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  1. The /who command lists players in your district who have chosen to make their location visible, as well as your friends, group members and clan members. This change was made to prevent the command from being used to circumvent the location privacy system, by simply joining all districts and using /who to track down the person you are searching for.
  2. when i run launcher its downloading 6 gb even though i copied over If you copy files across you will need to delete your ClientFiles.xml file before running the launcher. This will force the launcher to do a full scan and recognize that some files are already in place. We plan to make this the default functionality of the Repair option in future.
  3. It is not possible to play APB on PC without a GamersFirst account, even when you log in through Steam. You would have had to register a G1 account before linking it with your Steam account, even though you may not remember it. You can try using the 'Forgot my password?' link on the login screen, or otherwise you will need to contact Customer Support so they can help you get back in to your account.
  4. The reward was triggered twice in error. See this thread here for the bug report:
  5. It's on OTW at the moment. I'm waiting for one more small fix to go in, but we're still hoping to patch it live tomorrow morning if all goes well.
  6. Fun fact - we did actually try client-side vehicle prediction during development at RTW. Most of the time it worked fine, but once in a while you have a situation where two cars clip each other at high speed and start flying through the air, and a second later you are suddenly back on the ground and driving as if nothing happened, because on the server you didn't actually collide. No matter how good your implementation, high speed physics can never be perfectly predicted with wildly fluctuating player pings and changing server tick rates, etc. Essentially, even though prediction might work most of the time, when it breaks it breaks so badly that it isn't considered worth it.
  7. Latencytest is mainly used for lag and network issues. I need the more detailed frame timing stats that are only found in the client logs to check for client performance issues. If BE is blocking this file, it means the file you have on your system does not match the one we shipped - it may be corrupted or modified in some way. Try doing a deep repair by renaming/deleting the ClientFiles.xml file in your game folder and running the launcher again. It will re-download any files that are different from what we expect.
  8. We need your help looking into BattlEye client performance issues. If you've been getting mouse stuttering or freezes since the BattlEye patch, could you please send the Current.log file in your APBGame\Logs folder to lixil@littleorbit.com. This is just for client-side frame drops; we're looking into the server-side lag issues separately. Thanks!
  9. This is usually caused by missing registry entries for the game, e.g. if you run it from a previous Windows installation. Try running the APB installer again and install it to the same location.
  10. We've opened up more districts.
  11. Which world are you playing on?
  12. Try renaming/deleting the following folder if it's present, and run the launcher again: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye
  13. Looks like you may have some corrupted files. Try doing a deep repair by renaming/deleting the ClientFiles.xml file in your installation folder and running the APB launcher again.
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