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  1. I've never wanted a gun to be good so badly. It seems like it could be such a good weapon, but it just fails to meet the standard of other SMGS. I defiantly agree they should relook into buffing it, especially being technically the most expensive weapon in the game. Personally I think the STAR LCR needs a bit of a buff. Hard to say what would make it better though because increasing it's firerate makes it too much like other guns like the Obeya rifle, just automatic. Decreasing the shots to kill from 5 to 4 might make it too powerful but it would defiantly even out the TTK with other guns, so maybe that.
  2. Let's be fair, are there any potholes in San Paro? No? All thanks to your hefty taxation!

    calling backup

    It's weird for that much of a difference but not impossible with how matchmaking works. You see they never fully got rid of ranked threat levels 1-10 they just hid them from us. So being in even a 1v1 with another gold doesn't always mean they woudn't get the option for backup. As an example, just yesterday I was with my silver girlfriend and I'm a fairly high gold myself. We were matched against 2 golds with no option for backup, not that I would have felt the need to call it anyway. However after we beat them in the mission they both dethreated to silver, showing that they were in fact around just Gold 1 and only a single dethreat score away from silver, making them little more than a silver in terms of matchmaking.
  4. I have a similar but different problem entirely. I have completed all my supposedly "daily" tasks over the last few weeks but they never reset for me. So now they are all done but just remain as completed.
  5. It could possibly be getting DDOS'd. It's happened on multiple occasions before.
  6. So while I still don't know what was wrong with it, I did fix it. Apparently something software wise was conflicting it, even though I don't recall installing anything new between the time it was working to the time it didn't. What I did was saved all my files and did a full reset of Windows. I saved everything on a separate drive just in case, but it does have an option to save your personal files regardless. If you want to try this, it will remove all your installed programs and most of your windows settings, so be ready for that. Go to start menu and type "Reset this PC". It should pop up before you even finish typing under system settings. Click "Get Started", and it will pop up with 2 options, one of which will save your personal files. After it goes through the full reset you need to reinstall Steam and then APB and it should work as it did for me!

    G1 bad support

    That is longer than any game I've ever seen. Did they let go some of the staff when acquiring APB? I used to get a response after 2 days and I currently have a ticket in limbo for over a week to get help to even play the game. Not really complaining, because I'm sure they are doing what they can with what they got, but teh team must be pretty small now.
  8. Have you had any luck at all? Because I still have not after trying multiple new things including turning off Windows Defender completely, deleting my graphics card driver from the registry and reinstalling it, and much more. I also sent a message to support but I am aware they currently have super long wait times. Which sucks because I'm off for a week right now and really wanted to stream some APB, especially since I just got my first approved emote.
  9. UPDATE: I was able to login and get past this point just fine on my girlfriend's PC on the same network. So I now know it is specifically a problem with my computer, I just don't know what that problem is still. EDIT: The Advanced APB Launcher did not fix the issue, a least with the base settings. Also, I can make it crash before clicking next on the character screen if I try to change the window type ie, windowed, windowed fullscreen, or fullscreen. EDIT 2: I did pull up the logs too, and I am getting a error code of 0x113386FC which seems like a Viovox crash of some kind. I can't find many results on it, seems pretty rare. But I tried the fixes available to no avail. It seems weird because APB doesn't even need Viovox to run the game and I constantly end it's task while in game with no problems for better performance. During my attempts to fix it, I even tried replacing all the Viovox files with ones I knew were good from another PC. I'm getting so frustrated that I can't figure this out after literally removing every trace of the game from my PC and reinstalling/repairing/etc.
  10. So I've been playing for years and have had to deal with fixing tons of issues that cause crashing. This one is a new one and matches to none anyone else have reported, and it's very consistent. I can load the game fully up until the character select screen and can even mess with settings and bounce around between characters. However, when I hit 'next' to load into the actual game, it crashes the game every time on the "Contacting World Server". It freezes as the loading bar is crossing the screen and stays there till Windows finally crashes the game EVERY TIME. I was playing just fine a few days ago and have done nothing different or installed anything new since then. I have done almost ever fix in the book including launching administrator mode (always do), updating all my drivers, repairing the game files, restarting my PC, and even reinstalling the game completely. I have no anti-virus to block the connection, so that's not it either. I'm drawing a blank, and the next thing I was gonna try was the advanced APB launcher, but I feel like it won't fix it either. Can anyone help with this one?
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