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  1. i understand what you are trying to say but i dont live a dull, boring, and sad life. let me give you an example : lets say we both want to watch netflix for 10$/month. you would just buy a subscription and enjoy the tv shows. i do it the other way around. i would first save enough money and invest it and wait until it generates me the 10$ per month (or 120$/year) ... and then i have netflix my entire life "for free" (i dont have to work for it anymore) ... i started with that when i was around 20. i wanted to join a gym. it was 20$ a month. i waited 3 years before i joined - saved the money and invested it and when i had enough passiv income that generated me 240$/year i then joined the gym. i can now go to the gym my entire life "for free" .... of course the price for the gym increases over time but so does my passiv income ... i did that with nearly everthing in my life - i only buy things (for my personal enjoyment) when the money comes from passiv income. there are of course things that i have to buy no matter where the money comes from .. food for example ... in one way you are right : for example my friends had a smartphone years before i had one. but now i have one and "i dont need to pay for it" (i dont have to work for the money) anymore. the big advantage is : take the covid 19 crises for example ... a lot of people struggle - i dont. if i lose my job or whatever ... i can still enjoy the things i like (netflix,gym,...) because i dont need to work/pay for it anymore. for me my personal freedom is more important than having things like a smartphone or virtual items in a video game ... if everything works out l can retire in 11 years ... but you have a valid point : if i die tomorrow in a car accident then it was a bad decision to save so much money
  2. thats the difference between you and me : i only need to work 11 more years - then i have saved enough money so that i dont need to work anymore because then i have enough passiv income. but therefor i dont own things like a "$25 one char life time apb weapon". you spend your "disposable income" for things like a "$25 one char life time apb weapon" - i save it.
  3. thats why people like you will always stay poor and have to work at least 40 years / 8hours a day .... you just cant handle money. its not about what you can afford. i can afford to to pay 25$ for a glass of coca cola - but i would be stupid if i would do that.
  4. no - that is the problem that people dont understand how probability works : 25.000 jt means you get 50 x 1% ... and that IS NOT 50% ! .... the chances to get a weapon with 50 x 1% is 39,5% ... if you buy 50 x 500jt your chances to get a legendary is 39,5% 25.000 divided by 500 is 50 (and not 250) .... if you buy 50 x 500jt (25k) your chances to get a legendary is 39,5% Merged. no .. thats not how it works ... please read what Selali wrote .. he already explained it in this thread
  5. btw : now i understand why we both disagree ... you are talking about a completly different system .... the OP started the thread with "Since there is a 1% chance for each 500 Jokertickets to get a legendary," and i thought we both were talking about that ... so my calculations are correct - but you are also right. it is just two different topics.
  6. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=126&productId=6405 it clearly says : 1% per 500 ... i dont understand why you are trying so hard to mislead people ....
  7. i took me a few weeks to identify the problem. i have to admit : it wasnt little orbits fault. i have an "OC" version of a graphics card but i wasnt aware that it was "overclocked" to be honest ... all i had to do was to install msi afterburner and reduce the core clock by 50mhz ... that stopped the freezing.
  8. please stop spreading false information. the description for each bundle claerly states "Each bundle of 500 Joker Tickets will also have a 1% chance to grant you a tradeable weapon" ...that means : 63.4% chance to get a weapon with 50k Jokertickets. (see : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernoulli_process) "After 19x5% you have (20x5%) 100% chance to get it." thats complete nonsense .... 1. its not 20x5% - its 100x1% ... thats a difference 2. even if it would be 5% : the probability to get a weapon with 20x5% is 64.1% and not 100% ... Merged. ^ thats the correct.
  9. correct. better save the money and invest it in a good math book.
  10. "Each bundle of 500 Joker Tickets will also have a 1% chance to grant you a tradeable weapon" that means you cant just add up the probability. 10k tickets = 20x500tickets = 20x1% chance ... thats not 20% - its a little less ... its only 18,2% chance to get a weapon if you decide to buy 100x500tickets (100x1%) that doesnt mean you have a100% chance to get a weapon. the probability in that case is far less ... its only 63.4% chance to get a weapon see : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernoulli_process thats why so many people fall for lootboxes because they are calculating their chances wrong Merged. no thats completly wrong - in theory its only 63.4% chance to get a weapon with 50k Jokertickets. thats exactly the problem that people just add up the probability. just to show you how wrong you are : even if you would buy 300 (!!) x 500 joker tickets .... the chance to get a weapon would only be around 95% .....
  11. i have the same problem ... game worked fine few days ago .. but after they started the gun game at saturday i cant log in anymore ... game freezes at characterselect and just like you - i did not change anything at my computer
  12. i cant even login while the event is running because the login screen freezes.
  13. thanks for starting this thread. you are right. for me its even worse - i cant login while the event is running. the login screen freezes every time. its just a huge disappointment ....
  14. sorry for the question but : where can i play Gun Game ?
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