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  1. Yeah because everyone can spend equivalent of 55$. Oh wait, just Americans or western Europeans huh? You know I'm not even fully mad at it not being for free - but why the fuck I need to buy EVERYTHING from last christmas (from which I could get all of this to free tho. but I didn't played then so fuck me I guess?) just to get this damn elf ears. Why the fuck this ears are seasional and not for example this cat ears?
  2. So... is there ANY way to get bare elf ears for free this time? Or do I have to pay for this ridiculously priced bundle from which I will use absolutely nothing other than elf ears? Not even debundle? Prospect of me paying 10$ just for one cosmetic item is not really up my alley, thanks. Also it's scummy how you all just moved rewards from last year instead of rerolling them for this year if you really didn't want to work on event this year.
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