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  1. The only way this game will gain or get new players again is to completely rework this game. This game is just so unbalanced and hate me when I say this but it's all messed up. It needs reworking. The other devs were clearly in it for only the money and left this game to rot. I have a good feeling about the new company that's working on APB and I hope they will take action once the new game is upgraded to a new version of Unreal Engine.
  2. Game is very old and outdated. Soon we will be playing on a new version of Unreal Engine. That will for sure help them a lot!
  3. Havi

    New title for the game

    Actually true. I mean, a lot of people know about APB: Reloaded but it's not like a title that everyone has heard about once in the gaming industry. But I think this will change as soon as the game has been completely "reworked" to say it like that. They will probably advertise this game as much as they can. At the moment, it doesn't feel like it's worth it until the game is ready again.
  4. I hope we will see a complete redesign of the UI and a new launcher that looks fresh and current!
  5. Just give it some time. I'm sure they will announce it when it's finished or what so ever.
  6. Waterfront is actually my favorite map. I can't wait to see new maps in the future of APB: Reloaded with this new awesome team!
  7. Give it some time. They are working hard to get this game back on track. Once everything (most of it) is set, they will probably invest more time and money into support. I know this is very important but it is how it is at the moment.
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