the higher price tag. I actually rarely see these up there, or at least in the first few tabs where they all belong. Consider anything below $800k a bargain and the rest is up to you and your new portfolio knowledge on tackling the MH economy.
  6. My only feedback rn is leave the Bullshark alone.
  7. AFAIK it's all NTECs. I have the Veteran Skin which works on any CR-5 I equip after the 30-Day one in the bundle expired, so I'm guessing the game goes for the Gobi skin.
  8. Uh I have the Veteran Weapon skin unlocked and was not consulted on this document. So #noteveryveteran.
  9. This. That's what it should look like, for NTEC-5 variants only.
  10. make it steer slightly to the right, smell of stale fries and occasionally get stuck in second cause your dumb patootie thought it was a neat idea to let you cousin learn stick in it? idk I'm not a professor. but speaking out of my butt - I'd make it a little less tanky as HP and SPD tend to make it crying time for any AV. The other high tier vehicles are either tanky and slow or weak and fast, Vegas cant still be tanky and speedy, but just a little less tanky so they can't just drive past an open ALIG with no worrires, just make the driver sweat just a little and get them to think of a route other than a straight line to the OBJ which is basically what the Vegas excels at. Although I'm more than happy to cede that opinion to anyone with the stats to conclude where the vegas really should be nerfed. Again I'm not talking about a massive 500HP drop, maybe like 5-10%? 1-2%? like I said I'm not a professor idk wtf numbers do.
  11. Why can't we do both? I mean, I'd actually like the struggling weapons to get buffs to be more competitive - but then I'd also rather longer engagements, nothing crazy or hyperbole, just maybe nerf the tall-poppies but buff the stragglers? Bring things to a happy medium but every weapon still gets its niche, which I guess is what the problem is because the NTEC's niche is to be competitive in the biggest niche. That said, since vehicles are popping up - i'd prefer slight nerf to the current 4x4 vegas, but also buff the other vehicles to make them actually relevant, ideally I think each vehicle should be stupidly powerful in doing one thing and suck at the rest but that could get silly quickly especially considering, much like weapons, whatever that "one thing" is happens to be the "one thing" that helps the most in combat is going to become the new meta, which is why imo the NTEC and Vegas are so popular - they excel in what is the 90% norm of APB. So maybe we just need more variety elsewhere? No more nerfs, some buffs, but more variety in APB's environment, missions, and tactics so jack-of-all-trade metas equipment like NTEC and Vegas don't seem so OP.
  12. Ever thrown all your grenades and then said "Damn, I wish I could do that again, but out of a small pipe and not have to equip a gun the whole match." well that's the EOL line. Just pick which grenade you like so much that you'd trade your Primary Weapon for a chance to throw about 5 more and that's the EOL for you.
  13. Well obviously Matt hasn't looked at this topic because it wasn't posted in the immensely popular Game Suggestions area where all the cool suggestions go... Like srsly idk how to get Matt or the Mod's attention without obnoxiously pinging them and then who knows if they'll even consider the suggestions. I think really, I mean if they've got the resources, the Community Manager person should really set up a weekly Q&A session where they get the week's suggestions or we post/vote for questions we want asked, but we all know that'll just turn into 50 differently worded versions of "Engine Update When?" or "Why aren't you stopping all the hackers?" questions every week. I'd just like someone in official capacity to pat our heads and tell us we're gud boyes once in a while.
  14. Most def. Bren - VAS LMG Reskin. DP/RP - NSSW Reskin. That's the easy-mode though. Ideally DP/RP would be a unique JMB weapon with the frisbee mag throw mechanic implemented and maybe some penetrating boolets. As for the Bren - I think it's in the game already, in spirit. I actually thought, but never did say, that the "Old Glory"'s style and mods suit the Bren gun waaay more than the weird folded-stock AK-clone that it is. AFAIK the Bren was a Squad Support weapon, that was mostly used for tight little rounds and sometimes autofire. It was made to be used from both bipond and fired from the hip, and sometimes the shoulder. This I think suits the "Old Glory" split personality of being both a crazy full auto at hip-fire and basically a semi-auto rifle in Marksman mode, because the Bren was made to be versatile and supportive and idk banana about the AK-clone the current "Old Glory" is modelled as, but tight little rounds sure as hell do not suit weapons with folded stocks, like how the hell is that even possible? That said, since they're probably not going to remake the Old Glory's model just to impress one player, they could just do something similar - two fire modes depending on whether marksman mode is being used or not. I don't know enough about the Bren to figure out what else would make it more unique for a JMB weapon (which just leaves it as a reskin gun instead). I mean it would be great if the bipod could be used as some sort of mechanic, but gluing players to a low wall or letting them go prone is just not in APB's play-style, so like all the existing bipods - it just becomes some fancy fluff on the end of the gun.
  15. Did you miss this post? I totally agree - glowy skins are so in rn, and it would be awesome if they did a Love Gun version of the sparkly fairy skin. I mean, ideally I'd rather it was little glowing pink hearts but I get that LO has it's work cut out for themselves and simply doing a pallet shift on an existing skin is a ton easier and time-efficient than making up something completely new.
  16. I wouldn't use the word "talented" but I agree with the sentiment.
  17. Me too - I mean it totally works with the rest of the Love Guns since they're all default weapons - but then SWARM "Birds and Bees" popped up and I was changed forever.
  18. I'd love a Love Gun LMG version but only if they go with LilyV3's name suggestion (yes I went and grave-dug until I found it) This.
  19. Looks like you met a Cookie in the wild. 100% this. But we don't have to be giggling simpletons to have fun, dying in game sucks, lag sucks, frame drop sucks, cheating sucks, stuff is allowed to suck and we're allowed to be annoyed with that, it's how we react long term to that suckage which matters.
  20. I wanna say something snarky but I'm just filled with pity because as a long-time player I've grouped with many, many other players just like you and could come up with a heap of suggestions to make things better but in reality they're just bandaid solutions because I can't override people's attitude to hate losing so much, so idk what to say really other than "I'm sorry it sucks for you."
  21. I can't believe I'm so late to this topic. Clearly LMGs are not as popular as they should be because the best one hasn't entered the game yet and the best use for LMGs hasn't been added yet. That and the only issue with LMGs is that there are no HMGs. I want my 2-man crewed stationary tripod or vehicle mounted area denial weapons. But those obvious oversights aside - LMGs are fun, and so much love to anyone who mains one - but they're like 98% perfect rn, which unfortunately for the meta-players isn't that 101% they always want, so LMGs will always pale in comparison. That said, I prefer it that way, I like being an extra special snowflake with my slightly different weapon - kills feel more rewarding and I think I round off a team more effectively than if we all just meta'd up and boringed our way through every match. I'm an LMG-toting silver and I'm proud of it and wouldn't change that for the world. (although might break even if they added extra clothing and outfit slots or returned 1-Day Premiums) Something something add PvE too.
  22. Bring back the Snubby as the default Secondary imo. Let's see them macro that one.
  23. Well now I don't know what to believe, although the words of royalty do carry some weight.
  24. Thanks for explaining that to me guys, makes a heap more sense now.
  25. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems terribly inefficient. Or would making a "whole" symbol when we click Save be just as demanding on the servers/space?
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