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  1. If you are unable to give LO a few years more to work out the engine upgrade, then you are just an impatient pleasant fellow. I think it is time we see the bigger picture and stop whining about LO trying to make APB better for everyone. RIOT is just a small step in the right direction for the game. You will see soon enough.
  2. They did. Also, Maniac was an awesome series.
  3. Before RIOT mode, I thought the game was surely going to die. I am glad you guys have your priorities straight and released RIOT mode in a timely manner. I think now players will see the true potential of APB. Also, take your time with the engine upgrade. I do not mind waiting a few more years for it. Just make APB the best it can be. Thank you LO!
  4. I think its fine. Honestly, who wouldn't mind waiting another few years for the engine?
  5. still 120ms from a player who usually gets 50. what the hell is going on? thanks
  6. I cannot understand what is so difficult about setting a date later than expected, so you can either be ahead of schedule and impress us, or at the worst, be on schedule. This sort of delaying just makes everyone upset. Or just give us nothing and release it when its ready.
  7. As it is, if someone plays the game with a group of 4 high threat players, the opposition is little to none. There is definitely negative affects by not readying up in an action district. There is almost no purpose to be doing any of the activities in the action district e.g. ram raiding. And this is really just a flaw of the game itself. Lots of ideas the original developers had but did not flesh out. The reality is, these "protesters" are not doing any of those activities anyways. I am not directly blaming them for the issues the game has. I think the game does need to be fixed in many areas. But deciding to not ready up only compounds those issues.
  8. Right. But this is not about what someone is saying. If you want to sit around and chat, the game already has a district for that. The action of not readying up in action districts has an adverse affect on other players.
  9. Are you suggesting that it is okay to intentionally NOT play the game in protest because the game needs to be fixed?
  10. Just because you feel attacked by someone's opposing view, does not mean they are attacking you or anyone who shares your view. This is why we have discussions. Unfortunately, people prefer to appeal to their feelings instead of reality. The fact that you are willing to admit said group is doing a boycott should be enough for anyone to understand that it is not favorable for the game if it continues to happen. If you want to protest, do it here on the forums with open discussion. But leave it out of the game.
  11. Nothing about the original post was attacking or pushing any one away. It addresses a real issue and opens a discussion. You want a community that comes together to keep the game afloat, but you don't want threads that open discussion about issues. I fail to see how some individuals could agree with the idea that we should not participate in a core aspect of APB "until they fix the game". The fact is that the game is the way it is right now, and if you do not like certain aspects of it, then do not ruin it for people who actually want to play it the way it is meant to be played in its current state. The players who sit around not readying up are affecting the matchmaking process. The game requires people to ready up so that matches can start. If the loiters left, the district could fill up with players who want to participate in the missions. There are plenty of people spamming to get in when it is full, while certain people decide it is better to drive around in dump trucks for hours.
  12. Fun is subjective. Many people have fun doing missions. Just because you don't, doesn't mean you have to ruin it for others. The way things sit currently, there is no other viable way to level up your characters. When there is only one district with possibly enough players to get opposition, and there are one or two groups sitting around not participating in the only aspect of the game that allows players to progress their character, you could imagine how that could cause issues.
  13. Thanks! This was a very generous compensation.
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