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  1. Make sure .NET Framework 4.0 installs correctly. You can get the manual installer for that at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851
  2. This was intended as part of the new trading system.
  3. there’s no limit afaik, i’m up to well over a year on my ntec stock Just don't get it past January 19th 2038. And sorry, it appears we've missed this from the patch notes, I've added it retroactively.
  4. Basically, it allows the game to continue working while your graphics card is working on rendering and displaying the image. It should be on by default, and will increase your frame-rate, but the input processing might feel less precise / predictable to those who are sensitive to that kind of thing.
  5. Do the duplicates go away when you go back to lobby and log back in?
  6. Thanks for the report, we're looking into it. For now it seems you can join the other player if they share their location in the search tab.
  7. This issue has been fixed and patched onto OTW.
  8. This issue has been fixed and patched onto OTW.
  9. This issue has been fixed and patched onto OTW.
  10. Correct. As for what it does, basically allows the render-thread to be one frame behind the game logic, which has roughly the same effect as double-buffering the output.
  11. We found an issue that would only make the first pellet do damage for shotguns. Should be fixed in the next OTW patch.
  12. You can prevent getting friend / trade invitations by setting your state to do not disturb (/dnd). The notifications seems like a good idea, maybe just a changed marker until you select the item. At the very least, every time the other player makes a change your accept button will gray out for a second to prevent you from accidentally accepting a trade. Adding another 3D preview window into the UI is a bit tricky, especially in the location you're suggesting, so likely not in the first revision of the trade system. You can definitely open the preview window by using the button in the item details. The current design does not have a trading fee. Though the items do need to be unused or refurbished to be traded. You can trade all the stuff you can normally trade. We will be allowing you to trade legendaries through this system as well. Sounds reasonable, I'll look into what we can do here.
  13. The OTW client is about the same size as the regular version of APB, and yes, you can save a lot of downloading time by copying the APBGame, Binaries and Engine folders from the regular client to the OTW one.
  14. We've found the issue and created a fix, should be in the next patch to OTW.
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