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  1. I am glad to see that you are making further changes, I actually like them. I don't understand, the Scoped N-TEC 5, it didn't have to be the N-TEC 5 with the Hunting Sight? I checked the database and these guns were the same.
  2. Chief Security Officer. I made something simple.
  3. Hello there! So I decided to design the big boss of Joker Distribution xD His name is Hank and he came to make the rules! I wish good luck to everyone for this contest!
  4. Abdy619

    Bugs and suggestions

    1.Bugs can appear all the time. I didn't say was there from beginning. I want to close this subject, maybe I'm slow sometimes with the second shot. I just wanted to know if somebody notices this too... 2. Sometimes I'm curious how much dmg I did on that player and I can't find out. But here is a difficult modification because they have to calculate the dmg from other people, gravity, or himself.
  5. Abdy619

    Bugs and suggestions

    Thank you for the info So, I did some tests with the stopwatch. You have to shoot with the second shot before 3 seconds to kill the enemy(who uses CA3). I will investigate more on this, if you guys really think that is my fault.
  6. Abdy619

    Bugs and suggestions

    I was wrong when I said "Is happening all the time", was just an expression. I took all kills with 2 shots, but sometimes, my second shot doesn't give dmg to the enemy. I will repeat again, they don't use KI3, the distance is under 90m, is happening at 20m too, I shoot quick, I don't miss the bullet :)) and this was happening to other players too. Merged. I will really appreciate if people stop give me "confused" and they will come with arguments that help me to improve the problems of my posts...
  7. Abdy619

    Bugs and suggestions

    I started play this game for a really long time. I know very well what CA3 is doing, stop explaining me. I know very well how scouts are working. Why are you talking like you have never seen a bug in this game???
  8. Abdy619

    Bugs and suggestions

    No, is definitely a bug. I'm fast between the shoots. And someone told me he thought I have life hack or something, because he had the same problem.
  9. Hello! I want to report here a list of bugs that it makes me... not very happy 1. The most annoying one. Sitting duck (maybe scout in general) doesn't take dmg on the bullet. Is happening all the time, to shoot the enemy 3 times to kill it and the distance is 20 m and yes, he doesn't play with kevlar. 2. Daily activity or activities from baylan that ask to do kills with your secondary doesn't count the pistol obeya, the default pistol. 3. This was already here on forum. Invisible objectives Suggestion that I would like to see in future: 1. Display last kills on the screen after you die. 2. When you have to spawn I don't like that I am looking on scores and the games just close this tab everytime. In that moment I want to see scores, info on players and the game close me that tab because I have to spawn. I will like to see this change in the game. 3. When you make the kill I want to know how much I did on the player, not 100. I mean when your friend did 85 and you take the kill with 15 dmg, I want to see 15 on the screen, not 100 I think just these for a moment. I will wait your feedback! Thank you!
  10. I know about the streamers, I watched them. But I didn't know that this projects is so old. I said that I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VFKupzrTq8 which is posted from 2016. Thank you for your answer
  11. Hello! So I found this interesting youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/APBRuloaded/videos . I just don't understand a lot of things. Who are they? :)) Is another team that works for the game. Fun fact, last week we just saw images on stream with the social district and abington tower. They just posted a video about that, on their youtube channel, 4 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VFKupzrTq8 I am just confused and I am looking for some answers. I am recommending you to continue with the youtube channel, to post videos about the future modifications or other stuff. I think this helps a lot the community I don't know if you have access at this youtube channel to continue with it: https://www.youtube.com/user/APBReloaded/videos Here are an example when FlakJacket was added https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eztWTRE3Lk8 That's it from me. Have a great night!
  12. Hello! They said that the email or password are inccorect, but are the same. That means that the server is not available for test right now?
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