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  1. just lock me in there too while you're at it. I'd have to guess that vaulting something in APB takes a lot more time and effort than trying to patch it considering the spaghetti of code that is this modified UL3 engine. I don't like the changes but at least they don't nuke the server.
  2. Damn that drop off rate has APB wanting to turn us all into courthouse security guards.
  3. I wish it did more hard damage. Or came in a Record Player variant.
  4. so be a good dragon and make a Jericho character to help us out.
  5. I meant billboards as Display Points so we can get more Dolan comics. But yea this idea would have been great in 2006 but today advertising is trash and the only companies that will agree to pay to advertise to the few thousand playing in San Paro would be trash like Clash/Candy Crush/AFK Arena which wouldn't really have a place in San Paro.
  6. Yes. I said something similar here. (TLDR: Bronze to Silver wait for Merging while T to Green gets a Safe Space). New characters on same accounts retain the same threat levels so that's not really an excuse to block newbie-friendly zones. If you're talking new accounts? I think the effort required to do that is enough to just let them be - if you're sad enough to want to create a new account every few days just to roflstomp newbies then have at it - they won't stay T/Green forever doing that anyway and will soon be unable to play against the newbies anyway and have to go through the new account process again. A little tweak to boot silvers/golds who overstay their welcome in the Newbie District will help the issue too - instead of a new account per day it's a new account every few hours. I don't think Rat1oNRUs is advocating entire server segregation - just a protected newbie zone for first time players so they can derp around until they're big enough to play with these awful awful experienced players. The rest of the pop. won't be segregated just the newbies who I think need the protection until they've gotten a feel for the game. TBH I think newbies ruin it both ways - they're bad teammates and they're bad OP and they get flak for both with the addition of being roflstomped - it can't be fun for them at all - better to give them a "safe space" to at least learn a thing or too before being exposed to the rest of us assholes.
  7. Crazy idea - moar billboards in Social. Turn the Galleria into an Art Gallery and paste those walls with DPs. Or better yet - turn that useless dock and boats and water into DPs - at least then it'll do something other than hide behind annoying invisible walls being all restrictive and closed off like a restaurant's children playground after 8pm.
  8. I'm happy to wait for the merging/threat rework but the only quick fix that should be added is a protection rule for the noobie players (T & Green threat) they shouldn't be matched with anything higher than T or Green - even if that means no matches at all because tbh at that stage most of the nooblets are barely learning the game and could use a few (hundred) solo missions so they can get a handle of things like HUD markers, vehicles, objectives, getting to objectives before the timer runs out etc. I'd like to include Bronze in that but there are some good and high ranking bronzies out there - maybe just protect them against Golds. Thank you! Some actual data on the matter - I feel like the whole "Threat segregation killed APB!!" argument was always more emotional than factual - the loud ones merely disliked it and used it as a quick easy scapegoat to for the population dips and to fight against the segregation they don't like because they simply don't want any blocks against them winning every mission by playing against lower skilled players.
  9. But seriously if they're going to restrict us to "reactions-only" how about not limiting the amount of reactions we can do per day?
  10. Before we all go inflating the market price for the Thumper - does it have an alternate skin or we just have to love red and gold? (I love the little decal on the barrel mag tho)
  11. I fail to see how something that isn't in HIVIS could possibly keep anyone safe.
  12. So I'm not going nuts - it has been like that for a while. I thought I was just checking ARMAS too frequently. Also boo at the female jump suit not being zipped all the way up.
  13. It would be interesting to see how the EMP grenade will change the dynamic of that mission. But I agree that as it stands trying to stop that "low rider" is a pain in the patootie even with all the best intentions unless you're lucky enough to be closer to the checkpoints than the Crims it just devolves into a "run around and wait for them to finish those 3 objectives". Love you too. I think the key word there is "teamwork" which for some reason the red arrow bunnies are allergic to - seriously the most hated objectives / tactics here are the ones that just require a little bit of working together the basic bitches just want everything to be TDM with meta weapons. This is a good idea. Changes it enough to make it fairer for both sides but also makes the entire mission set less of an ordeal with its 8 stages.
  14. vvgg but those other two mofos Revo may have us beat. There was some mailbox merge a few years ago maybe they were lost in that? Only if you can give us pics of the SPSD Cruiser.
  15. Delete nothing. And damn I thought I could stretch my epeen a little longer by being the oldest account here but Aero beat me by 6 months.
  16. How about replacing the sound files with .txt? It works for Vivox.
  17. I heard a good theme once and I won't stop complaining until I get to hear it again but at a volume of my choosing!
  18. These "solutions" are bad and you should all feel bad because either the action is after the damage has already been done or it is a temporary fix because now with the game crashing more than ever it loves to redownload those missing files every time you're forced to rescan the folder and not to mention missing out on a whole lot of good themes thanks to some fuckwits. Even with the reporting tools players still use this as a form of abuse so either the punishments for this abuse it really small or proving other players have bad themes is difficult (my bad for not being some fatcat who can provide video evidence) or maybe my false reporting days have rendered my reports so useless that they now go straight to the trash. Either way the use of ear-no themes is so bad it shouldn't be tolerated even in a single instance, I say in my rant that they're designed to cause the player damage in real life - no other form of abuse comes close to that, and yet players are still allowed to do it and continue to do it. I feel your pain and went over this issue in detail in a little rant of mine and feel like it needs repeating - a mute would be nice but a separate volume slider would be even nicer. Exactly. My ignore list is solely dedicated to muting people with ear-no themes and it filled up a long time ago.
  19. It needs to try harder. I mean like stopping those matches ever happening. Even if a gold dethreats to silver they still won't be able to touch the little nooblets and even though dethreat to bronze is technically possible the effort needed to put in imo outweighs the benefit since they'll upthreat after every match - I'm assuming anyway I personally haven't moved from silver threat in years.
  20. What if... We tweaked matchmaking to ensure that Ts, Greens, and maybe even Bronzies, couldn't be matched to Silvers and Golds? Is no or reduced OP better than game-ruining kerb-stomping OP?
  21. Only thing worse than that is when the whole team does it in individual cars. 3v3 the enemy is all piled into one vehicle stomping patootie while your team is trying to chase them down on their own steam in civilian vehicles. Running with the item doesn't make me throw missions, but seeing that pathetic little goose chase sure does. Which leads me to my argument - running with item/carsurfer is not unfair or cheesy but it is highly powerful as in it turns a disorganised team into an organised team which is really one best ways to win at APB - being organised. Especially car-surfer because by default it must have 2 people minimum for it to work, a car surfer with no driver is just a moron standing on the roof of a vehicle and a carsurfer driving is just a wasted mod slot. So doing this instantly forces two people to work together which in the world of APB's soloing queuing is a weapon of mass destruction. It enrages the enemy because they can't get organised - this whole thread is people giving advice on how to beat the runners - but all this advice needs the most valuable thing in APB - organisation/teamwork. Carsurfer does most of the work of typing "/t hey guys let's team up in a vehicle you drive and I gun." by default - if running is in your blood all you got to do is hop on and it's all good. Even without carsurfer all you have to do is hop in the passenger seat and help out. That insignificant amount of effort for 2 players is all that it takes and the results don't lie because running itself is not the issue as we've all seen solo runners die very easily because they have no gunner to protect them - the advantages of having a gunner are almost exponential to driving solo so much that I'd say it outweighs any vehicle type and mod you or any rank could throw into the mix to help out a solo driver. This and the above scenario is why we should never listen to the crying and nerf carsurfer or change item dynamics or ban item running missions or even that mission where you've got to run with that weird item that's armoured and on wheels with an engine that is meant to move in someway? Like it's a vehicle? And driving/running around with it is somehow the whole fucking purpose of that mission? And it is the reason why I think they should allow Carsurfer back into the Halloween Event - it makes the teamwork. I know we're all meant to be loner edgelords who have to have master forgive them for spilling blood when we pull out our skills online playing 1vs79 in San Paro but I'll be damned if having 1 match where a team works together doesn't give me a bigger boner than 100 matches of getting MVP with a k-d of 99-0 will ever do. Running/Carsurfer promotes teamwork and makes it easier for teamwork to happen and those who complain against it are just bad at teamwork and this game should not be patched/nerfed/removed away just cater towards the solo player who is afraid of teamwork. (except when adding PvE, please give me PvE I hate playing with others)
  22. Please stop. I can only get so erect. But srsly great post. Although to take things off track as is tradition - anyone else wanting some more simpler skins but with those colours? Like the red with black, dark navy solo, and sky blue with white would like so great just on their own. OK I lied I just want the dark navy. I hate the blue skin from ARMAs give me those Navy Blues.
  23. y'all mean. I'm in, weekends are best for me. Does Jericho have any streamers still alive? We should make it an event or something.
  24. Name Population Enforcers Criminals Unknown 0 0 0 Data checks out - this link is legit.
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