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  1. None Anti-cheat can't be bypassed. Nothing is perfect keep that in mind.
  2. You improve your performance step by step, and tell us about your mistakes, which are certainly numerous, but not so serious. And I start to appreciate you, I said "start" XD
  3. ♚ Queen ♚, i really want crowns 0: (If you can't put it i want: ' The Queen ' ) Thanks ! ♥ Ps: if you can put colors i want pink ! :DD)
  4. I did it don't worry and it is but not everytime, it did it once for me and not since a while now like i said previously.
  5. Because it was the only other software i used when i get kicked (Teamspeak too of course)
  6. Me too i play a lot of games with battleeye and this issue only appear with APB reloaded, this is why i think it's BattleEye don't work pretty well in games with a old engine like it, i have no problems with Rainbow Six Siege and other games using BE.
  7. I'm scary, every game i play, when they do big changes i'm scare. This is the nature of humans, i really like this game, it need to be refresh of course but, the game have to remember who he his and don't forget from where he come from. Don't become a GTA, don't become Another X like. Just be what you always were, be what we loved all this years, be APB: Reloaded.
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