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  1. FTFY so you don't gotta load imgur's bloated background bs for every image.
  2. Yes those too! AND more designer competitions to add more outfits to the JT store or even to Contacts.
  3. No one suggesting an alternative - if you're as bad at combat as you're saying why not try a more supportive role? If your ego can handle it, go for assists instead of kills, get a Tagger and stay in the mid-range setting up targets for others to kill, follow your teammates around and make those shots that do hit count with a carbine or burst fire like OBIR. If you really like that you can add personal mods like ammo box or healing cloud to help out teammates. Equip concs. to take out vehicles, reducing enemy spawns or towers. PTFO - get yourself a vehicle that can carry heavy items and keep it in handy places rather than just charging it into each objective point like its a glorified taxi. That said, if you still want kills - get a niche - go for Anti-Vehicle. Equip ALIG and chew vehicles up like they ricepaper things they are. You won't top the scoreboard but you'll swat a few on their way to objectives and sometimes delay things enough for the rest of the team to get set up. Change where you're moving around the map to counter vehicles will also keep you out of harms way most of the time and you can get into the habit of setting up exploding ambushes by tapping a few civvy cars and then detonating them when the enemy gets near. Not the best advice - but if you're finding a certain area of combat, especially after 2 years, way too much trouble - then just skip it, it's not for you, find your own niche and grow rather than continue to struggle in someone else's.
  4. Boo don't close it I want the return of exploration too! Massive part of the fun in APB is find all the nooks and crannies to explore, all the invisible and OOB regions do make it that much more exciting when you find a place that has been forgotten or overlooked, it does break the fun when an obviously accessible area is clearly plastered with a giant invisible wall. (Looking at you sexy glass roof in Social).
  5. Eh while I can agree with what you guys are saying I feel like I need to chime in for us basic bitches who can't design for peanuts - complex stuff lets us have nice things without having to spend hours making it look like something else. I totally get where you're coming from and have the utmost respect (and envy) for what all the amazing designers do, but us basic folk don't have the 500k to spend on every outfit you put up on the MH and sometimes like to make things ourselves, plus I think that adding complexity is a challenge for the designers - I really like to see what you guys can do with what APB has to offer and I'm sure in all your designing genius there is room for these new items - you've shown it yourself - you can make the most awesomest of items with some of the most unlikely of items and with a bit of time and challenge I think some of you out there can make the new stuff work. What I'm saying is there is room for this complex stuff but also basic stuff is nice too, I'd rather the clothing options cover a range of talents and designing skills to make the majority of players happy rather than just be filled with endless blank slates reserved just for the talented designers. (Not that I'm complaining about what you do, like I said, you're all amazing and I'm filled with envy but please have a heart for us basic bitches). Ideally they'd release two versions - 1 complex and 1 basic (or 4 versions so that M/F get their fair balance of items) but that's just a dream.
  6. I'm miffed that headgear seems to have been forgotten now. I'm sorry I complained that there was only 1 helmet and it was female only. Please bring them back, Imagine if the last set is just shoes?
  7. You missed Sweaty. Sweaty: anyone better than me at APB.
  8. I agree that cheaters suck and they kill FCs just as quickly, if not quicker, than Mission Districts. But I only just read Matt Scott's post on cheating and what he says initially (even though it was said in Dec 2018) is a really good insight on how cheating in APB is done, how it is detected, and dealt with. I'm just saying that's it's a huge uphill battle and there's no "IWIN" solution to this problem. We can only hope that when Matchmaking is further refined it will at least keep the cheaters off the newer/inexperienced players (sorry deep Golds, it'll be a you-problem then).
  9. /sadface no Epidemic Returns, but yay for Headless Horseman! I hope we get at least a few days with Car Surfer enabled. And damn that is one sweet new splash screen.
  10. ^ this. Also I am holding off on the coywolf on the rare chance they'll change those awful blank colours to these sexy designs I keep dreaming of;
  11. The cool thing to do when your buddy is going Stabba is to pull out your own. And touch tips.
  12. 15,999 G1C Worth it? If we're going to be beggars that are choosers - I'd say kill the 1-4 JTs and make it either 5 or 10 but that could be me not liking the whole non-square numbers popping up in my JT feed. Like srsly LO unless you're going to sell stuff that's 4999JT, stahp messing up my perfectly balanced figures. But free JTs is free JTs, so I'm more than unhappy to accept anything for basically just playing. I would like to see the Daily Task JT rewards upped though - at least knock all the 5 JT tasks to 10 JTs. That said, I don't think the intention of release 90% of ARMAS onto the JT store is to give people a chance to quickly buy everything.
  13. ikr I actually like the silver WF being occupied, it means as a Silver I can level any contact. Bronze District for Financial and Silver District for Waterfront. It's like I'm a kid in the candy store, except the candy is deaths but hey I get some contact progression so itsomething.png.
  14. Nice work. Well thought out and yes cool charts! At least the mods/gms read the Suggestions Forum even if some the players don't.
  15. We get it, you have sex. I don't see how people who only use OCA, Yellow Ammo Box, and Low Yields being pushed into using other choices counts as a loss of variety. OCA/YAB/LY is not variety - it's an OP meta and pushing people to find new metas cause they're basic bitches is in fact a good way of finding out other OP metas to nerf/balance. These changes aren't the first and certainly not the last and no doubt part of an over-arcing plan for LO to attempt to bring more balance to weapons/mods and break some metas. Complaining that on step 3 out of ??? that it's not working isn't really looking at the bigger picture.
  16. Goooo stun rocket OSMAW! What happens to the current LTL weapons? Just delete them? Seems a bit harsh of a deal for a whole family of weapons. I do like the idea of having mods cover different ammunition types - Armour Piercing, Dragon's Breath, Rubber, idk Strawberry Flavoured. It's a good idea on paper but it adds a whole new kettle of fish to the game which like the LTL mod idea will tragically nerf and make OP so many weapons.
  17. Ok RIOT wasn't the success they wanted, but the Pandemic thing (1v1v1 with funky neon suits) was pretty okay to play when there were enough players. But heck I just want the skins, so bring back Headless Metarider but with all the rewards and I'm good.
  18. I wouldn't mind the Pandemic Event again - I missed out on just 1 of the skins and it irks me so much. But as a deadbeat I also wouldn't mind Premium Codes mixed into the prizes too, give something for those who already gathered max rewards something to aim for. What ever happened to that Season Pass thing they were talking about?
  19. Um I prefer the term "Yahoo with licence to roam the streets armed".
  20. Pretty sure the Volcano is closer to the firework launcher than the OSMAW but ok, my bad. OK I vote for NSSW - level up that LMG role with an AR.
  21. I hate when that happens and would rather see a fix for that across all clothing, but yeah that little whoopsie shouldn't have gotten past QC.
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