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  1. If LO pulls this off in the time frame they've plotted (seems to be over the summer to early fall) Then you guys will have completely earned my confidence. The road map is super promising and has hit up on MAJOR key elements that this game desperately needs. That being said, a road map is merely talk, though detailed as tot he plan ahead, we need to see these changes fulfilled. Hopefully the bar hasn't been set too high and LO manages these changes. This will most definitely improve relations, boost LO's already climbing credibility, and the player base will be spectacularly surprised for the better. Please keep up the phenomenal work, and hopefully the these goals can be met without too much trouble. Congratulations on already surpassing G1.
  2. Seems like something LAPDAlonzo would do. That kid hackusates all the time and threatens people afterwords that they'll lose their account soon. Regardless of the reason for cheating, two wrongs don't make a right, and it doesn't make it even. Sure he was on a level playing field with the cheaters, but for all the legit players he played against he essentially became no better than the people he is so 'vigilantly' procuring a sense of justice against. The hack were used even against the legit players as he's clearly stated, and thus brings him to the same level both in 'skill' and weakness as any other player that is guilty for cheating. The best way to beat cheaters is not to cheat back, sure you'll get them flamed but that will just encourage them to be less blatant. The best methods are to simply treat them like trolls, as if they do not exist, make the game boring for them, don't participate in their missions, or simply record and report. Those are the best methods to dealing with cheaters that any legit player can do.
  3. Edit: I derped and thought this thread was about the car spawning kiosks at first... The vehicle spawn system is annoying but then again everyone has access to this. Perhaps limiting the number of spawns per vehicle, the only way to refresh the spawner being to respawn the vehicle? But other than that I don't particularly mind them.
  4. Mostly agree, aside from the Battle Royale, the game style is being done to death by Paladins, Fortnite, PUBG, and soon Call of Duty. We don't need another battle royale game, what we need is lag fixes, the engine upgrade, proper events, contests, etc etc etc; content. Armas also needs to be completely reworked in terms of pricing, in addition to adding vehicle kits for the preexisting vehicles that have been ignored, like the pickup trucks.
  5. Jericho server. The lag was intermittent, often causing significant spikes of momentary loss of playability in addition to teleporting 2-3m as you ran, sometimes backwards 10-15m back the way you came. In fight club it was very noticeable as you'd teleport right back into the line of fire, or be killed by a player that spontaneously appears during the kill feed because of the lag. I understand the need for patience, I've been telling people for weeks to commit such during the wait for Battle Eye. However, this I feel is making the game progressively less playable the longer it persists. I can only hope that something is done soon. Hearing that a fix is possibly weeks away, as a oppose to months, is a comforting thought though.
  6. I think the title is pretty self explanatory, the lag has been pretty awful even before Battle Eye. Its been pretty steady and it is more uncommon to have a lag free day than it is without. I'm not sure the process involved with server maintenance, or improvements, but certainly there has to be a fix by now. This is affecting gameplay quite heavily.
  7. Play for awhile, I've noticed a lot of rather fishy activity taking place in the server. Players not being affected by the lag spikes, some shady aiming and snapping between players, some very odd pre-nading to locations where no one should know other player's locations but somehow do. I get theres a game sense, but at the same time I feel that no one should be capable of predicting player location numerous times in a row, or land 6-7 consecutive shots with an FBW at over 50m away. There are somethings that just scream illegitimate and yet it has persisted. I am beginning to question whether battle eye was properly implemented at all, or was hastily rushed into a place where it simply exists along side APB just so LO could unban those that were too impatient to wait. Whatever the case may be, I find myself disappointed that there isn't much of an option to report players in game. I feel this is a necessity, something grander and better thought out than simply /report.
  8. If you're in the forums to troll, you're here for the wrong reasons. If you are here for drama, you also are not welcome. Perhaps it would do everyone some good to go back to the beginning thread of forum rules before an administrative member makes entrance on this fiasco.
  9. I'm still finding people pulling some ridiculous shots, 180 snap double kills, and literally standing by my spawn ready to shoot me as soon as I'm back in. Honestly... I'm a bit disappointed. I have noticed the skill gap decrease, some players that I dreaded because they were just 'too good' are now to par, even below average. Despite some level playing, there are still quite a few I think that need to be investigated.
  10. Is Battle Eye even running properly, or at all? I've ran into literal blatants whom have been in the server since battle eye patch. They say they're 'Testing' the anti-cheat and a bypass. LO, you certain everything is up to snuff?
  11. Only issues are that the there are not a lot of players that would agree to this, especially if not aware of the event taking place. Additionally, if GMs would be participating/promoting this event they would literally be going against the new Terms and policies put in place by Little Orbit. If you've read the new ToS, griefing is literally within the list of actionable offenses.
  12. Very well spoken, Salvick. The community has been divided for far too long thanks to the unusual activities brought on by GamersFirst's use of FairFight. The biggest issue I think was the naming and shaming the administrative staff of G1 incurred during what I would refer to APB's dark age. Now that Little Orbit has taken over, the public shaming was announced to be removed, but that hasn't put to rest the names on the FFbans page. What I feel, and hope, is that everyone will take a mature approach to this action brought on by Little Orbit, and everyone respects the decision to allow these layers back. Treat all like old friends returning, and not the cheaters they were made out to be. I understand this may be hard for some, but from what I've seen there are a few people that have admitted their guilt in cheating and have publicly apologized for their behavior. If they have the courage to announce this when they could have remained anonymous then I say they do deserve a second chance. The slate is being wiped clean with a true method of finding those real cheaters. Should those that were unbanned find themselves without their account once more then that will be their punishment, and returning to hack will be met with swift justice to follow with the implementation of Battle Eye in conjunction with a properly operating FairFight. Lets all consider this a new chapter in APB's story and cooperate to improve the game. We may have contributed to the poisoning of the game, but let us, the community, be part of the cure moving forward. Here's to new beginnings!
  13. There is a question I am still curious about. In the Q&A with Kempington Matt Mentioned that the prices would be adjusted to a more reasonable level in Armas Market. When will this take place, as I'm sure price adjustments wouldn't be that difficult to change. Mentioning the change and leaving this particularly simple task for so long seems a bit odd. When can we expect this change? That aside, I am most pleased to hear about the implementation of Battle eye. now we can feel at ease that we will start seeing some more fair game play!
  14. Agreed! The route so far is a substantial improvement with the addressing of the community. The road map they have laid out is by far a great plan for the future of this title that so many have tried to keep alive. I hope that APB only improves from here!
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