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  1. Yea, it's definitely creepy. Oh, it seems this has been requested. So, then, change my request to hats and coats in the style of Bloodborne hunters. I wanna make this character in APB right meow
  2. Yeaaaaaa, but that's not bad patootie tho
  3. Idk if this is the right section, but can we have a plague mask plez? Or like a hat similar to hunters in Bloodborne or coats of the like? Just like general dark and gothic look.... But not like emo gothic, like bad a$$ gothic.
  4. Ok, but still, the gold rewards are still disproportionate to the silver. I get 150 for completing silver activities, but literally have to grind constantly for 200 tickets. I'm suggesting the grind for gold activities is worth more than that 200 JT
  5. It would appear that the FC rewards have decreased drastically. From 500 to something like 200. And the gold rewards are very disproportionate to the silver rewards. I have to keep on top of it constantly for a a meager 200 JT vs 150 for silver rewards? That's hardly an incentive. It appears we've been given more ways to earn JT, but at the same time the earnings are drastically reduced. So, we're worse off after all. What gives?
  6. Fair enough, tho, i wish we actually did have a million silvers complaining. More like a hundred I'm not sure what youre on about, but you shoulda stopped here kek
  7. See here, Biscuit is funny. That's the appropriate response You, youre just mean. Why you gotta mean all the time brah?
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