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  1. I love how the freeze-frame for the stream is at one of the cutest parts. *"Did I get one?"* XD Anyway, I'm keen for Matt's changes to threat, and by "changes" I mean phasing and finally letting matchmaking do it's thing with the most of the population as it was intended. But I am heaps a fan of the "moving players off server when they become too high threat for the current server" idea. I think these two systems working together are going to resolve a lot of threat/matchmaking issues we all like to create new threads over.
  2. Also the FFA doesn't have a goofy mod to make it a sidegrade rather than an upgrade to any of the conventional weapons. FFA belongs with the Stethno, Hawk, etc. Except it has the added snowflake bonus of it only being obtainable via super duper JMB.
  3. This is a great reason why the "START NEW TOPIC" button should just be a link to Matt's latest post instead of actually letting people start new topics on things that have been answered - On the forums. In the live stream. In a blog post.
  4. phew finally able to watch this and it was adorable! Although, not sure why, but I much prefer listening to Matt talk about the game rather than actually playing, so if he's really have a terrible time, no pressure from here for a repeat performance but it was a fun steam. I know Matt says he doesn't like hype, but can't help but be hyped over all the changes coming in, so many I even forgot I wanted and even if they take plenty of time, it is exciting to know what a giant opening of content upgrading the engine will bring. Only disappointment is the comment on no plans on any new hairstyles - totally understandable, there are way bigger fish to fry and it is 100% an "after the engine upgrade and 500,000 QoL changes first" deal - but I feel like this is another good reason to plug this completely awesome and original customisation volunteers/Steam Workship hybrid idea. Like I say in the post I have no idea what the security/technical aspects of implementing such a thing would be, but the Steam Workshop adds in a ton of custom content, all player made, and especially if something is as finicky as hairstyles that requires a heap of tweaking and coding and just messing around - why not cede that tedious work to someone willing to volunteer their time for that customisation? Yeah, although thanks to Sakebee's edit on the Original Thread really helped to bring up the references while watching the video. Maybe something to think about for next time, although ninja editing them into the current video would be nice too.
  5. Don't forget renting ALIGs too while you have your perm ALIG - gotta keep Agrotech in business so they can keep pumping out those free ones.
  6. Please tell us more about how all the money you've spent makes it ok to unban you.
  7. Just to add - the abuse/exploitation wasn't just a handful of ne'er-do-wells trying to make a quick buck or ruin some innocent account's day - it was done en masse, using exploits in Steam, with high-value/expensive gifts, and it was done months after the purchases/gifting was already done. The most notorious was with the KTTC Pack which was a significant purchase - it was bought with a low-value currency to get it at its cheapest, then resold through a third-party website to players all over APB. The players thought they were just getting a "good deal" since it all seemed at least 90% legit and then months latter the sellers mass-charged back compounded by Steam's weird system, the powers at the time, GamersFirst ended up losing a ton of money, money that had already been spent as the OG purchases were months and months ago. What could they do? The KTTC pack was intertwined well into so many accounts, they had already taken a huge hit to their coffers and now they got to spend even more time going through all the accounts to manually remove items? No it wouldn't do. So they banned both seller and buyer, sucked for the buyers, but they did offer them their accounts back if they re-purchased the KTTC pack at a discount - bit of a dickmove sure - but G1 had to get some profits back and probably thought a lot of players would pay the ransom. So all a shitty situation caused by some scummy people playing a long game to steal some cash - no one came out of that mess smelling good. Lost a considerable amount of players and the ability to gift ARMAs. I really doubt LO will be at all willing to even tempt a situation like that any time soon.
  8. We all know there is only be One Emperor. Psst: Hey buddy, look at that qualifier. So big bright and shiny. All juicy and absolving me of all creative criticism. So yeah, I said title like "Emperor of San Paro" not exactly "Emperor of San Paro" - you forget I'm basic af can't think of my own creative titles, but in your defence, I should have said something like "Titles in General" since they're just words and way more easier (AFAIK) to create than pretty hats, skins, symbols, vehicles, or clothing and people still get to feel special and flex that snowflake muscle. That was my point - give out some titles to those who have had their special achievements from the past overwritten by LO's Revolution.
  9. I was thinking about this - not just for the Crown but for anyone who "earned" things in the past that are now given away for "free". Maybe APB should do what they did in TF2 when they made that free - release some super rare content like the Proof of Purchase and give it away to those who want to feel like a special unique snokeflake again. Titles in General are a great and easiest option - just maybe leave a dev-note somewhere on them so they're not given away for some other reward because that'll just upset all the snowflakes again.
  10. Weird coincidence - but this happens to me occasionally too. Did you crash recently? Sometimes the launcher just up and decides it wants to re-download everything, best to close it and restart the launcher and then it's all like "Wut update?". Anyway, that's my """fix'""".
  11. Yeah, I wish they disabled reactions for this thread - 1. It's Matt/LO who is doing the choosing, so our opinions mean nothing. 2. People have put a lot of work into their creations, every single one, just like the Christmas Sweater one, everyone is so creative and learning things in the designer takes time and effort, and shouldn't have that work greeting with anonymous dislikes, it's just mean. 3. We're limited to the amount of reactions and considering everyone's work here is just splendid, I'm maxing out before I can give enough hearts, so just want everyone to know that I love all your work, this is one of the best threads ever.
  12. This is a better idea - refresh what we've got rather than starting from scratch and causing even more split with the community. Although, if they'd just let us level any contact in any district, that would solved any issues and we could have all the maps we could eat!
  13. ok here's my low-budget attempt - Lil' Derpiter Include a small blurb about your character’s backstory (optional). Lillian "Lil" Derpiter always dreamed of becoming a Little Orbiter (astronaut) but mentally and physically she could never make the grade, and a tendency to endlessly prattle on to herself in the third person didn't help either. Instead Lil delved into the world of explosives and explosive accessories with ambitions of making into space on her own steam (or C4). Lil ended up as a dockworker in San Paro's Waterfront district under the careful gaze of the Praetorians. Making sure the various crates and pallets of explosives line up with Venus' orbit and endlessly discussing her rocket plans it is not hard to see why Lil would be one of the many reasons Ernst 'Mule' Templeton would prefer to be knee-deep in some sweaty jungle than spend another day in the warehouse with Lil's constant self-chatter. How do they fit onto the city of San Paro? With the expansion of the Joker Corporation and Joker Store, Lil saw her final chance to achieve her greatest creation - so she's given the Praetorians' ears a rest and helps distribute Joker Merchandise, saving up enough JTs to blast her way out of San Paro. Please don't use any copyrighted material other than APB or our lore Whoops.
  14. Why y'all acting like our boy Lawrence Holland in Social wasn't a lowkey version of Matt Scott? Edit: I see you downvoting me Matt but you know it's true.
  15. tbh I have nfi what you actually can sell. The tab has always been there, every contact seems to present itself like a standard RPG NPC, but despite all that - they don't wanna buy our trash. don't get me wrong this progressive rental system is leaps and bounds as far as QoL improvements with making weapon choices and should be great for making future purposes, but for those who made mistakes in the past - we just have them as reminders to spend more wisely.
  16. I'd tear gas the heck out of this peaceful protest riot, but they don't have any faces so I'm not sure what to aim for.
  17. Bullshark. Always Bullshark. I'd love to be able to Steam Workshop this gun and replace most of my weapon's models with this gun (except for LMGs of course which already have a candidate in-waiting). Honorable mentions to Anubis and Rabid. Much love for bullpup weapons.
  18. So. Much. Love. Thank you for putting the Weapon Trials back in and giving us Free Trials! This is so awesome. Very cool LO. Yes. This. I was hoping the last part of the Update alluded to being able to Sell the weapons. The Sell tab is right there in the screen shot! The additions are great and I love that you've got more planned. But I'm guessing that for now the "re-buy JT weapons" thing means we can only delete JT guns so far, and I guess being able to Sell them and then re-buy them, might make that a bit exploitable, unless there is some code-fu that would make only the first selling redeem JTs and then subsequent selling would only yield % in-game money.
  19. I never said I was good at it. I have this weird super rare and totally obscure fetish where I don't play to win, or even, and brace yourselves - top the score board. I play to have fun and help my team. I'm sorry for the years of therapy y'all gonna need for reading what I just wrote, but I felt it was time I came out of my filthy closet and told everyone the truth. But maybe that is why I loath 1v1 and 2v2 matches, maybe my FPS is so bad I need other players to distract the enemy long enough for me to get any kills - I play purely support roles in the game and yes pretty much lose every 1v1 fight but the way I see it is if I'm in a situation where the whole match or team is reliant on me winning a 1v1 with no support, then we've already lost and on the flip side if I've put myself in a situation where it's a 1v1 situation, well that's just my own stupid fault for not playing with the team. TL:DR - you don't need high FPS to play or even enjoy APB. And what I originally said that yes APB has been far from stable in the past, but it appears to be more unstable now, or at least that is what I have been noticing. But from the responses I am guessing no one else notices this so I've got to keep dildoing my settings to work out the issue and get my rock solid MLG 100IQ RBG LED LGBTTQQIAAP 25FPS back.
  20. It might be shit, but at least it's consistently shit, I can learn to adapt to a consistent 25FPS and 350ms but when it jerks around all over the place, that's when it gets literally unplayable. Matt himself said that in one of his many posts - If you've adapted to 100FPS or 10ms or both, a jump in any of those values is going to be more detrimental than just being constantly at low values, that's why someone going from 100FPS to 60FPS, to them it feels like shit, even though I can't even dream of 60FPS, so y'all look at 25FPS and think it's a slide show, when the key to enjoyment isn't the fancy numbers - it's the stability of those numbers that actually count. Kids these days just can't seem to get their minds around that despite it happening right in front of them.
  21. Has anyone been getting FPS drops more recently? I used to get a good 25-30FPS but now it's all over the place from 8 to 45FPS. Tried tweaking the settings but the drops just won't let up. I want my stable low FPS back.
  22. At least you can see them. I'd rather have obnoxious circles than no circles, I don't know what I did but I haven't seen the circles in a long time.
  23. I'd like to see something like this, or anything really, I think what happens when you die really needs some sort of revamp - atm it's some horrible buggy mess between the camera glitching out while it shows a blank nothingness where the killing player's name and gun should be, or the camera following some floating mess while some obnoxious theme blasts through the speakers. Ugh I hate this one, again while the aforementioned mess is going on it gives you just enough time to get bored and pull up the scoreboard and move the mouse near the player to find out WTF killed you but not enough time to actually click on the name and register what gear they had before the spawn window pops up and does it's fucking annoying "zoom-in-on-some-random-useless-area". And let's mention that this fucking annoying zoom-in-feature again kills the scoreboard when you frustratingly press tab for the second time to pull it up. And I know you can seemingly turn off this stupid zoom-in feature but it seems to reset every log in or match, either way I can't kill it, and while I'm complaining I'd rather it not select a spawn point at all and delay my spawn than give me some randomly generated one that's equally a determent to the team because, again thank to aforementioned mess, I'm now trying to pull up the scoreboard again again but of course interrupted by my character respawning 500m away from anything useful and then I'm stuck standing seemingly AFK at spawn while I finally get some peace and quiet and no more screen-stealing-bs happening so I can find out that yes the enemy was using a PMG, thanks. And then I'm killed with the scoreboard up and the whole mess starts all over again. And please somehow fix those blurry weapon icons, like wtf is that about?
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