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  1. I never had stochastics, but I now know I am wrong. Maybe in the next semester
  2. In theory, spending G1C worth of 50k Jokertickets should give 1 Legendary. But I am still waiting for people to actually say "guys, guys I got a legendary from buying jt". And btw I have another question: What's generally better? ISSR-A or B? People keep saying the B (Dog Ear) is better, but in the few hours I was able to play them both, I performed better with ISSR-A.
  3. Since there is a 1% chance for each 500 Jokertickets to get a legendary, is it worth buying Jokertickets instead of a gun I'd like to have from armas? And has anybody here even received a legendary from buying Jokertickets? I am thinking about getting the Obeya Hoplite which would be 10k Jokertickets = 2000G1C, with a 4% chance for a legendary, but buying it with 35% from armas would only be like 1300G1C and also account bound.
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