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  1. Thanks alot. Will think twice about streaming before I start to stream
  2. Hi everyone. So main question here is: is it even worth to stream apb on twitch or youtube. Im about to start streaming APB but I wanted to ask all of you is it even worth,any suggestions how can we make APB more popular? Stay safe.
  3. Well I bought whisperer perma acc and cloby.45 and 10k joker tickets for Ursus, gonna get more tickets for Ursus and thinking about buying more weps yeah,I think weps are most important
  4. YangYui3

    Pop shooting

    Bruh you gotta switch weps, you have to change wep depending on defending or attacking,long range-mid range-close range. Thats why we have all those weps dont we?
  5. Yeah some of them are rly damn hard to find, it took me 14h to find 150 in Financial and 150 in Waterford, some of them you cant hear thats why you have to check all crazy places, it is on place which you wont expect, so first what you do when u get into one zone you should check all crazy places, most dumbest places check first. Hopefully you will find it, and yeah Prentiss is damn hard, I had 149/150 and last 1 was in Prentiss, took me 2h to find it, had to check all Prentiss zones.
  6. Looking for enfo clan, anti criminal heavy division,(eng)
  7. It is so hard to find those which you cant hear,im running in circle for like 30 mins in one sector and cant find it
  8. Yo any1 have Purple pumpkins location ?
  9. Could you put Sofia's Boots and Coat ingame ? It would be amazing to have those clothes
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