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  1. It is not possible to play APB on PC without a GamersFirst account, even when you log in through Steam. You would have had to register a G1 account before linking it with your Steam account, even though you may not remember it. You can try using the 'Forgot my password?' link on the login screen, or otherwise you will need to contact Customer Support so they can help you get back in to your account.
  2. This is usually caused by missing registry entries for the game, e.g. if you run it from a previous Windows installation. Try running the APB installer again and install it to the same location.
  3. We've opened up more districts.
  4. Which world are you playing on?
  5. Looks like you may have some corrupted files. Try doing a deep repair by renaming/deleting the ClientFiles.xml file in your installation folder and running the APB launcher again.
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